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Your feedback really matters.

We want your Gamer Grub snacking experience to be the best it can be. Please let us know what is working or if there is anything at all that we can be doing better.


  • Wendy Renteria

    I spent 3 days with my 2 boys at E for All 2008. I was very impressed on how generous you guys were with your product and how nice everyone was. I have to mention my favorite is the PB&J. I know there is not any addictive chemicals in your product but every morning I wake up craving more and it’s been 10 days! Your product is wonderful and I look forward to seeing it in the store soon. I will be checking your website to see when and what stores will be carrying it. But if by any chance no retailers are in Bakersfield, CA, please think about opening your website up to ordering on line. I wish you and your company the best! Good Job!

  • Taylor Earnahart

    I stumbled upon this amazing snack as I was just finishing up from a big tournament. Gamer Grub is amazing no crumbs no grease, no worries. I crave Gamer Grub and is my #1 brain food.

  • Sabrina Cook

    I think if someone can’t figure out that to avoid keyboard crumbs when snacking they could simply have a napkin handy, they shouldn’t be playing strategy games in the first place. Or any games, for that matter. Perhaps they should be restricted to their cradle, as they are obviously a newborn.

    Honestly. I find this whole concept borderline offensive.

    -K; I am sorry that I offended you, I just like multi-tasking. There are many grown-up snack options like Muslix or Fiber-One which may be better suited for you.

  • Dror

    To Sabrina :)
    People sometimes in a multiplayer game session have to be focused on the screen for more points.

    Instead of criticizing the general audience for ‘not being able to snack’, maybe you should see exactly how creative this product is, and exactly what the target audience needs before criticizing them about something your’e not entirely familiar with.

    Honestly, i found YOUR comments borderline-offensive as a gamer. Please mind them.

    That said ;0 I can’t wait to taste action pizza and PBJ!!! please make it available to the army of FPS gamers in Israel ;0

  • Dustin

    I love the new site design! All the flavors sound great, can’t wait to try ’em!

  • PolarBoom

    PLS PLS PLS! Sell these awsome products online. I bought some in Vegas at the local Fry’s, and now I desire more! ALL YOUR GAMERGRUB ARE BELONG TO US!

  • Shelly Smith

    Loved the grub at E3, can’t wait to buy it online. The monsters loved getting the PBJ and Pizza packs you gave me.
    My editor cut you out of my Disney article, I’m not surprised, but when you launch online let’s do a whole story just on you.

  • Tony Aguirre

    I had some at the E3 last week and this stuff is awesome!!! This is a great idea and product.

    The PBJ is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • WonderGamer

    i jsut got some Action Pizza and some PB&J yesterday and oh my god it was the best thing i’ve ever tasted!! and the backpack is awesome!!!

  • Laura

    We did a review of your Pizza Gamer Grub on our latest podcast episode!

    Its episode 7!

    Here is the link if you want to hear what we have to think about it. The review starts around 28:00 into the podcast! Please listen and if you like it please subscribe to the Zelda Working Title Podcast!

  • super gamer

    Gamestop needs to sell this stuff

    -K; Heard that.

  • Mike Casazza just met Gamers Grub this weekend at Comic Con and I can easily say that not only do they make an excellent and superior product, the owner is a true gentleman. We look forward to growing our relationship with Gamers Grub and influencing gamers around the world the benefits of eating their product. THANK YOU GAMERS GRUB!

  • KkahluaHero

    Hey guys, whats up, I found out about Gamer Grub because of GuitarHeroPhenom, apparently you guys sponsored him. He came here where I live and we hung out and Gamer Grub is so fucking good!!! I would like to buy some, but you guys didn’t post anywhere on how much the stuff is, if you could let me know, that would be awesome!!! Ok guys, thanks

  • Tristan Katz

    No offense, I havent even tried your product yet, but considering the “rave” that is going on about it, there must be more too it. How about making sample packs available or something. But nearly $7 a bag at Come on! That’s more than beef jerky! I know you cant produce this in bulk like Frito Lay’s, but 6.75 for a 5.25 ounce bag is kinda steep.

  • Chris Wing

    I just got the action pizza and sports pb&j they were amazing…I could play xbox 360 without greasy fingers and crumbs yay!

  • Leonardo

    Please, I need to taste these!! But I live in Europe (Portugal, exactly)..

  • Brian

    Are there any plans in retailing Gamergrub to Europe?
    I’m just hearing so many good comments about this GG and i’m very excited to taste it! 😀
    Sadly this would force me to order it from Amazon, with the shiping costs and still have to wait a week or so :
    So are you making any plans for us Europeans? i am sure this would be a great succes!

  • Troy

    Man just got my box of Pizza and PB&J, and man these things are great! Heck with all the vitamens and neurotransmitters, this stuff tastes great. Way better then chips, crackers, or pretzels. Its great for just a regular snack at work.

  • Tim

    A new study from University of North Carolina said eating even small amounts of Choline during pregnancy can boost a baby’s brain development.

    Sounds like Gamer Grub could be an important snack for gamer moms-to-be and a new generation of 1337 kids.

  • Tyler

    Pretty original method of promotion for a snack ill give you that.

    Im curious what seperates this from any brand of trail mix my local store has?

    Dont get me wrong im not trying to down what you guys are doing. By the looks of it you guys are going to make something great of this.

    -K: Great question. I invented Gamer Grub when I got tired of wiping my hands on my jeans while on the computer or gaming. I designed Gamer Grub specifically to solve this problem and for the gaming community. Vitamins and neurotransmitters were included since I do not like to lose. We have real strawberries, mega cashews and almonds in our flavors; and flavors that are all our own. Most big-box trail mixes are of lower quality and have “cost effective” materials; I wanted to make a delicious snack.

  • greg gould

    Bachelor Chow, now with flavor.

    Anyway, when will I be able to purchase cases of Gamer Grub from you people? This stuff would make a great snack when I’m at work. plus it tastes way better than that Game Fuel crap that Mountain Dew put out.

    -K; Nice ! … just click on the ‘store’ link above.

  • Zac

    I have fallen in love with your product guys! My local bookstore got a single shipment of pizza and PB&J and i cant get enough. I cant wait until they get another order and this becomes big.

  • Jules

    do an event in canada if u can

  • Jeremy

    Why don’t you guys sell this at gamespot/eb games?

    -K; working on this one too.

  • Charles Shepherd

    I have never tried Gamer Grub, but from what I hear from MuzzaFuzza, it’s very good. I would like to try some, but $7.00 on Amazon is pretty expensive. I was wondering if you would sell sample bags. Also if you every are in need to sponsor someone, please keep in touch with my youtube videos.

  • Jeff

    I just tried gamer grub for the first time when my friend brought some to a LAN. It’s very good and I like the “tear-and-tilt” idea but it could use some work. When you tear the bags, it leaves a sharp edge and a pointy corner which hurts if you jab your lip with it while pouring. At least one side of the bag should be rounded, so instead of two pieces pressed together and both sides, it should just be one piece with the ends sealed sealed together.

    -K; We have been messing around with solutions to this issue. We are somewhat constrained by manufacturing limitations. As Gamer Grub evolves, I look at all areas for improvement for future version releases.

  • cody

    i dont like pb and j much but i LOVE the pizza flavor its just great i just wish you could buy it in bulk for cheap or mabey biger bags havnt got to try the smores or bbq yet but I <3 THE PIZZA FLAVOR MMMMMMMMM :]

  • Alex

    Tried gamer grub, loved it. you should try making fries and burgers. just one problem is a hate Nuts in the actual form of a nut.

  • http://Sponsor Travis

    Hey, I was on OpTic and saw that you guys sponsored the them. I am in a similar position as them and I am looking for sponsors. we have a you tube channel like OpTic and we have posted several montages in the past month. So yeah, I was wondering if you guys would sponsor my team GSG, or Ghillie Suit Gaming.

    -K; just fill out the online app on the team page, I will look it over.

  • Jeremy

    can i purchase a box of gamergrub?

    -K; sure, just click on the ‘store’ button on the nav bar.

  • Marco gomez

    i have never tried gamer Grub yet but i will soon since there is no way for me to make it to a retailers who sells it around where i live if there is any i might have to get some from amazon!!!!

  • Angel

    Can you send out samples because I would like to try out the smores flavor.

  • Paul

    Smores is available through other sources, but not through your own “Store” link on this site. Can you rectify that?

    -K; done, but we may only ship in winter months since Smores melts with warmer weather.

  • Cord (DrAzTiK PRIME)

    So if i bought a couple big boxes of the Gamer Grub, would it be safe to try n’ live off of it?

    ps- i only ask because black ops just came out

    -K; I eat alot of it and yup, black ops is going to be dope.

  • Evan Parshall

    I just got some smores flavor and when i played COD Black Ops it helped me beat the campaign on the hardest difficulty!thx for the help

    -K; whoot whoot !

  • David Lee

    Have you ever thought about selling a mixed box of Gamer Grub? Kind of like a variety pack? Because I would love to buy like 1-2 of each flavor but all at once instead of individually buying them. Maybe you can even offer a discount because we would be buying in bulk and so many different flavors. :)

    -K; great idea and you bet, we are developing a mixed box.

  • Anthony Tran

    You guys need to give out some free sample bags.

  • Jake

    APPLE PIE – but not too sickly

  • David Leverette

    I am wondering if you only sponsor FPS teams? I am with a group that holds a fighting game tournament every year that has international reach. I am wondering if you would be interested in working something out.

    -K: please apply here

  • Debbie

    I just checked out your website because GamerGrub is featured in our new Principles of Accounting textbook and I want to make sure my students know this is a real product.

    This is a very intentive product and I can’t wait to see it in stores in Michigan. I agree with previous posters that GameStop would be a great place to start broading your market reach.

  • Jejune Nightshade

    I literally just tried the smores flavor and I have to say that it is absolutely amazing! It tastes delisious and it isn’t the hurt your throat sort of sweet either. Great flavor!

    -K; Thank you !

  • Raven

    I bought some of these to try alongside an order from and they are amazing! However ording these online gets really pricy. You guys should sell these at retail stores in Canada. That would be awesome. lol

  • Ria

    GAH I’m addicted to your pizza and smores flavours! lol I just got some at Pnp Games before leaving town
    with I’d bought a box or something lol

  • Jakers

    Okay no joke here guys.

    I am addicted to gamer grub, no joke I think it is the best thing ever it tastes amazing.

    However, as a citizen of the uk, getting hold of them is really hard if I don’t want to spend huge amounts..

    PLEASE can you give us more info on when you are stocking in the uk?

    I NEED to know.

    Thanks so much,

  • jason Mitchell

    I was in South Africa working in the mission field there with some other people from around the globe. A girl from Canada that I was working with struck up a conversation about Gamber Grub that she sold out of Canada and how interesting and great the product was. She didn’t know that the founder and inventor of Gamer Grub was a close friend of mine. That’s crazy! That stuff is amazing! Great job Keith!

  • Max Shaposhnikov

    This stuff is awesome.

  • Ryan Wright

    Hey, I saw on your website that Gamer Grub is sold in the UK, any chance you guys know which store? My friend on twitter told me that it is an amazing snack to have if you a gamer, I’ve been a gamer since the age of 3 and I’m now on a course to become a game designer. I, personally would love to buy your snacks! They look so tasty and my friend says that Gamer Grub tastes amazing! Is there any way I could try your Grub?

  • daniel

    hey im only 12 but im an extreme gamer addict and i wanted to know if maybe next years competition can come to florida near pembroke pines so i can enter. if its possible id be really greatful and since im really good at cooking and making new types of flavors of sandwhich’s, pizza’s, and other things i would want to apply for a job at your company once i reach the appropriate age so i can help your buisness and flavor list expnd to go world wide one day!

  • Anthony

    When I discovered your snacks, I immediately thought of those days of eating cheesy puffs and me and my friends always constantly cleaning controllers as a result. Pretty disgusting. Gamer Grub is the perfect, and even the better nutritional choice and we want to help play a part in getting the word out to gamers.

  • Michael

    Hey guys!
    I’ve recently tried your PB&J as well as the S’mores flavors I now have an ample stash hidden in my work desk. I just wanted to tell ya’ll great job and keep up the good work!

  • Jeff

    Hey gang, I’m a GameStop store manager and if you really want to see Gamer Grub in your local stores, request it when you fill out the surveys! I fully support, endorse, love Gamer Grub and would love to see it on my store shelves!

  • Justin

    I’m currently a US citizen working a contracting job in Afghanistan and run this site along with a youtube page with videogame content. Recently I got a care package that had BBQ GAMER GRUB in it. I had never heard of it. Now do to working in a warzone, and not being able to have a normal social life while over here, I spend the majority of my free time gaming and I have to say your product is amazing. I was just wondering if you guys have any internet promotional materials to promote your product on my website and youtube page. Please let me know.

    Thanks and appreciate your product.


  • Mikus


  • Gage

    we just started selling this at my work (best buy) i eat it during work and after work (gaming) and for both places it tastes amazing and keeps me going!!! thank you guys so much for the awesome grub the more i eat the more people buy from me! i eat a lot.

  • Benoit

    I just purchased some of your products throught and I just wanna say it is an Amazing products!
    I absolutely love it and can’t wait to order some more. Do you offer discount for larger purchase and is it available already in Canada?
    If there is none can I carry some for events such as Lan Party in montreal at Lan ETS?

  • Ej Dimapan

    This is the best thing I ever had. I always play Call Of Duty and these keep me on the top of my game so thank you vey much for inventing the product. I’ve tried s’mores so far and I’m very satisfied with the products hoping that you’ll come out with a box of s’mores like the rest. Have a nice day and thank you so much

    PS: THE BEST SNACK EVER !!!!!!!!! ^________^

  • Ej Dimapan

    PPS: Mr. Keith I give many thanks to you and your Gamer Grub.

    Your biggest Grubber,
    Ej Dimapan

  • steffen


    is there a way for someone in an other country to buy gamer grub.

    -K; sure just goto our FAQ page for international locations.

  • Mary

    I just have 2 questions. Why isn’t Gamer Grub sold in GAMEstop, and why did it get discontinued in Hottopic? That was the closest place I could buy it (still an hour away though) and now there are no stores close to me ): You should so sell it in Walmart and Gamestop.

    -K Wow, great questions. We are working on GameStop presently.. they do not carry consumables presently. So, some red tape to cut through there. We are shipping Hot Topic this week, they switch out their products a lot to keep things “hot”. :)

  • Belinda adams

    My son would like to know if you have Gamer Grub t-shirts for sale. If so where can he purchase?

    -K Sure, you can get them here. :)

  • Ken

    Awesome products! I find myself in pain not having a place around me that sells them..:(. Can I sell them from out of my cubical, jeep, dirt bike, skateboard, surfboard or snowboard if it gets to cold? I think I’d be a great salesman for yal! Since I even have the XXL Hoody(Blk) that’s all GamerGrub, I’m hooked. Northern NH

  • http://Kiravysmom Jenny

    I love this stuff! It should be in EVERY GROCERY store. I am a mother of 2 and would never have known about it, except I went into Gamers to get my husband a presant and saw it and thought what the heck, he might like it…..heck yeah and so did my kids! It is an easy mess free food that they can take in the car on the go on buisy days! I want these in the grocery store so I can stock up when doing my normal shopping!

  • stephanie

    Hi! so i just saw I won 2 tckts to INDIECADE YEAH!!!! If i cant make it can I give my tckts away? and either way how/where/what do i need to get them?

  • Tricia

    Love, love, love the PBJ & S’Mores but I really want something salty. Please consider developing a non-sweet snack for us gamers that are allergic to MSG.


  • Lil Proffy


  • Some Bloke

    How about some protein without nuts? Who puts cashews on pizza?

  • Zachary Prewett

    I would love to buy some pizza and pbj flavors, I tried some a while back and I loved them. Now I can’t find them anywhere and those flavors aren’t available on Amazon. Any chances you will be bringing them back?

  • NanoSuitUser059 .

    Where do we buy this? It would be a better product if we could actually find it at places like Amazon.

  • Jonathan

    I got hooked on the S’Mores and PB&J flavors when they were carried at Best Buy, however I’ve been searching high and low through all manner of retailers with nary a sign of my beloved ‘Grub. Any news on when we can expect to find product in stores?

  • Christian Hernandez

    Must buy!! I’ve been dying for some for awhile now! Please stock! Where can I buy???

  • Shitlord

    whats up, gamers and gamettes
    any good GAMES i could play, I like games.
    Also, Id love a version of some grub that requires NO HANDS
    That way i could keep gamin
    Stay frosty boys

    -xXDemonKid1202Xx Signing Out

  • Mr. E. Stein

    Not sure if this product is even still out anymore, but in that case, where did Gamer Grub go? Its not being sold anywhere, and it cant even be bought via amazon anymore. this snack was perfect, so what happened to it?

  • TheGamingPaladin

    i would like some cheese action and/or nuts, cause i love those two things and i had them together before and they’re tasty.

  • AnotherButter

    pls bring dis product bac thank

    • admin

      working on it !

  • scribblings

    bruh this is still being sold???

    • admin

      Working on it !

    • admin

      working on a relaunch !

  • Anthony Underwood

    ya pb and j for life yes lol