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Zombie MMO Game Tour: The War Z

Recently we took you on a tour of the MMO zombie world, highlighting some of the best online zombie games available. Over the next few weeks we’re going to be taking a look at each of the titles we covered, providing you with a more thorough insight into what makes the zombie MMO so popular.

First up is the controversial The War Z. We take you on a journey of exploration, zombie thrills and some downright rude player kills. Check the video below for more information.

Controversy Continues To Surround The War Z

One of the most discussed online titles of the year, The War Z, continues to be surrounded by controversy after the latest discovery involving the games trademarks. (more…)

The Rocky Road For The War Z

Ever since the beginning of Survivor Access for the upcoming online zombie game, The War Z, the internet has been flooded with negative press and questionable information. (more…)

The War Z Kicks Off Survivor Access

The highly anticipated zombie survival MMO, The War Z, has just kicked off its second phase of alpha testing after inviting players that purchased the Survivor Pack prior to release. The Survivor access was originally planned to coincide with the release of the closed beta client but due to some unforeseen problems during development, Sergey Titov and his team decided against stepping out of Alpha, but still allowed Survivor Pack players to enter the game on October 31st. (more…)