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Square Enix Announce New Final Fantasy Title

As an avid RPG and Square Enix fan, the words “Square Enix Announce New Final Fantasy Title” is like music to my ears. I’ve been following the Final Fantasy franchise since the early days and have enjoyed practically every title they’ve released, with the exception of the dress-up title they just threw the FF tag at. So to say I was excited when I read this announcement, would be a slight understatement. (more…)

Square Enix Announce 10 Years Of Slime Slaying Goodness

Square Enix, publishers of popular online titles such as Final Fantasy XIV and the upcoming GameGlobe, have just announced that they’re planning to support their latest Wii MMORPG, Dragon Quest X, with a decades worth of updates. The game released on August 2nd and is the first time the hit franchise has expanded into the MMO market.Dragon Quest X Online Supported by 9 previous titles in the genre, Square Enix have had decades to work through the minor problems and present players with one of the best Dragon Quest titles to date. (more…)

Square Enix Release New Sleeping Dogs Trailer

Square Enix, publishers of hugely popular titles such as Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, have just released a new trailer for their upcoming action RPG, Sleeping Dogs. Launching for the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC on August 17th, Sleeping Dogs is setting up to be one of the most anticipated titles of 2012.

Following the life of an undercover cop, Wei Shen, players will be tasked with taking down the infamous Hong Kong Triads, from the inside. Explore the neon-lit streets of Hong Kong in all it’s criminal glory. Square Enix have said players can expect “An incredible story of loyalty and betrayal”, not exactly a minor claim.

Offering intensely brutal martial arts combat and adrenaline filled shootouts, Sleeping Dogs is looking to be one of the hottest action titles this side of Christmas. Various videos have been released detailing some of the more brutal aspects of the game, such as counter-attacks and cinematic takedowns using the environment, but this is the first detailed trailer showing footage of the shootouts. Grab your favorite flavor of Gamer Grub and enjoy!

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