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Rockstar Working On Next-Gen Open World Title – Red Dead Rumored

Rockstar Working On New Project

Rockstar Toronto, part of the Rockstar Games family, recently posted a new job opening that has led many to believe an addition to the critically acclaimed Read Dead franchise could be in the works. The Toronto group revealed a new position involving a new project featuring open-world game mechanics for next-generation console

Rockstar Games are widely considered to be one of the best developers of our time. Their multiple studios have been responsible for some of the biggest games of our generation including the Grand Theft Auto franchise, the ground-breaking L.A Noire and the best selling Red Dead Redemption.

With the upcoming release of Grand Theft Auto V very few expected anything big to come from Rockstar this year but the Toronto division could quite possibly be ready to make a huge announcement.

The job posting included a listing for an environmental artist who will be tasked at bringing an open world experience to life using the very best the next-generation has to offer.

Companies aren’t in the habit of declaring too much in job postings as the eagle eyed press are on the constant look out. The title in question could quite possibly be a new Red Dead Redemption title or even an L.A Noire sequel but we’ll have to wait to find out.