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Playstation 4 PS Plus Free Games Revealed

Sony have recently revealed an impressive list of free games awaiting those that purchase the highly popular PS Plus subscription for the Playstation 4. The titles in the Playstation 4 PS Plus Free Games have surprised many with the inclusion of popular indie games, and highly anticipated upcoming titles.

Many are hoping Outlast will become the new definition of the survival horror genre. Players will take on the role of Miles Upshur, an independent journalist who decides to explore the abandoned Mount Massive Asylum after an anonymous tip. The developers promise terrifying discoveries as players attempt to unlock the mysteries of the Asylum, with next-generation graphics and atmospheric sounds from an award-winning collection of developers.

Drive Club
Arguably one of the most exciting titles revealed at this years E3 is Ubisoft’s first entry into the racing genre, Drive Club. Promising to deliver next-generation visuals, a whole new level of social connectivity and truly intense racing game modes, Drive Club is all set and ready to break records come the release of the PS4 and Xbox One.

Don’t Starve
Transported to a crazy wilderness world players take on the role of Wilson, a dedicated scientist exposed to a world he could never imagine. Don’t Starve was one of the most successful indie titles of 2013 and continues to be popular today; following the release of large-scale updates and a lot of developer support.

Secret Ponchos
Another Playstation 4 title that looks set to capitalize on the new found MMO interest for the next-generation. This Wild West themed shooter will task players with creating a progressive character before participating in fight-to-the-death duels against other players from around the globe.

We’re still months away from the release of next-generation consoles but if this Playstation 4 PS Plus Free Games list is anything to go by, exciting times lay ahead.