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Gamer Grub & Operation Supply Drop Bringing A Little Something To Injured Heroes

Care Package Arrives At Walter Reed Hospital
Some of you regular Grub Squad attendees will be familiar with our efforts to support Operation Supply Drop and we’ve just received some exciting news from the latest charity efforts. The latest package was sent out to Walter Reed National Military Hospital but usually the government doesn’t support photographing injured soldiers. The good folks at Operation Supply Drop added a little note asking for some pictures, and we got some!

The wounded soldier even had a little message for all those supporting the cause:

My name is Brett. On May 16th, I was on my way to my living quarters. When I arrived at my door to walk inside a 107 rocket impacted 20 feet from my front door. It looked as though fireworks had been shot at my feet and lit up the ground. I quickly realized I had been thrown to the ground and I immediately began conducting first aid on myself. I didn’t realize the extent of my injuries until I was in Germany. I was flown from Germany to Walter Reed where I am staying now. I have a broken collar bone and nerve damage in my right arm. There is no bicep movement in my right arm and has prohibited me from taking part in everyday activities. Being here I have been able to take part in many wonderful opportunities, and have been blessed with such wonderful people that are willing to help. Being blessed with such a wonderful care package has allowed me to begin to use my right thumb while playing the games. Thank you so much for thinking of me at a time like this and blessing me with such a wonderful set of games that will help me as I recuperate in the hospital. You have no idea how much it means to me and have such wonderful people behind me and supporting me through my recovery.

Operation Supply Drop is a continuous charity effort supported by some of the biggest names in the gaming industry. Injured war heroes receive the latest consoles, top games and other gaming paraphernalia. Just take a quick look at the supporters of this particular package and you can see how important these efforts are to the industry:

Wizards of the Coast, Sega, Sony, GAEMS, Performance Designed Products (PDP), Kalypso, Plantronics, ASTRO Gaming, RAD Game Tools, Epic Games, Valve, Treyarch, Ubisoft, Activision, Naughty Dog, Capcom, Electronic Arts, GB Memorabilia, AbleGamers Charity, Insomniac Games, Rooster Teeth, Konami, GUNNARS Optiks, Gamer Grub, Deep Silver, Runic Games, Tripwire Interactive, Double Fine, Game Informer, Robot Entertainment!

You can help support our troops abroad by pledging donations to the Front Towards Gamer group that operates Operation Supply Drop. For more information you can visit the official website.

Gamer Grub And Treyarch Supporting Troops In Afghanistan

Gamer Grub supports our troops overseasGamer Grub are a proud supporter of Operation Supply Drop‘s continued efforts to aid our overseas troops and we’ve got some exciting news in the form of a new Care Package heading their way soon! (more…)

Gamer Grub Supports Operation Supply Drops Latest Campaign

Operation Supply Drop is a unique charity that was founded to send video-game related care packages to U.S troops deployed in high risk locations overseas. You may remember Gamer Grub’s support earlier in the year but Operation Supply Drop has just announced its next campaign “8-Bit Salute”, one of the worlds largest veterans day video gaming events in history. (more…)

GamerGrub Supports Our Troops With Operation Supply Drop

Founded by Captain Stephen “Shanghai Six” Machuga, Operation Supply Drop is an innovative project that aims to help our troops posted on foreign shores by sending them care packages containing a huge variety of gaming goodies. Operation Supply Drop - Supported by Gamer GrubOperation Supply Drop has been a huge success sending gaming consoles, games, and peripherals to troops in Afghanistan and has earned the support of a large number of the biggest names in gaming, from our very own Gamer Grub® to popular publishers such as Capcom, Square Enix and Rockstar Games.

These troops are on the front lines, risking their lives on a daily basis but when they get some downtime, they’re often left with nothing to do but missed loved ones. Operation Supply Drop allows soldiers to actually enjoy their downtime by playing popular titles such as Call of Duty and Madden, all thanks to the innovation of Stephen Machuga and the generosity of the public and gaming community.

Gamer Grub is proud to support the troops and sends a taste of home to troops in Afghanistan with the upcoming operations. There’s also a chance for you guys to win a highly coveted statue of Marcus Fenix worth over $350. Check out the full details at the Operation CRIMSON OMEN page.

And don’t forget! Gamer Grub is hosting our own event, The Sticker Slap Sweepstakes. All you have to do is sign up here and you’ll be sent a free Gamer Grub sticker, then all you have to do is take an epic photo including the sticker and post it on our Facebook wall. The top 3 posts with the most likes will win an exciting selection of gaming goodies, from a months supply of Gamer Grub to a selection of GameStop Gift Cards, that perfect prize for all things gaming.