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Joymax Announce New Fantasy Epic, Knights Age

Joymax, the publishing team behind popular titles such as Silk Road Online and Digimon Masters, have just announced their upcoming fantasy MMORPG, Knight Age. Joymax are pushing the new title as their next online game sensation following on from the success of Silk Road Online, a game infamous for having ridiculously long login queues.

Knight’s Age is opening its first English closed beta server from July 10th through to July 17th. Players interested in the closed beta can sign up on the official Joymax website.

The story combines the much loved lore of knights and dragons but introduces a malicious God into the mix, providing players with an intriguing fantasy setting unlike anything seen in previous MMO games. One of the most appealing aspects of the game is the unique mounted combat system, a feature often overlooked in the majority of MMO titles. Another feature often discussed is the pet system using pets known as ‘Pupa’. There will be over 20 different Pupa available during the closed beta event, each of which can learn new abilities and skills as they progress alongside the player.

The game will also include a colossal PvP system featuring battles of up to 50 vs. 50. The PvP includes typical arena style battles, adrenaline fueled Guild Siege Battles and an innovative battle for Excalibur in a 1 vs. 100 match up.

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