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Omerta City Of Gangsters Launch Trailer

Kalypso, developers behind the hugely popular Tropico franchise, recently released the launch trailer for their latest title, Omerta: City of Gangsters. Borrowing many of the elements that helped to make Tropico an established franchise, Omerta: City of Gangsters throws players into a mafia infested 1920s with a single goal, domination.

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Tropico DLC Incoming For Xbox 360

Xbox 360 players recently expressed their disappointment over the lack of DLC available on their console of choice but Kalypso wasted no time in responding. A recent announcement included details for three new DLC packs heading to the Xbox 360 including Megalopolis, Pirate Heaven and Vigilante, all of which are currently available on PC. (more…)

New DLC Available For Tropico 4

Kalypso recently announced the release of the latest downloadable content for the incredibly popular strategy/management title on the PC, Tropico 4. We take a quick peak at some of the in-game features. (more…)