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GameStop Launch New Wii-U Range

Following the hugely successful Nintendo Direct event, GameStop has just launched their Wii-U range and it’s looking great. Nintendo Direct gave thousands of fans exactly what they were hoping for, the official announcement regarding the pricing and release date of Nintendo’s upcoming console, the Nintendo Wii-U. The new Nintendo console will officially release in the United States on Sunday November 18th, priced at an impressive $299.99. (more…)

What’s Happening At GameStop This Week

Gamers everywhere spend months preparing for the inevitable dry spell over Summer but September has finally arrived and it’s time for the big names of 2012 to start showing themselves. GameStop is always at the forefront of rewards programs and gaming deals so we’ve highlighted some of the current offers and available pre-orders for upcoming titles. (more…)

Something You May Not Know About GameStop…

When someone says GameStop, what comes to mind? Great gaming deals, good console packages or friendly customer support? Probably a mixture of all three. Did you know that GameStop is also directly involved with online gaming?

We’re not talking about developing big name titles or anything along those lines, but GameStop actually owns the free casual gaming portal, Kongregate. The website is home to over 60,000 free browser games, yes 60,000, and works in a similar way to other popular casual sites such as MiniClip. It also has a highly active gaming community with over 100,000 daily plays and regularly holds 40,000 online players at a time. GameStop & Kongregate

The pure amount of games ensures that every type of gamer can find something fun and exciting to play. Casual players will love the integrated chat community in the games, allowing them to mingle with other players while they enjoy titles similar to FarmVille and other Facebook games. But there’s even room for the more dedicated gamers with detailed RPG’s and tactical turret defense titles.

As well as providing visitors with hundreds of deeply engaging games, Kongregate is also a bridge to aid new developers into the industry. Whether you develop Facebook games, iOS or Android titles, or perhaps just a single player RPG, Kongregate has the tools to get your game noticed, while generating revenue.

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The Top GameStop Deals And Grabs This Week

Arguably one of the most dominant forces in brick and mortar video-game sales, GameStop has over 6,800 stores worldwide, as well as shipping across the globe from their website. Most gamers know that it’s one of the best places to go if you’re after a great deal on your games, so we’ve highlighted the top deals for this week, just in case you missed them on your last visit. (more…)