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Gamer Grub Supports Gamers Efforts To Save Friend

The internet is a wonderful tool of the modern age and every once in a while a unique story appears that touches the heart of thousands. A Dungeons and Dragons fan had to undergo surgery for a brain tumor recently but lacked the medical insurance to pay for it. Once his fellow dungeon masters learned of the heart-stopping $450,000 medical bill, they pulled together to aid their struggling friend. (more…)

GamerGrub Supports Our Troops With Operation Supply Drop

Founded by Captain Stephen “Shanghai Six” Machuga, Operation Supply Drop is an innovative project that aims to help our troops posted on foreign shores by sending them care packages containing a huge variety of gaming goodies. Operation Supply Drop - Supported by Gamer GrubOperation Supply Drop has been a huge success sending gaming consoles, games, and peripherals to troops in Afghanistan and has earned the support of a large number of the biggest names in gaming, from our very own Gamer Grub® to popular publishers such as Capcom, Square Enix and Rockstar Games.

These troops are on the front lines, risking their lives on a daily basis but when they get some downtime, they’re often left with nothing to do but missed loved ones. Operation Supply Drop allows soldiers to actually enjoy their downtime by playing popular titles such as Call of Duty and Madden, all thanks to the innovation of Stephen Machuga and the generosity of the public and gaming community.

Gamer Grub is proud to support the troops and sends a taste of home to troops in Afghanistan with the upcoming operations. There’s also a chance for you guys to win a highly coveted statue of Marcus Fenix worth over $350. Check out the full details at the Operation CRIMSON OMEN page.

And don’t forget! Gamer Grub is hosting our own event, The Sticker Slap Sweepstakes. All you have to do is sign up here and you’ll be sent a free Gamer Grub sticker, then all you have to do is take an epic photo including the sticker and post it on our Facebook wall. The top 3 posts with the most likes will win an exciting selection of gaming goodies, from a months supply of Gamer Grub to a selection of GameStop Gift Cards, that perfect prize for all things gaming.