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GamerFitNation – Making The Gaming World A Healthier Place

Today’s parents are faced with a constant struggle, trying to tear their gaming children away from their console or device of choice. To say it can be a stressful task wouldn’t even compare to the endless screams and arguments that follow the inevitable “Turn that off and go outside” comment. Resultant of different era upbringings, parents want their children to be outside playing, interacting with friends and keeping fit, two tasks that can be difficult when kids are focused on a gaming screen, well that’s where GamerFitNation comes into play.DanceTopia 2012

GamerFitNation is a unique website that offers viewers an exciting selection of news, interviews and reviews, as well as some more innovative topics. More than just a gaming website, GamerFitNation offers recipes, workouts and other information to support kids keeping a healthy body and mind, being a gamer. The website was founded on April 6th 2010 by Antwand “BlackBible” Pearman, and even has a qualified health professional at hand to offer the best health advice.

Just two years after the website was created, GamerFitNation held their first major event, Dancetopia. On July 21st in Harlem, NY, gamers were invited to the Twenty-first Century Academy to participate in a number of fitness-based gaming activities. A huge variety of big names supported the event including Microsoft, Ubisoft, Harmonix, Majesco, 2Kplay, Vizio, APSuperproducer and of course, our very own Gamer Grub, supplying everything from 3D televisions to tasty gamer snacks. Gamers of all ages were invited to the event to get a taste of gaming from a different angle, fitness and health. Instead of camping on the couch and eating unhealthy snacks such as potato chips, people were invited to play a host of kinect-ready dance titles such as Dance Central, Just Dance 3, Just Dance Kids, Black Eyed Peas the Experiences and Zumba Fitness Rush; as well as sample Gamer Grub PBJ which, with its real strawberries and whole nuts, was a welcome change from the old snack options.

With initial hopes of attracting 100 people, Dancetopia was considered to be a massive success as over 310 people joined the event and we cannot wait for another Dancetopia event next year. I’ll leave you with a very fitting quote from the websites founder:

“Don’t Just Be Fit, Be Gamer Fit”

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