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Ubisoft Respond To Player Requests With Latest Far Cry 3 Patch

Ubisoft have just announced the contents of the upcoming patch for their massive 2012 hit, Far Cry 3. The upcoming patch introduces a number of new features, the majority of which are a result of direct requests from players and fans. (more…)

Hunting Fun In Far Cry 3

How do YOU hunt? Do you stalk the dense jungles in pursuit of the most vicious of prey? Crawling through the thick underbrush, poised and ready to launch your arrow into the heart of your enemy. (more…)

Free DLC Coming For Playstation 3 Far Cry 3 Players

Sony recently announced the first batch of DLC that will be coming to the highly popular free roam action RPG, Far Cry 3. The new DLC pack, “High Tides”, will focus on co-op campaign content offering players even more reasons to group up and cause carnage in paradise. (more…)