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Big Bang Theory Comic Book Store Stocks Gamer Grub!

The Comic Book Store In The Big Bang Theory Stocks Gamer Grub
Fans of The Big Bang Theory will be no strangers to the awesomeness behind the doors of The Comic Center of Pasadena and that awesomeness just advanced a level with the appearance of Gamer Grub. Yup, that’s right, The Big Bang Theory Comic Book Store stocks Gamer Grub, the ultimate gaming snack. During the airing of Episode 17 in series 6 an eagle eyed Grub Squad member spotted the snack during a short scene with “that girl that ditched Raj”, you know the one. Check out some of the highlights of the show and of course, the Gamer Grub appearance.

It’s Valentines Day and The Comic Center of Pasadena kindly opened its doors for all the lonely hearts that frequent the store. The lack of any obvious female presence gives Raj the courage to make a speech, reassuring the shop goers that nobody is ever alone thanks to their shared interest in all things geeky. That is of course until he has the opportunity to spend Valentine’s Day with a young girl. Resulting in a quick exit and a sharp insult.

Raj is on a date! He takes the girl he met at the Comic Book Store to a nearby coffee house with the hopes of not making an idiot of himself. Things seem to be going great, even by Raj’s standards, but it soon takes a turn for the worst when the girl makes a beeline for the bathroom before escaping out of a small window and walking off down the street. Poor Raj.

Have you ever had a date escape without your knowing? Well if you have you’ve probably experienced these next scenes. Raj’s friends turn up at his apartment hoping to get him outside and enjoying himself. Instead they’re met with a broken man, a very dirty shirt, lots of alcohol and what appears to be some shampoo.

Although every Raj fan has probably already doomed Lucy to a life of endless pain, she returns to The Comic Center of Pasadena with an apology and that’s where it happens! In full view on the counter you can see a box of the pizza flavored Gamer Grub. We never doubted the cast of The Big Bang Theory, it’s clear they have taste.

I don’t know about you guys but I think I know exactly what happened here. Lucy was a little down, beating herself up for treating Raj so poorly, before having a quick taste of the pizza Gamer Grub in between shots. The fantastic taste soon perked her up and she found the courage to visit Raj at his apartment. Okay, that’s a long shot but you can see it right? They both agree to go out on another date with Lucy asking Raj to send her a text. All is cool for the smooth criminal but did anyone check if he managed to get her number?