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Free Fall Downloadable Bonus Map Announced For Call Of Duty: Ghosts

Call Of Duty Ghosts Release
We may be a way off November 5th but that doesn’t stop Activision from cramming the hype train to its maximum capacity. The award-winning developers have just revealed details regarding a brand new pre-order incentive for fans of Call of Duty Ghosts. Available exclusively at GAME UK and GameStop Ireland, Call of Duty: Ghosts fans will unlock the Free Fall downloadable Bonus Map if they pre-order the game before release. Previously details on the map were scarce but Activison have stated that it will feature the brand new dynamic event system, giving players an ever-evolving map to experience.

Free Fall will see players battling it out in a falling skyscraper. The windows that once acted as an eye to the soaring skies now represent a deadly hazard as players explore the map with fragile glass underfoot. The once tall elevator shafts run in horizontal directions as the skyscraper continues to fall throughout the game, providing players with a real-time challenge. Will you adapt to the map changes or fall victim to the deadly decline in the structures stability?

“Dynamic map events change the way players approach the game, and Free Fall does a great job illustrating this new mechanic,” said Mark Rubin, executive producer at Infinity Ward. “As the match progresses, the geometry of the world continues to change and players need to adjust on the fly or else. It’s a really fun new feature that adds layers of strategy and constantly evolving gameplay options for players. And this is just one of the many new approaches we’re putting into Ghosts’ multiplayer across the board. There’s so much more that we look forward to sharing in the weeks to come.”

Accompanied by a brand new game engine, all new game features and a totally fresh storyline, Call of Duty: Ghosts is all ready to perform on par with its predecessors. The game will release on November 5th on all current platforms with next-generation dates yet to be revealed.

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