– Gamer Grub: To Eat or Not To Eat?

January 7th, 2009 by Spek,

I only have one question: when will I be able to sink my teeth into some Gamer Grub? It surfaced a while ago as the official snack supplier for the 2008 World Cyber Games. Their official site says, “Gamer Grub will be sold online and at retail locations near you, beginning in 2009.” So…Ok. 2009 is here and I am getting a little bit antsy. I haven’t heard or seen any info about it in a long time, and there is no release date update. Damn this miserable economy, it better not sink this one.

Gamer Grub is a great idea, and I can’t see why this took so long to come out. Us poor gamers were forced to, either eat right before a gaming session, or starve ourselves for one last round of “Gears of War” that ends up turns into seven. If you were lucky you could make a quick sandwich during matchmaking, but that’s always a clumsy meal when you’re trying to eat during respawns. Cereal ALWAYS gets soggy, but it just isn’t cereal without milk. You can try chips or popcorn, but that quick thigh slap excuse for a hand wipe is never enough. Gamer Grub found the right formula: take a bunch of yummy snacks and stick it in a can. Sounds perfect…

There is only one issue left: what does it taste like? All of a sudden, I’m a little scared – the flavors listed on the web site aren’t screaming delicious. With names like “Action Pizza,” “Racing Wasabi,” “Strategy Chocolate,” and “Sports PB&J;” I hope they put more money into the choosing ingredients than they did into marketing. Someone did a taste test and posted here,but I’m not convinced. Then there is the strange thought that I could just throw some trail mix into a Nalgene and get the same effect. Is Gamer Grub what we have all been unconsciously waiting for? Well…we can’t know for sure until they hit store shelves. Now, we wait….


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