The Girls Entertainment Network: Gamer Grub

October 6, 2008 by aktrez, The Girls Entertainment Network

Gamer Grub is a great tasting snack that boosts your core gaming systems—such as visual input, cognitive processing, signal transmission and muscle reflexes. Scientifically formulated with essential nutrients and vitamins, Gamer Grub provides a healthy, great tasting snack mix that supports fast reaction times for maximum gaming performance.

While other places on the web *Cough* Penny Arcade *Cough* are mocking the idea, I gotta hand it to the manufacturers of Gamer Grub for coming up with a fast/fun and fantastic food fix for my feverish fingers while I feast on foes.

I had the opportunity to not only try 3 of the 4 flavors (not so much a wasabi fan myself) during E for All this year but to also clean up all the cups left at our booth.   The ammount of empty cups being deposited on the GEN table was a sure sign that Gamer Grub was a success.

With nuts, fruits and chocolate (mmmmmm … gifts from the gods)  I believe that as long as they keep the pricing doable, Gamer Grub may just be the next “Hot Pockets”.

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