Stay In The Game With Gamer Grub

May 14, 2011 by Meg Rayford – Tech Cocktail

Have you ever gotten crumbs on your game controls while gaming and snacking? Don’t let messy snacks salt your game. Gamer Grub is a delicious snack that keeps you fueled–and keeps your hands clean–while you use gaming devices or your computer.

When gaming and snacking, or just working at a computer, users get greasy hands and damage equipment with crumbs when eating traditional snack products. Gamer Grub solves these problems with a Capri Sun-style pouch that allows you to pour snacks into your mouth.

Gamer Grub currently has four flavors- including Pizza, PB&J, BBQ and S’mores – packaged in convenient ‘Tear N’ Tilt’ snack packs.

Gamer Grub has been rated No. 1 “Top 10 Snacks Video Gamers Love to Eat” by PlanetXbox360 and is rated No. 2 by Check out their website to find retail locations.

GamerGrub is one of our showcased startups at Tech Cocktail San Diego on May 18, so this is a great opportunity to try out their different flavors while playing video games.