Gamer Grub

October 10, 2008 by cindy,

Snacks are mandatory when gaming for long hours at a time. Sometimes snacks and gaming don’t mix.  Grease, cheese, and salt on a gaming controller or keyboard is No Bueno!  In addition to the messy factor most snacks are bad for your health (waistline) and cause an unwanted crash soon after consumption.  The new snack food, Gamer Grub promises to be the answer to the hardcore gamers snack dilemma.

There are four flavors of Gamer Grub to choose from including; Sports PB & J, Racing Wasabi, Strategy Chocolate, and Action Pizza. At first I was skeptical and thought it would taste like trail mix in fancy packaging. However, one taste of the Sports PB&J and I was sold on this yummy snack. If you are a wussy when it comes to spicy food beware that the Racing Wasabi is zesty.

Not only does Gamer Grub taste good it is the first cognitive performance snack that boosts your core gaming systems. This includes visual input, cognitive processing, signal transmission, and muscle reflexes. It is scientifically formulated with essential nutrients and vitamins to provide a healthy snack that supports reaction times for maximum gaming performance.

Gamer Grub will be available during the first part of 2009 in retail stores and online.

I wonder what will be next for Biosilo Foods, RPG Rations?

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