Sorry Michiga, no Gamer Grub for you

October 13, 2008 by Tim Agne,

When I saw the announcement for Gamer Grub, a supposedly healthy snack mix aimed at those of us who spend large portions of our days with controllers in our hands, I felt dirty and exploited. Then I looked at the flavors, and they seemed intriguing.

Ever since I started eating Trader Joe’s Trek Mix, I have a hard time finding any snack mixes that meet my exacting standards for quality, taste and nutrition. Could these proprietary blends live up to the wild expectations of my palate?

I had to know, so I requested a sample. What I got instead was (for now) bad news:

Hi ! Thank you for your interest in Gamer Grub. At this point we do not have any in MI; but working in that regard.At this point as a start-up, our samples are in limited supply and Gamer Grub will be out on shelves shortly.

If you sign up with the GrubSqad on our homepage you will be notified when the release date is.

Additional FAQs regarding GG can be found at

Thanks again for your interest. More news to come. 🙂 Cheers!

So there you go. We Michigan gamers will have to settle for snacks that we can’t chug straight from the container, resulting in Cheeto dust jamming up out control sticks and severely inhibiting our pwnage.

Or — even worse — we may have to pause our games to get up and eat a snack.

My advice is to go to your local Michigan grocer and whine incessantly until they swear a blood oath to start stocking Gamer Grub. I’m looking at you, Meijer.

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