Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your LAN

June 22, 2010 by A. Perkins –

The abundance of gamer-targeted energy drinks gives testament to the fact that gamers need sustenance. However, my waistline isn’t the only indication that gamers could stand to cut back on empty calories from high-fructose corn syrup. While the latest round of if-you-want-to-play-you’ll-have-to-get-up-and-jump-around videogames may end up helping us to put things back into perspective – and last seasons’ swimsuit, we need to have something that is tasty, handy and healthy available to snack on while playing games.

That is exactly what Gamer Grub has created with their line of gaming snacks. The idea is to give gamers the tastes they enjoy, while also giving them some nutrition and energy to keep gaming.

At E3 2010, Gamer Grub introduced two new flavors: Smores and BBQ. Sadly, I didn’t get a chance to try the Smores, but I did get a bag of the BBQ flavor – and as the spawn of Texans, I’m a big fan of barbecue, well, anything.

After attending E3, going to Universal Studios with too little sleep, and then finally sleeping nearly 16 hours straight after returning home to Baton Rouge , Louisiana , I found myself about ready to pass out earlier today. What better time, says I, to try out the BBQ flavored Gamer Grub? Well, several hours later, I’m awake and writing this and other stories at a pretty decent clip… and that’s after sharing half of the bag with Psibabe and a bite or two with my dog, Beanie.

The taste is quite tasty and decidedly BBQ – but in more of a BBQ chips or BBQ trail mix sort of way – not a wow, this tastes uncannily like BBQ pork ribs sort of way that you would get from a Snyder of Hanover or Herr’s bags of chips. The taste, as my wife, Psibabe, put it, was “the perfect combination of sweet and tangy.” Beanie concurred quite intensely.

The ingredients are nothing that would look out of the ordinary in your run-of-the-mill trail mix: some toffee peanuts, sesame sticks, wheat, barley flour, toasted corn and flavorings. Ah, but then there’s Gamer Grub’s “Proprietary Cognitive Blend” of vitamins to help you stay alert and focused. All that and tasty, too!

Gamers Grub is available at some of your favorite retailers, including: Hot Topic, ThinkGeek, Tiger Direct, Barnes and Noble, Play N Trade and