King Quagmire – Review: Gamer Grub

June 16th, 2009 by David Collins

What do you eat when you play video games? Chips? Crackers? Beef Jerky? Supreme Pizza with extra bacon & a 2 liter of Pepsi & a 4 pack of Monster? Can you tell which one I’m partial too? Yeah, so needless to say, I typically have to pause my game when I “snack”. No matter if I game on a PC or a console, eating can be a problem for me. Over the years, I’ve accepted that fact. When I went to E3, I found out about a new product that may change that for me…

I had never heard of Gamer Grub before I received the email just before E3. Once the show began, I made it a point to get to their booth & give it a taste. They had several flavors on the counter, but I love Pizza, so naturally that was the flavor I chose. The result? I absolutely loved it! In fact, I found myself rather disappointed that my schedule was as full as it was because I would have loved to talk to the Gamer Grub (Biosilo Foods) guys at the show. So, I noted it & made sure to get in touch with them once I got home.

With Twitter being my current social networking drug of choice, I went there to talk to them. I told them about my intent for the review & they were gracious enough to send me a couple of review pack. Within the next 48 hours, I had both the Pizza & PB&J flavors sitting in my hand, just in time too. I had just got my copy of Prototype & had planned an all day gaming marathon.

So how did it come out? Did I like it? Will it replace my Pizza/Pepsi/Monster combo? In a word, YES! Well, as long as my wife isn’t home. She doesn’t typically like these kinds of snacks. You know, the ones with all the “weird” flavors & such. She sticks with the socially normal stuff whereas if the package says “NEW” in bright bold colors, I buy it immediately, no matter what the flavor is. But in this case, I opened the Pizza flavor & gobbled up probably the first 25% of the bag. She then tried it & I never saw the bag again. I had officially been hijacked. That’s a testament to how good it is as far as I’m concerned. I was “allowed” to keep the PB&J flavor though which, & I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect good things from it, was very yummy!

So, what’s the hook? Why switch to Gamer Grub? Well, for me, it’s several reasons. First is the mix. Most snacks have the same cracker mix in it with a different flavor powder sprinkled on. Not Gamer Grub. The Pizza flavor has nuts, cheese curls, pita chips, fried onions & sesame sticks where the PB&J flavor has peanut butter chips, peanuts, strawberries (yes real strawberries!), strawberry jelly chips & sweet bread.

The next reason is it’s vitamin enhanced, something other gaming snacks are not. If your playing, you need to keep a clear head & Gamer Grub helps with that by packing in many vitamins & minerals (I won’t break it down here, but this link will tell you all about it).

One thing I was curious about just before I got my samples was how they planned to pull off their tag line: No Keyboard Crumbs – No Greasy Fingers. It turned out to be quite simple: The bags fit nicely in your hand. You just grab a bag & pour it in your mouth. See, no crumbs escape & you never actually touch the food (unless you want to of course).

At this point, I was sold. I only wish Fry’s Electronics (The only retailer I recognized in my area) was a bit closer to my house. Even still, my wife is adamant I need to get some more so I’m guessing I’ll be making the trip soon. I’m going to be on the look out for the new flavors too as they have a Wasabi & Chocolate flavor that isn’t quite ready for the market as of this writing. Regardless, Gamer Grub looks to be a main staple here not only for my gaming sessions but for my wife & kid’s snacking sessions as well! I only wish I had more with the release of Ghostbusters today!

I also got in touch with Keith Mullin, the man behind Gamer Grub & Biosilo Foods for a quick interview:

How did Gamer Grub get it’s start? 
[Keith Mullin] I got tired of wiping my hands on my jeans and I like to multi-task. I also like good tasting snack food and wanted higher performance, since my daughter was kicking my butt in Unreal. I thought “there has to be a better way?!” I made the first Gamer Grub prototypes in my mom’s kitchen.

How big is Gamer Grub? 
[Keith Mullin] Biosilo Foods, Inc. is just me; I do not have any employees yet. Biosilo Foods is a new garage start-up in every sense of the term.

How did you guys decide on the flavors to release? 
[Keith Mullin] I used a survey for which foods the community liked the best. Pizza was #1, PBJ was not far down the list.

Were there any flavors you wanted to do, but didn’t work out?
[Keith Mullin] Yes, the first chocolate flavor did not work out so well; so we are changing that to Smores. A chilly flavor also just could not get there. Each flavor that we do end up producing has had many many versions / prototypes made to get it just right.

Where do you see Gamer Grub in 5 years? 
[Keith Mullin] Gamer Grub will be the Powerbar of the gaming and computer industry.

Is there anything else you want me to pass on to my readers? 
[Keith Mullin] Gamer Grub has been a community developed project. As a garage startup, I do not have a large R&D dept, budgets, etc. to put things together. During beta development, the gaming community helped in so many ways to design and bring life to Gamer Grub; and this makes me believe that we are farther along than what current world events portray.


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