Fuel your gaming habit with Gamer Grub

October 6, 2008 by Matthew Humphries,

Performance snack food is not a term you hear very often and usually ends up just being a complicated term used to describe a sugar-filled chocolate bar. But that has all changed with the introduction of a new food product by Biosilo Foods aimed specifically at gamers called Gamer Grub.

The Gamer Grub website describes the new food as:

A great tasting snack that boosts your core gaming systems, such as visual input, cognitive processing, signal transmission and muscle reflexes for maximum gaming performance.

It comes in four flavors including:

  • Action Pizza
  • Racing Wasabi
  • Strategy Chocolate
  • Sports Peanut Butter & Jelly

The food itself isn’t just a sugar rush; and promotes itself as being healthy with an ingredients list that includes vitamin A, E, B3 and C as well as magnesium, choline and L-Glutamic acid. It has also recently become the official snack of the World Cyber Games USA 2008.

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