Gaming Nom’s – Gamer Grub PB&J Flavor Review

April, 17, 2012 by Disciplined Monkey Studios -E. Castillo

During E3 2010 while I scowered the halls a group of excited and dedicated people kept handing out shots of snacks, the biggest selling point was “no more orange finger prints on your controllers” meaning every time we play a game we snack on cheetos and such and it will leave orange finger prints all over the controller and well ruin the entire thing as it is.

Well aside from the great selling point something else that caught my attention is that it was designed to give your brain an energy boost, so what Gamer Grub sets out to sell itself as is a great tasting, energy boosting, no mess snack for gamers.

As a gamer and a writer this is what I crave a snack that does not require me to clean my fingers every time I reach out for a quick bite, but also I need something that will not bring me down energy wise because it is over loaded with sugar or salt, and of course it has to be something that just taste amazing.

So when I tried out the snack I was given 4 flavor options, Pizza, Smoores, BBQ, and PB&J, naturally my choice was a childhood favorite flavor, PB&J is an amazing tasting snack, with a mix of peanuts, peanut butter chips, fruit jelly’s, and cookie chips. The best way that I feel you eat is to open the bag and tip it back like taking a swig out of a bottle so that you get the most random mix of flavor from all the elements in the bag.

Overall Gamer Grub is THE GAMING SNACK for me, and anytime I go to purchase electronics and such and I see the bags at check out I will buy one, heck today I picked up a new video game for a review and I picked up PB&J and Smoores, I am trying to get my wife to trade her last bag of PB&J for my bag of Smoores since it’s my favorite and that’s hers. We love Gamer Grub and I highly recommend it, if you see it, try it, you will not regret the purchase.