Games On Net: Gamer Grub – Handy Dandy Gaming Snacks

October 5, 2008 by Jessica Citizen, Games On Net

The story goes that many, many years ago, there was a gentleman quite fond of playing games of cards. He would play for hours, against his friends, but hated to stop for mealbreaks, where the host would often serve cold meat and salad, leading inevitably to greasy fingers. One day, this gentleman stumbled upon a great (and delicious) idea – he took a piece of bread, placed a slice of meat and some lettuce on top, and then topped that with another piece of bread.

Voila, the Earl of Sandwich had made a breakthrough in culinary convenience!

…that was in the 18th Century. Have we located the modern day equivalent at theĀ E for All Expo, with a new product calledĀ Gamer Grub?

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