Gamertell Review: Gamer Grub performance snacks for gamers

Sep 28th, 2010 by PJ Hruschak –

Product: Gamer Grub
Price: $2.99 (per 3.75 oz. package)
Rating: One thumb up, one thumb sideways; 85/100; B; 3- 1/2 out of five.
Pros: Both flavors (BBQ and S’Mores) taste pretty good and are easy to eat. The small size of all the snack elements are ideal for pouring.
Cons: The S’Mores melted together in transit, making it less conducive to “Tear ‘n’ Tilt” eating.
Overall: Tasty snacks that are better than your average bar snacks and won’t muss your hands while gaming. That means it’s too easy to eat an entire package.

You know all that time you spend with your hands busily fiddling with controller buttons and mini thumb sticks? That’s time you cannot possibly be eating and, if you are periodically dipping into the snack bowl, chances are good that you are getting greasy goo on your buttons. And that cannot possibly be good for your accuracy. You’re probably also spilling the snacks out of the bowl, which is just not cool, or making a mess of your hands (and, again, the controller). Nobody likes a cheesy B button.

Gamer Grub by Biosolio Foods is looking out for your health and gaming accuracy by producing bagged and fortified snacks with tiny edible elements you can pour right into your mouth.

In the Bag
Biosolio Foods sent me two full packs to try: BBQ and S’Mores. I had previously sampled these and their two other flavors (Pizza and PB&J) at E3 2010 but the tiny cups and eat-on-the-run-one-after-another tasting was a bit too hurried and too much for a mouth to truly discern any flavors.

The snacks are packaged in bags with a resealable strip. You rip the top along the perforated edge (much like a mini soy sauce packet, only larger) and pour into your mouth and, assuming you didn’t gulp down the entire bag, can reseal it for later consumption. Also, by pouring the snacks directly into your mouth, you don’t have to get your hands dirty.

The packages also promote additional nutrition with each snack claiming to promote your neurotransmitters (which, of course, means better gaming).

The BBQ Gamer Grub contains is a mix of peanuts, corn nuts, sesame sticks and other crunchy bits, all sized at about a dingle peanut in width and or length. Likewise with the S’Mores Gamer Grub which had chocolate balls, marshmallows balls and graham cracker style balls.

In My Mouth
For flavor, the BBQ was much like (as my wife called it) a higher-end bar snack. They are salty, slightly spicy and tasty enough to keep you pecking at them even when you are not hungry. All of the edible elements were rather crunchy which makes for a more satisfying snacking experience. A little more work for your mouth usually results in the sensation of more food being consumes.

The S’Mores were a bit clustered together. I supposed the week or so it sat on my desk or in shipping, the chocolate warmed up enough to lose the rounded shapes. That means the little individual balls the company was striving for were pretty much nonexistent. I was, however, easily able to separate the snacks into smaller chunks. This, of course, goes a bit against the promised pourability of the snack. even when eaten bay grabbing, there was enough solidity that nothing got onto my hands and, thus, my controller.

As for the flavor of the S’Mores, we were quite pleased with the taste, being a lot like a S’More when the edible elements were mixed in our mouths. The marshmallows were a little like those foamy cereal style marshmallow “treats” but not nearly as spine tingling-ly irritating to chew. The other elements make a nice crunch ad, with the smoothness of the chocolate as it melts in your mouth, ends with an overall pleasing mix of textures.

As for pouring, that was pretty easy to do (aside from the occasional large S’More chunk) and a rather ingenious marketing tactic. You can pour the snack either with the corner edge as the bottom edge/lip or from the side. The latter will likely be more comfortable for most mouths as the edge of the packaging is stiff plastic and might be a bit sharp. A quick snip with scissors can easily take care of that, of course.

In Your Cupboard?
Overall the snacks were rather tasty. I wasn’t too pleased to read that each package actually contains contains about three (for the BBQ and 3.5 for the S’Mores) servings, so you can easily gorge yourself with enough to serve everyone in your squad without realizing it. You’ll very likely down an entire bag before your next life is up.

As my wife said, these are higher end bar snacks that should probably be priced a little cheaper (although $4 per bag $3 per bag – the new retail price – is not a wallet buster) or have more per bag. If they are truly fortified (they do seem to contain a good amount of fiber, Vitamins A, C and E as well as Niacin, Magneseum, a little Iron and 68mg of a “proprietary cognitive blend Choline L-Glutamic Acid”), they would certainly be a better choice than you average bowl-on-the-bar snack. And, yes, even when eaten out of a bowl, your fingers remain relatively crumb free aside from a little salt from the BBQ snacks.

If the company wanted to be a bit more environmentally friendly, they might also consider a milk bottle style design a la Milk Duds but, then again, the bags do make these easily resealable. A percentage of each purchase does go toward safe electronics recycling, so it’s got that going for it.

I like the idea, I like the snacks and the price seems OK. I would have like the pouring-from-the-bag aspect to be a big more comfy on my mouth but, ultimately, it works pretty well.

Gamer Grub can be found at select retailers (not grocery stores) including Amazon, Hot Topic, Fry’s, MicroCenter, Play N Trade and ThinkGeek.

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