Gamers Daily News – Grubbing at E3 09

June 6th, 2009 by

Shortly before leaving to E3, we got a quick email about this new company that was going to be at the expo. The email was about this snack company called Gamer Grub. I had never heard of them before and to be honest, with all the plans I had, ignored the invitation.

While walking around the expo last week, I accidently ran into Gamer Grub and thought about the invite. Luckily for me, my stomach was growling and I didn’t have time to stop to buy something, so I quickly grabbed the free sample, and kept walking on to the next appointment.

I’ve never have done a review on food, but all I can say is that they are good. I only had the chance to try their Pizza flavored product, but they have three others, PB&J, Wasabi, and Chocolate.

They claim its formulated to help boost your maximizing your gaming performance. As I mentioned already, I was on the floor at E3, so not enough direct gaming happened to see if they claim was valid, but it did quench the hunger for a bite. The packaging is designed to hold the product and just pour it in your mouth so that you never have to have direct contact with the food.

The Pizza had cashews, cheese curls, almonds sesame sticks, fried onions and pita chips. Its not your typical mixed snack food, the mix was actually well thought out. Its amazing how some of the larger comglomerates throw food together, and seem to never check how the flavors mix. In this pizza flavor, they seemed to have it worked out and done a good job, and they actually had flavor.

Don’t ask about the nutrional value, because it is still a mystery to me. I looked on their website and nothing was posted there. Then again, when has the last time you went to get something to eat when gaming and put it back because it wasn’t healthy for you. If you have, I got a number for a shrink for you. (Edit: We found out later, it is actually posted on the site)

Unfortunately at the moment, there isn’t any retailers close to me that carry the product. According to the website Fry’s and Comp USA are the only two free standing stores that carry them. I really want to try the Wasabi flavor, as I love Wasabi peas. Hope your listening Gamer Grub!

In the meantime, happy gaming and snacking!

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