Gamer Grub’s Pizza & PBJ Product Review

January 28, 2010 by Mario Diaz –

I got an opportunity to review two samples from Gamer Grub, and the verdict is in! The taste is absolutely fantastic!! While playing my Xbox 360, every now and then, I would snack on the first sample of Gamer Grub’s Pizza bag. It contains: Pizza Cashews, Cheese Curls, Tomato Almonds, Sesame Sticks, Fried Onions and Pita Chips. Anyway, I mean I murk’d (murdered it). I’m thinking of buying some Gamer Grub snack packs, that’s how good it was.

What you really what to know is, does eating these snacks while playing video games make your controller all sticky, greasy or smelly? The answer is, no. It does a good job of being a dry snack that doesn’t leave your hands sticky without sacrificing any flavor, thus making it not stick to your analog Xbox360 or PS3 controllers. It’s the complete opposite on what a bag of greasy potato chips would do.

And the other Gamer Grub sample Snack PB and J bag contains a tasty blend of Peanut Butter, Chips, Peanuts, Strawberries, Strawberry Jelly Chips and Sweet Bread. I loved the peanuts, chips, well everything. It’s a great snack to have whenever you’re feeling hungry.