Gamer Grub Review: The done right gamer snack making you crave more

Hungry and playing video games at the same time? Don’t worry about it. You will stay hungry until you die in game, all your friends log off, or get bored. Whichever one of those comes first. We’ve been fooled once before with previous brands of gaming food that didn’t quite live up to our expectations, but with Gamer Grub the problem has been fixed; the mold has been broken! Man has come up with some very cool engineering marvels: The refrigerator to keep things fresh, a microwaving oven that heats food without fire and dry food that doesn’t spoil. In each case a hungry gamer could get their fix in a matter of minutes, but unfortunately it is still not good enough.

Let’s take a combination of all those and put them together. Something that would normally taste great when kept fresh in the refrigerator like sweet and tangy bbq’d meat. How about something that can be easily heated up and taste just as good as when you got it fresh – pizza! Oh and what about dry food? Well why not just use dry food for food? Gamer Grub has done all of that with their selection of gaming inspired snacks that will fuel you up, keep your cravings down, and fill you up to keep playing until you regrettably run out of Gamer Grub.

I was handed two of the four choices of Gamer Grub to sink my gamer grimy fingers on. Oh wait, want to hear the best part? I didn’t need my hands to eat! I just proved how much of a lazy gaming nerd I can be. S’MORES and PB&J were my victims.

It’s hard to find a snacking food that I go out of my way in getting. Of course they aren’t really made for that. It is more of a convenience thing. However there are the delicious ones like Hot Cheetos, powdered doughnuts, trail mix, and Cheez-It’s. There is one inherent problem with all of those classics – you can’t play and expect to eat without creating a mess! Gamer Grub did it right.

PB& J Gamer Grub food tastes just like a PB&J sandwich with a kick. Peanut butter, peanuts, strawberries, strawberry jelly chips, and sweet bread combine to make a ridiculously addicting combination. I thought I’d make it a few nights of game play with one package but it was gone before the end of the first night!

S’MORES. Delicious, squishy, chocolaty, marshmallow graham bites packed into a Gamer Grub package will considerably make you think twice at actually putting the controller or mouse down and enjoying a moment with your new found addicting grub food.

Don’t worry, Gamer Grub also makes a sweet & tangy BBQ blend with almonds, corn nuts, toffee, and sesame sticks. They also managed to pull a Willy Wonka freakish-food creation and make Pizza into a blend of tomato almonds, pita chips, fried onions, and pizza cashews.

So the next time you are playing video games, listening to music, streaming movies, and trying to do some work all at the same time remember that hunger has met its match. Only thing I am looking forward to the future with Gamer Grub is them making an XXL bag of their snacks.

Grade – Delicious