Gamer Grub Review –

August 29, 2010 by A. Hernandez –

Normally, we stick to reviewing video games but exceptions are sometimes made for related products, especially if they taste good. With that said, if you haven’t heard of Gamer Grub yet, you soon will. As the name states, it’s “food for gamers” and what makes it special in particular is the convenient packaging it comes in.

One of the common dilemmas that most gamers encounter while gaming is the fact that they’ll get hungry and although one could simply stop playing to grab a quick snack, we all know that in reality it’s easier said than done especially when you’re in the middle of defeating your rival clan or are on the last level of Horde in Gears of War 2 over Xbox Live. Due to this, we’re often tempted to pop open a bag of chips or another snack of choice which will indeed solve the hunger crisis but as a result, could cause another problem such as dirty hands/gaming gear.

Gamer Grub was designed to solve this dilemma by fulfilling your hunger without making a mess. After trying out two product samples, I can vouch that it does what it claims. Here’s my input on both flavors that I tried:

Gamer Grub BBQ
Imagine what BBQ flavored trail mix would taste like minus some of the traditional ingredients, that’s what this flavor essentially is. Assuming you’re not allergic to either peanuts or almonds, you will most likely enjoy this flavor if you’re fond of BBQ chips and spicy nuts as well. It goes down great with a bottle of water from my experience.

Gamer Grub S’mores
It’s been a while since I’ve eaten “real” s’mores but from what I recall, this flavor came relatively close as it had a lot of the key ingredients in it minus the campfire. A good “dessert” type snack that’s not messy.

Overall, I enjoyed the taste of both flavors and found the packaging to be simple yet clever. It uses this “tear n’ tilt” concept which has you “drinking” the snack. Due to this, you’ll notice that the chunks of food are small to accommodate this technique as it’d be hard to do that with a bag of standard sized potato chips without choking. I found this a bit odd at first though as I’m not used to eating things that way but gave it a shot. I highly recommend you shake it as stated in the instructions though otherwise the food won’t flow too well which I learned the hard way until I decided to go by the book. Also, if you decide to save the opened snack for later, you can easily seal it up again due to the ziplock. As for the tearing process, it was quite smooth from my experience with both snacks and didn’t accidentally damage the ziplock which is sometimes a problem in other products.

Lastly, the pricing is not cheap when compared to other snack foods but is relatively reasonable if you take into consideration the convenience that Gamer Grub offers and the quality of the food/packaging. Unlike traditional junk food, it does have some nutritional value as it has a couple of vitamins and zero cholesterol. So, while it’s not as cheap as your typical potato chip bag, it at least won’t get crumbs all over the place nor grease on your hands/gaming gear. The clever packaging of the tasty “grub” is the major selling point in my opinion.

For more information, check out the official Gamer Grub website which has a list of retailers that carry it and nutritional info on each flavor including other flavors not mentioned in the review.