Gamer Grub Review

Gamer Grub???? Food for gamers? Why not just a bag of chips or something smaller? Still scratching your head in confusion? The best summary is the best tasting and easies to eat snack ever! Recently I was browsing the internet and decided to buy some of this so called “Gamer Grub”. I was a little skeptical at first but decided why not. First of all I am no average gamer, I play basically during all of my free time. Most of my free time is after sports, hanging out with friends, and school. I am just not a gamer but a graphic designer as well so I am on my computers a lot!

While making someone’s much wanted work I usually began to get hungry. I would go for the bag of chips first because it was just easier. While working crumbs would get in the keyboard getting a little messy, full of crumbs basically. I would have to stop what I was doing and clean it up just because it would begin to annoy me. Now with Gamer Grub’s Tilt and Eat bag style no more crumbs for this keyboard to get covered in!

When gaming and you are eating things such as chips, your hands become greasy and you just can’t seem to hold the controller. I use a black controller and the one thing I hate the most is looking down and just seeing grease marks on my controller from my snack. However like I said before the Tilt and Eat bag style requires you to not even touch the Grub other than in your mouth. Controllers stay cleaner, hands stay cleaner, and your room stays clean free of crumbs!

The best thing about the Tilt and Eat bag style is a quick and easy supply of food to your mouth! When gaming in competitive scene and you are in an intense match and need something to chew to calm you down Gamer Grub is the answer! When you die or have even a few seconds to sit there you can easily reach for the bag of Grub and tilt the delicious food into your mouth and chew away!

The flavors offered from Gamer Grub. Are currently Pizza, BBQ, PB&J, and S’mores however currently they do not have any stock left of this flavor. L Considering I got my supply of S’mores before they ran out I am one of the lucky ones! To me this is the best flavor out right now; your taste buds bring you on an adventure to the camp fire sitting with friends and family cooking some good classic s’mores! Than snapping right back to the game with every chew you go on an adventure! I hope to be trying the other flavors in the future but for now there is no other flavor for me!

Why get Gamer Grub you ask? The true question you should be asking is why not get Gamer Grub? The best snack offered to gamers possibly forever! Do not miss out and get your bags of Gamer Grub today!!