Gamer Grub Product Review

I had been seeing something called “Gamer Grub” in stores a lot recently so I finally decided to give it a try. I play a lot of video games and Gamer Grub is a performance snack made specifically for gamers (duh). It seemed like a match made in heaven. But how was it?


Since this is a review about food, let’s dive right into what is most important: the taste. Gamer Grub comes in four different flavors: S’mores, Pizza, BBQ, and PB+J. I tried both the S’mores and BBQ flavors. Out of those two, S’mores was by far the best (marshmellow, graham, and chocolate is a hard mix to beat in any form). The BBQ flavor is a mix of smoked almonds, BBQ corn nuts, spicy and toffee peanuts, and BBQ sesame sticks. Although I’m not really a fan of crunchy snacks, it wasn’t bad either. Both varieties had a strong flavoring and there was no funky aftertaste.


Unlike other popular gaming snacks which contain very generous amounts of fat and sodium, Gamer Grub is actually good for you! Looking on the back of each package, you can see it has several vitamins and minerals to help give you more energy for those long nights of gaming. Gamer Grub also includes something called “neurotransmitters” to keep you focused. Eating Gamer Grub isn’t at all like drinking an energy drink where you notice a sudden jolt of increased energy but you definitely feel a little more alert. They can also be a surprisingly filling snack.


One of the first things you’ll notice about this product is that the package advertises “no greasy fingers” and has a special tear-off top. This allows you to tilt the package so you can dump the contents straight into your mouth. At first, this seems silly or even piggish but there is actually a good reason for doing it. If you don’t have to touch the food, your fingers will stay clean! This allows you to also keep your controllers or keyboard clean without having to stop and wipe your hands off first. Not only that, but you don’t even have to stop gaming at all to eat. The tear n’ tilt top enables you to quickly snack between deaths in an FPS or while traveling in an RPG.

This feature gives Gamer Grub a slight advantage over other popular gaming snacks like Cheeze-Its which can leave a residue on your figures (not to the same effect of Cheetos but still happens). Gamer Grub leaves your hands dry and clean.


Gamer Grub is a pretty good snack for a gamer who is looking for a quick something during long gaming sessions. It probably won’t replace old stand-bys like ordering a pizza, but it is definitely a lot less messy and faster to eat than one. While your friends are trying to scarf down that large pepporoni and cheese, you can be gaming and eating at the same time!

When it comes to food it usually boils down simply to whether or not you like eating it. With four different flavors to choose from across a wide variety of tastes, any gamer is sure to find at least one he or she likes. Definitely try S’mores at the very least.

Score: 4 out of 5 stars