Gamer Grub presents The Most Delicious Snack on this Planet

Nov 27th, 2011 by H. Brogan –

So we have been lucky enough this week to sample two of the great Gamer Grub products, namely the Smores and Pizza flavour. Not one single person was dissatisfied with the taste. In fact, there may or may not have been fights over who wasn’t sharing properly. The Grub itself was the brain child of Keith Mullin. During Email correspondence he summed up the overall goal and process of Gamer Grubs creation as follows ;

“ started Gamer Grub in my garage. I like to multi-task and had problems snacking while gaming or working on the computer. I designed the Gamer Grub package so you do not get greasy fingers or crumbs on the keyboard. You just ” Tear N Tilt ” to operate, so you do not touch the snack. 🙂

Gamer Grub tastes great, vitamins and neurotransmitters were added since I do not like to lose.”

This serves as a perfect prequel to the discussion and evaluation of these delicious snacks to follow.

The Packaging

The Gamer Grub is packaged inside air tight foil bags with an airtight seel. This means that even if it takes you days to consume your Grub, it will be just as fresh on the fifth day as it was the day you opened it. The packages also clearly identify the contents too, so even if your mid way through a game induced hunger frenzy, you wont accidently pick up the wrong flavour! Overall, the packaging is modern, aesthetically pleasing and most importantly functional, with the Tear N Tilt technology!


Firstly the Pizza flavoured Grub. AMAZING. We all tried eating it both as a whole and as separate pieces, both ways we loved it. Obviously when working on the computer or using a game system it is much easier to just pour the contents of the pack into your mouth at once, and we all can honestly say, that when doing exactly this the Pizza flavour tasted JUST like pizza.

Secondly, the Smores. In Australia, we don’t really have the whole smores thing going on, but they are forever mentioned in American popular culture. Most of us in the office were extremely excited to receive this particular sample, and it did not disappoint! The smores were amazing, just like the pizza eaten either separately or together, they were so enjoyable. Ten out of ten for both flavours.

As an extra bonus, considering the flavour and fulfilment of these snacks, the nutritional value is quite modest. Along with the elements of regular nutrients are the neurotransmitters which apparently help the brain function at a higher rate, thus increasing game performance! The ingredients seem to be of a high quality, and thus, we believe is a contributor to the adequate nutritional value of the snacks!


As mentioned above the packaging is in air tight, freshness sealing, aesthetically pleasing goodness. The design of the pack also allows for easy pouring of the contents into either a hand, or directly into the mouth ( trust us, some of the more hardcore members of the team can vouch for this). The products themselves leave next to no oils on the hands and any oils that are left are removed completely with a light wipe of the hand onto your pants or shirt, never leaving a stain either. So win/win!


At this current time, Gamer Grub is available in four flavours, Pizza, Smores, PB&J and BBQ. This allows for many different people, of many different tastes to enjoy the products.

The Verdict

WE LOVE GAMER GRUB. We would eat it by the truck load if we could. We could not recommend it strongly enough, people of all ages tried a small sample of the food and not one person had anything negative to say about it.

Wish List Approved

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