Gamer Grub Performance Snacks Review for Extreme iPhone Gamers

July 19, 2010 by

If you’re like me, food is always on your mind especially while gaming. However Doritos, potato chips, Funyuns (and other crap) are very greasy and goober up your game controllers. The iPhone’s screen gets boogered up enough without these foods added to the glass, so a company by the name of Gamer Grub came up with a ‘no greasy fingers’ performance snack suitable for everyone, including extreme iPhone gamers.

As stated on their website, ‘Gamer Grub combines great taste with a proprietary blend of essential vitamins and neurotransmitters to support mental performance’ which include L-Glutamic Acid, Choline (Choline Bitartrate), Vitamin A, Magnesium, Vitamin C, Vitamin B3, Niacin and Vitamin E. Gamer Grub is a healthier alternative to other common snacks such as potato chips ( Nutritional info), but don’t go assuming this is a perfect replacement for your fruits and veggies.

As far as taste goes, I can say that each snack is reflective of it’s flavor. Gamer Grub currently offers 4 different snacks in Pizza, PB&J, BBQ and S’mores, each with their own distinctive flavor. For example, PB&J is packed with peanut butter chips, peanuts, strawberries, strawberry jelly chips and sweet bread, which actually tastes good just like real PB&J.

The company also sent their Pizza snack which was more of a spicy pizza flavored trail mix than anything found from Pizza Hut (who actually have a very successful iPhone app), but the snack was still a great alternative to Doritos.

The snacks come in ‘Tear n’ Tilt’ bags that stand by themselves which leave your hands free to manipulate your iDevice to the latest games available.

Overall, Gamer Grub is a slightly healthier, great tasting, alternative snack for extreme gamers looking to rid their hands of goobered up devices and controllers.