Gamer Grub Contest and Review:

December 4th, 2009 by Michelle D., Because I Said So Mom Knows Best

We love us some Video games at our house! Yes We Do! Other then Rowan every single person who lives here or spends Weekends is a Gamer. Chief offender would be my son but John is hooked on Call Of Duty and I am a KOTER* fan as well as Oblivion and Fable. There have been many other games through the years but right now those three Top my list. Andrew, well, let’s just say we lost him to WOW* (R.I.P Andrew)

I got my first system as a child and yes I was around for PONG but Atari was my first. Pitfall rocked! Even as I grew older I played and went through the first couple of Nintendo’s before my son was even born. Once he got here I had some competition and soon it was a big deal at our house. We have every system there is, even the handheld and I admit it I have more then once fallen victim to the “Gotta Catch Them All!” Fever on my sons Gameboy! I also admit to grounding my kids for some pretty trivial reasons to get my hands on their systems so I could feed my addiction. I have lost John for days whenever a new Call of Duty hits the shelf. The whole family enjoys playing together and the only problem with this kind of hobby is you get so hooked you often neglect other things around the house. You know, dishes, laundry and um, cooking dinner!

What that means is everyone is always foraging for something to eat when on a gaming roll. Finding the right Gaming snack is an art form all in itself. It needs to be just the right size and easy to hold. It can not be greasy for you will loose valuable grip on the controllers. It must have flavor and not need special care such as refrigeration or heat. Did I forget anything? Oh, yeah, my Mom says can you please make it a little bit healthy? Ooops, in my need for graphics I forgot about that little point!

Well Gamer Grub to the rescue. Now I thought I would surprise my son with this review for he is always up from the Dungeon looking for something good to munch on and just as often complaining that I do not have anything in the house that meets his needs. So I contacted these guys and asked to do a review. Now Andrew may have every Gaming magazine out there and know the scheduled release date for games due to launch 5 years from now but no way does he know about this stuff! Today he walks in the door from School and I broadly smile and hold out the bag. He grabs it and rips it open and says “Cool I have been looking for this stuff everywhere!”

UHG! He knew!

Okay, but I didn’t know. At least all that much about them so I dug in and gave them a whirl.


Crunchy, tasty, perfect size (passes slowly under nose) and aroma and best of all no grease to slow down my trigger finger. AND I do not have to leave the game to go and cook! WOW, the best of all worlds. Now if I can get that ringing out of my ears, the echo of Moms conscious and answer the question “Is it good for you?” Well, in this case, the answer is yes. Gamer Grub has added Vitamins and Neurotransmitters. Now they are not a diet food but at only 160 calories per serving they are not too bad in that area either. They also have 3 grams of protein 20% of three differant vitamens 0 cholesterol and 1 gram of Fiber. Not to shabby even by Mother standards. They taste good and did I mention no grease to slow down my trigger finger!

Gamer Grub comes in 4 flavors right now and I can personally attest to the yummyness of the Pizza and P, B and J but they also carry Choclate and Wasabi! Gamer Grub was pretty much invented by people who had the same issues as I did, greasy hands and no time to get up for the game is that good! It is manufactured by Biosilo Foods, Inc. and keep an eye out for these guys are on the way up with their inventive ideas for the snacking world. I know I am sold and plan to get some more of this snack for it is just perfect for my house.

Gamer Grub wants to keep you on your game too and are offering my readers an 8 unit case of their product. All you need to do to enter is head on over to their site and tell me something you have learned while there. You can also join the Grub Squad and get a chance to win even more! You will never have to leave your game! The Contest will run from Today, December 4th to January 1st.USA and 18 and older can enter daily and the winner will be contacted by email and have 72 hours to contact me with their mailing information. As always you can earn a bonus entry by entering the contest of the day and other ways to enter are posted below.

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