Food Stuff Friday: Gamer Grub

July 8, 2010 by

Here at The Opinionated Gamer we strive to bring you everything and anything pertaining to the video game world, and that includes video game themed foodstuffs. No matter how many times you tell yourself ‘I don’t need food, just one more level, I don’t need food’ it doesn’t matter. The plain and simple truth is, we need food. Blame your stomach on that. But we are gamers, united in our own culture and genre. We don’t need just any food, we need GAMER food, snacks, and beverages. Foodstuffs Friday’s is dedicated to bringing you some scrumptious little decadencies every Friday. So be sure to check back at the end of each week for our next dive into the world of gaming delicacies.

This weeks spotlight is focused on ‘Gamer Grub.’ An interesting and appetizing looking snack food that is relatively new to the snack world. It comes in five different flavors, Pizza, BBQ, Smores, and PB & J, and appears to be a lot like trail mix. That may not seem like a big deal to you, you may be asking yourself ‘Why is Gamer Grub Different?’ ‘Why Should I care?’ Well shut up and listen, I will explain why you should care.

Gamer Grub gives us two unique differences that set it apart from other ‘fly by night’ snack foods. One, is the fact that the product comes in a ‘tear and tilt’ style bag. Everyone of us at one point or another has tried to snack and game at the same time. And as everyone knows, most snack foods are greasy, and that just doesn’t work when you’re trying to hold a controller. Ever gone team-based in Modern Warfare 2, only to have your trigger finger slip off in the middle of a heated gunfight? Not pretty, not pretty at all. Gamer Grub remedies that with their packaging. Allowing you to tilt the bag back and get a mouthful, never having to touch the snack itself. Check mark on the fact that its portable and non-greasy.

The other plus? How about special vitamins and minerals formulated to make your mind sharper. Gamer Grub is packed full of these little brain boosting bits and will leave your mind refreshed for the lengthy battles ahead. I contacted the owner and he has graciously allowed me to taste his grub by sending me some free samples, so stay tuned for a blurb about how they are.