Food Review: Gamer Grub – PB & J and Pizza Flavors

July 25, 2010 by

Apologizes for the such a late review, we have been all caught up on all the SDCC news and all that. Anyway, Keith, the president of Gamer Grub, was nice enough to send us a couple of samples of his product, since we couldn’t make it out to E3.

He sent us the PB & J and the Pizza flavors. First, there are two other flavors that we didn’t get but seem just as tasty, one is BBQ and one is S’Mores. Now at first I thought that they were going to be some type of puff or something like that, which tasted like the flavor. But I was completely wrong, they aren’t puffs at all, the best way to describe them is flavored trail mixes. All of the different flavors have different types of ingredients that all combine to make one GREAT AWESOME flavor.

The PB & J is probably my favorite out of the two flavors we got. The PB & J mix was great, my personal favorite, it had Peanut Butter Chips, Peanuts, Strawberries, Strawberry Jelly Chips and Sweet Bread. I liked the sweet bread pieces and the grape flavored gummy bites. It really did taste like PB & J when eaten all together, but instead I totally picked through it and ate all the okay pieces and the saved the good stuff for last! The Pizza mix was just as good, it was more of a traditional trail mix with pizza flavoring. It had a bunch of great things in it like Cheese Curls, Tomato Almonds, Sesame Sticks, Pita Chips, Fried Onions and Cashews, personal favorite was the Sesame Sticks and the cashews. (Oh, I totally picked through the Pizza one too).

The other thing that I was totally surprised about is how easy it was to open. Usually when you read those easy to open packaging, I tend to doubt it because its usually not that easy to open. But Gamer Grub is the total opposite, seeing as you are meant to eat it with one hand so you don’t get greasy hands, and just snack and game. Which is a total plus!!

Overall, this stuff is really good, I would totally get more of this stuff. I especially want to get the S’mores one and BBQ, just so that I could say that I’ve tried them all. If you guys come across this stuff in the store pick it up!

It’s sold in a bunch of places – for more info check out their site here.