Examiner.com – Health Powerups: Gamer Grub

July 22, 2009 by Miguel Concepcion, Examiner.com

Gamer Grub has been in the market for over a year, so it was about time Examiner tried out these intriguing ‘performance snacks’. We procured two of the four available flavors, Pizza and PB&J, the other two being Wasabi and Chocolate.

Upon initial inspection, we could see how the package design would create crumb-free consumption. After ripping the top open, the gamer would simply tilt the package one side for easy eating. The only thing that could improve the delivery would be a proper spout.


This mixture seems heavily inspired by many salty/lightly-spicy snack mixes. It definitely has a Chex Mix vibe about it with a solid pizza kick. Upon comparison, we found that this had considerably more vitamins than Chex Mix: 20% daily values of Vitamins A, C & E versus Chex Mix’s 0%.  It contains dehydrated fried onions, cheese curls (nothing like Cheetos), tomato almonds, sesame sticks, pita chips, and pizza cashews. The cashews are a curious addition as a mild vehicle for pizza flavored seasoning. At least the cashew ranks high among other nuts in being low-fat and it is one of the few foods that made it in the World’s Healthiest Foods list.


Definitely the more imaginative of the two flavors. This mixture contains dehydrated strawberries, strawberry jelly chips, peanuts, sweet bread, and peanut butter chips. We found the peanut butter chips–tiny dehydrated clumps of peanut butter–to be almost a little too rich. They definitely benefit from being evenly mixed in with the rest of the ingredients. Perhaps due to the sticky nature of some the jelly chips, we came across several larger-than-bite-sized clumps of the mixture, the downing of which was not a big deal. This is noticeably more dense than Pizza, so it is no surprises the nutrition facts lists PB&J has having more servings than Pizza (5 versus 4). It should be a credit to food producer Biosilo that a couple servings of this does instill appropriate milk cravings.

In the end, we were pleased that many of the products’ promises were fulfilled. No leftover crumbs were found and hands were free of grease. We could not vouch for the effects of the vitamins and nutrients, but like many good snacks, Gamer Grub did not put us in a debilitating food-coma state. What we can say is that no game lives were lost during the consumption of Gamer Grub. Coincidence?

Gamer Grub is available at Fry’s ThinkGeek CompUSA Amazon Micro Center , and other tech-centric retailers.

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