Accessibly Live Off-Line Vol. 13 No. 32

August 10th, 2009 (Vol. 14. No. 32)

In this high tech world, there isn’t a nary moment where one will be eventually sitting right in front of a video monitor working away, and then all of a sudden, the ol’ hunger pangs kick in! Sure, one can grab some sort of snack, especially if the snack can be held by one hand! (The other hand is controlling the joystick or other device that controls the game action!) You can reach for the standard fair-peanuts, popcorn, or Crackerjack. However, there’s gonna be a mess on board! Peanuts can become greasy unsalted, and with salt, a snarl big time! Popcorn also leaves grease and salt residue, and those pesky husks tend to fall into the teeniest spaces–enough to use a knife to remove them all! Crackerjack is sticky enough as it stands! And please don’t get us started on cheesy curls–assuming that one’s doesn’t mind getting a lot of orange stains all over the place!

Leave it to those geniuses that love to play video games while snacking away! GAMER GRUB, a new stack sensation, is a unique product that is suitable to hold in one hand minus the udder mess that’s associated with traditional snack foods!

The “grub” itself consist of small pieces similar to the consistency of breakfast cereal. One can scoop up a sizable hunk if you want to wolf down the stuff, or it can be eaten one morsel at a time. The four flavors that is part of GAMER GRUB is pizza , a tasty mix of pizza cashews, cheese curls, tomato almonds, sesame sticks, friend onions, and pita chips–just like the real deal! There’s PB&J –a blend of peanut butter chips, peanuts, strawberries, strawberry chips, and sweet bread! Chocolate that’s chock full of chocolate chips, graham bites, marshmallow bits, with some white chocolate morsels so you will know that you do run with the chocolate elite! And for that bold taste, there’s wasabi ! That has sesame sticks, almonds, wasabi peas, friend onions, peanuts, and onion chips! (Great for gaming on martial arts battles!)

Not only this stuff tastes great, it also consists of selected vitamins (A,C, and E) and neurotransmitters to keep you going up and onward! Even the packaging is nifty! A four ounce bag can be held in one hand with no fuss. Just zip the resealable top open, flap that jaw open, and pour ‘er in! You can even grab them with your fingers too! And its formulated to leave little to no crumbs without that greasy and sticky residue that those other snacks leave behind!

This snack is also great not only for gamers, but for those that work away on a computer keyboard or on any device where crumbs, grime, and salt are total no-nos! You can drive a car and eat ’em. Ditto for handing delicate goods and whatchamacallits where they must remain tidy and clean(er)! Not too many snacks out there can muster up to those tough conditions!

GAMER GRUB, made by Biosilo Foods, Inc, is available where better snack foods are sold. It’s also available at many of the “big box” electronic outlets, too! ( Best Buy Fry’s , etc.) Get yer game on and your hunger pangs in check all within the same bite (or byte)!