Flavor Lab

You voiced that you wanted BBQ, so we made it.

We have other flavors up on the whiteboard, so just let us know if you have some ideas you want us to explore.


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  • http://onfps.com Peter Newton

    I suggest 2 new flavors.

    Nacho Flavor, Spicey / Salsa Flavor

  • Dan

    Perhaps something fruit flavored too? Maybe strawberry/banana, or a citrus orange/lemon

  • MajorDamage

    How about a flavour for the flight sim community? Something with anchovies in maybe – they’re good for you I think.

  • Melody

    How about something for the casual gamer, a little more playful – like cocoa pebbles mixed with corn nuts

    And maybe something a little racy for the M-Rated gamer with chocolate covered coffee beans and beef jerky?

  • Rommel

    Have you folks considered making a line of Gamergrub for the Nut-Allergy crowd?

  • FireKitty

    Anything with chocolate involved works for me! Maybe something with a jalapeno flavor to it (But not actual jalapenos, as I suspect the burning sensation would be distracting), though, or a mix of chocolate and salty and/or sour flavors (chocolate cake + salt and vinegar chips is more awesome than you might think).

    And I know you said above that you planned to remove the genres, but how about something for us RPG-lovers? We’re likely to spend more time in front of our systems than all the other genres combined!

  • RapedFETUS

    Make a RED BULL / V one.
    for the ‘TRUE’ hardcore gamers.
    Haha nah im kiddin. :)

  • calculon000

    This stuff is EXACTLY the “food in a cup” from WALL-E. (Not that that’s a bad thing.) Just make a list of all the cup food flavors they have in that movie for more ideas. Better yet, you guys could totally take a marketing opportunity and release a line of cup foods from the movie.

    Examples: Breakfast Eggs in a cup, Cupcakes in a cup, Nachos in a cup, Meatloaf in a cup, ect

  • Agent Cactus

    Pomegranate flavor.

  • http://www.beyondprotocol.com James Campbell

    Hey, it was awesome to meet your team at E-For-All. My dev group will be one of your best customers. The product was amazing. Getting another flavor that is more based on granola and without peanuts is critical. One of my guys thought it was great…but then his face went numb! It was a great laugh but to some, serious issues would have happened.

    James Campbell
    Executive Producer
    Dark Sky Entertainment
    Beyond Protocol

  • jimmeh

    i think that the best thing for gaming wth is chinese food. like noddles, egg rolls, chicken etc. oh and nachos.

  • Maiken

    Why not just fill one with chocolate sauce and coffee beans? sure the nutrition facts will be off the scale, but who going to complain?

  • Reena

    maybe vegetable ramen ?
    or like somebody else said, chinese food.


  • http://www.fraghype.org Kasey Crawford

    =Fun Flavors=
    Banana Split
    Whipped cream and strawberries/cherries/ect
    – Another thought was any flavor you(gamergrub) choose just something Super Caffeinated

    =Odd Flavors=
    Mashed Potatoes and Gravy
    Seasoned Steak
    Pancakes and Syrup with sausage bites (breakfast gamergrub) – I couldn’t decide if this was fun or odd :-/

    Those are my ideas.

  • justalistener

    wtf are you people thinking. action pizza? strat chocolate? just name them according to what they are. why make it like your advertising to toddlers.

  • http://www.thegamersblog.org Phillip Lentz

    As mentioned befor: Cheese-Nachos with Salsa and Guacamole Flavoured crunchy-stuff.

    But, besides pizza, chocolate, PB&J and chips do Gamers also eat with pleasure? Ramen! Ramen (Chinese noodles) and 5-Minute-Soups. Imagin’ how awesome it would be to eat without any need of cooked water! 😀

    and yeah, of course Steak. Like everything Kasey said.

    DO WANT NAO! 😀

  • Joe Holland

    Poutine in a bottle! fries cheese and gravy mmmm mmmm

  • Jaime Bulmer

    I wants some MMO Poutine!!

  • Julie Wynne

    Nachos and Ramen seem to be popular, and I agree with both. Could expand to Ranch, cheesey, or Spicey nachos. I’d like to see maybe some coffee or fruit flavors, and definately something nut-free for the allergic consumer. Popcorn flavor would be nice.

    What about some drink flavors? Like Mountain Dew, Root Beer, Coke. Would have to change the names for copyright of course, but would still be cool to try!

  • Kirok

    In my opinion a minimalist design for the packaging would more likely attract the demographic you guys are going for (which I assume is hardcore gamers between the ages of 18 and 34). The current package art makes it look a lot like a children’s snack and will likely discourage many people from buying it.

  • Julian Von Rose

    I have a suggestion for not a flavor but the way the flavors are presented. I feel as though you think that we (gamers) are foolish enough to comsume a product merely on the basis that it is for us by us. No my friend we are not. If you want to really get the hardcore crowd interested change the names to something a bit more engaging and game oriented, Action Pizza and Strategy Choclate just don’t cut it. Try to think of something a gamer would like. For oh say “Action Pizza” change it to something like “Warriors Rations” or something of that ilk. I would never buy “Action Pizza” for two reasons, the name insults my intelligence and the form of packaging would make me feel like a child.

  • Flying Noodle

    I think taco flavoured would be sick, and also some sort of a fruit may work such as a strawberry or lime flavoured. Even something as simple as bbq flavour (such as chips) may taste good as well. And lastly, I’m not spelling flavour wrong, its how its done in Canada

  • rion

    dude potato chips

  • Jeff

    Ok as a group of gamers how could you have missed the illustrious hot pocket flavor? It does not have to be original either we can do some philly hot pockets ^_^

  • Jeff

    hadoken hot wings

  • Alex

    Nacho flavoured

  • Deez

    Bacon with bacon and a side of bacon.

  • Ben

    Without coming up with silly names, I think the following would probably be something people could get behind.

    1. Nacho
    2. Spicy Guacamole
    3. Sour Cream and Onion
    4. S’mores
    5. Maple Granola
    6. Mongolian Beef/Chicken
    7. Taco
    8. Strawberry Shortcake
    9. BBQ – spicy or sweet
    10. Lime and Salsa

  • IceFenrir

    I agree with Ben’s flavours above. Great ideas!

    I’d like to add that you should do a cheddar flavour. As a Canadian, I know that most of my fellow Canucks love cheddar, and it would probably sell well here. You could put it on little crackers like Cheese Nips, or come up with your own way.

  • John

    I think something with a cinnamon/sugary blend may have a good thing going for it. With the added nutreints you put in your grub already combined with sugary goodness, come on 😀

  • Poptart

    I second the suggested ramen and beef jerky flavors. I dunno how the ramen would work out, but… that’s not the point.

    Maybe you could take the beef jerky flavor a step up and try something like small, square blocks of beef jerky coated in a crispy potato sort of coating… I’m sure it’d be full of protein, which is something we gamers need, considering how prone we are to starvation.

    I’d enjoy something kind of cake-like. Like what would happen if you took a Twinkie and filled it to bursting with Nutella and then deep fried it.

    Uh… Don’t mind me.

  • http://? Ralph

    Hi some snacks that are really awesome are coconut coated peanuts(you can get them at Asian supermarkets) so i think coconut flavored gamergrub would be good also

    CAFFEINE all gamers need it so why not make gamergrub with caffeine you could make it like red bull flavored or just add it to all gammergrub or just in to the wasabi flavor for that extra kick 😀

    what would be the best it jolt large charge creamy soda flavored gammergrub here in Australia it is one of the most popular caffeinated drinks sold at foodland (other retailers do not sell it )

  • Jon

    MMORPG Cherry Creme Cake

    Dragonslayer Spicy Nachos

    uhm…Space Marine Pretzels and cheese?

  • Philip

    Cheesecake! MMMMMM!

  • Philip

    Also, I second the mentions of Nacho.

    Also something sweet and spicy.

  • Zargon

    However it’s healthiness might be argued over, Liquorice is the best damn flavor in the world and badly needs to be represented in teh gamer grub “arsenal”. (Also, Liquorice sticks/roots by themselves are quite healthy, I think. Usually served with mounds of sugar when in candies though.)

  • Rachel

    Flavours that would be interesting enough:

    – hot chocolate and marshmallow
    – cinnamon and apple pie
    – seafood/paella/sushi
    – banoffi pie
    – wild red berries
    – custard and pineapple
    – chicken curry
    – tuna and cheese melt
    – cream cheese and bacon
    (Something pickled would be nice too but not sure what) =o)

  • WonderGamer

    Cheez Burger FTW!!!!

  • hjgj

    dill pickle

  • Jerry

    Artichoke/avocado combo. P.S. the wasabi tastes GREAT, but it might be a tad too spicy…

  • Jarrod

    My two favorite doritos flavors were a sweet lime and cheeseburger, they were experimental and unfortuently discontinued but they were awesome!!!

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/modman1234567 modman


    2.ice cream(sherbet,chocolate,strawberry)
    3.mountain dew

    How about not a flavor but a drink. You guys need to make some thing like a drink and put it in the same pouch shape like the grub(i love drinking those things while gaming i just don’t like the flavors)

  • robert

    nacho mexiacan spicy something along them lines and salt and vinigar

  • Tony

    Steak flavored? Nachos maybe. I’d like a apple too.

  • PolarBoom

    Love the PB&J! I was thinking along the lines of a Buffalo Wild Wings flavor, Chile& Lime, and deffinately agree with something a bit more on the fruit side like Pomagranite and Mango or Melon something or other. Keep up the good work, and pls try to get these things online so I can buy more! ALL YOUR GAMERGRUB ARE BELONG TO US!

  • http://www.yesterdaysgamers.ka-blamo.com/ Jeanie

    Some gamers are allergic to peanuts. Try making some gamer grub that does not have nuts or peanuts in it.

  • Dessyl

    You have a lot of the bases already. But you are missing one crucial area: solid cheesy one. Simple answer is nacho flavored.

    Also, I suggest adding a poll to your site to get a good reading on what the people want. I vote cheese/nacho

  • http://www.the-other-view.com Terry Lewis

    How about Taco or Burrito? Or if you wanna try something daring what about Cheeseburger? (beef jerky bits, cheese, tomatoes, etc) or if u wanna go crazy, what about an Elvis fav, fried peanutbutter and banana sandwich (to sit aside PB&J) :o)

  • Mando_man

    I think many of the flavors expressed are too cliche. I think that doing something out of the ordinary would be a good idea.

    However, Ramen is kind of different. I used to be lazy and add a little bit of garlic salt to crushed up Ramen, and thats pretty tasty.

    I bet if you add in a couple of your different protein ingredients with the Ramen as a carb base it would be pretty good.

    Call it Dry Soup or something, or get a deal with Ramen, it would be extremely inexpensive (99 cents per Ramen pkg) if they are making money, then think of the profit margin….

  • Joe

    I think you should consider the Nacho one for sure, or something similar to Dorritos.

    Perhaps a coffee flavored one for the late-night java heads?

    ICE CREAM. A strawberry or something fruity that would “taste healthy” would be great. Guiltless eating.

  • http://www.breakingthegame.com Dan Burch

    Apple Pie

  • Shane

    An ice cream flavor would be pretty cool. You could use bits of waffle cone, chocolate pieces, vanilla-flavored..somethings! Haha.. Or maybe even bits of freeze-dried ice cream. That would be cool.

    For something else Asia-inspired, something utilizing teriyaki would be pretty cool, or maybe arare with its soy sauce flavored additions.

    Or maybe even Hawaiian, with macadamia nuts, dried pineapple, dried mango, some chocolate..sounds yummy.

  • Ryu

    Cheese curls, spicy bread bits, etc.

    Fruit salad.
    with apple chips, golden raisins, dried pineapple, and sweet bread, possibly with some sweet vanilla cookies to bring it all together.

    Spicy bread bits, little pieces of beef jerky (the good kind, not slim jims) and tiny potato chips.

    Taco/Burrito (maybe just call it Fiesta)
    Beef Jerky, Chicken Jerky, Cheese curls, something tiny tortilla chips.

    Notice none of these employed NUTS. some people are allergic to them all together.

  • http://www.wantmidnaback.com Yadda

    I support the chocolate covered coffee beans and such idea fully; I LOVE chocolate covered espresso beans, and throw those in the chocolate flavor and that may be my new favorite.

    Also, I LOVE Gamer Grub, and would love to share it with my mom, but she’s allergic to nuts and has asthma. Could you come up with a Gamer Grub flavor for people with nut allergies?

  • Melissa

    ok…my husband loooooves mac n cheese with hotdogs…it is what we eat when we are gaming! great idea btw..just found the pizza and pb&j ones yesterday! they are really good!

  • Allen

    healthy, delicious, and tempting? sounds good.

    i got 5 flavors
    bleu cheese and hot wings
    fish (just kidding)
    sour cream and onion

  • James

    three words mah man. cheese and bacon.

  • Asrial

    Don’t know if it’s been mentioned before, but here it goes:

    Chili con carne
    With bean-flavored peas, tomato-breadsticks, chili peanuts, fried onions and beer-infused breadballs.

    Explosive dessert
    With vanilla breadballs, white and dark chocolate chips, freeze-dried sweetened raspberries and macadamia-nuts infused with caffeine.



  • Meh

    Do bacon.
    For the love of all that is snack foods, make bacon.

  • Marc

    You should make more snack without nuts

  • Chris

    you should make a nacho flavored. it would pwn. and a burrito flavored. then i could game for real

  • David

    Bacon and cheese?


    Dried bacon
    Some type of dried pepper
    Cheese curds
    Chocolate dots

    ^^^That’d be pretty good 😮

  • Ryan M

    Hmm… mabe a mexican spicey salsa or nacho cheese one. or mabe a MAC N CHEESE! Oh and one more, TURTLE

  • Ryan M


  • Ryan M


  • Italian Gamer

    Were gamers… were pretty easy to please when it come to snack time… just stick with the basics. You can pretty much rip every doritos/corn nuts/lays flavor and be set. Also work some fruit into the mix and walla u got a brand.

  • Italian Gamer

    But there are some damn good suggestions up there that you should look into.

  • Richard l

    Something caffeinated would be cool like some fruity flavor or nacho.
    I love nachoes

  • Sam

    i think Jalapeno would be a great flavor!

  • Shayna

    S’MORES FTW!!!!

  • http://wikipedia.com Jacob

    This sounds very whacky… but how about chicken?

  • http://wikipedia.com Jacob

    Oh… and beef, bacon, & this sounds more weird than before, but how about patato?

  • Roguekiller137

    For the love of all that is unhealthy, do bacon! Yes, I know it’s said up there, but maybe you can add some things like egg bits, not sure how you’d keep it fresh, but it’s an idea, or sausage pieces, to make a gamer breakfast grub pouch.

    Also, a Bold BBQ flavor would be AWESOME, it’ll be bold, while still being subtle enough for a great range of different pallets.

    Another idea would be White Cheddar, don’t know how many others enjoy this, but it’s one of my favorite cheddars. Just a few ideas :)

  • Roguekiller137

    Another idea would be bacon and chocolate, in the same pouch. It’s a good balance of sweet and salty, and it’s actually pretty damn good! :)

  • BO singh

    i have a few ideas

    ice cream


    peanut (like mixed nuts lol)

    and jerkey


  • teH ninjaH

    BACON FLAVOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<333

  • Marlon

    an energy drink flavor, something for the late night gamer, maybe amp, monster, or coffee

  • Alan

    i got a few flavor ideas
    jalapeno flavor

    bacon flavor

    bbq flavor

  • Vincent

    I think a nacho cheese flavor would be great. Maybe you should also have a lemon-lime drop sort of thing.

  • anonymous

    What rougekiller said.

  • http://? Eric

    Hot chocolate would be pro.

    N A C H O S P L A W K S. <3

  • AJ

    Cinnamon and sugar
    buffalo wing
    Those are my four cents.

  • Fred

    I think a good flavor would be either taco or ham and cheese.

  • Andrew

    hmmm Cookies and Cream flavored grub? Cheesecake flavored? you know just some dessert flavors. I think those would be good

  • http://Gaming-lessons.com Tom Taylor

    Nachos or BBQ
    something a bit more normal

  • White (last name)

    i think you guys should try either cotton candy or dill pickle flavor i know ide buy both of them

  • kevin

    how bout like a buffalo chicken flavour. and make some without nuts for those allergic gamers

  • alan

    why are people saying fruit flavors? its goin to be on nuts and goin to taste weird

  • Nick Wilson

    buffalo wings

  • kate

    I think the s’mores that Shayna Mentioned is really a good idea.

    Graham cracker bits definitely
    marshmallows (maybe some chocolate marshmallows)
    dark chocolate covered peanuts, almonds, or cashews (maybe all 3)
    cinnamon sugar covered almonds or pecans with dark chocolate bits

  • Izzy

    Hacker Habanero 😀

  • technoindigo

    A sweet chipotle lime – not overly hot, but enough kick it’s not a wimp either.

  • http://steamcommunity.com/id/mikeisonfire Mike

    nacho cheese is a must!
    or maybe nachos with some other toppings or something, like a chili flavor in there too.
    cinnamon and sugar is a good flavor too. hopefully you guys can find a way to put these flavors in!

  • Malmern

    PB & Chocolate
    Honey & salt licorice

  • Andrew

    nacho with chees and cilly

  • http://bxdlunchgames.blogspot.com/ Daray

    Indie sour fruits
    or Casual Fried foods

  • AlexKadin

    COW MEAT!!!

  • http://www.maidenarts.net Diane

    I agree that adding something with a jerky would be good. Like A General Tsao’s Chicken or Steakhouse (with steak, and veggie sides).
    I really like the PB&J though. Especially the strawberry fruit pieces. Maybe continue on with something like that. Like Fried Banana Ice Cream or Pina Colada (with pineapple, coconut, banana, etc. pieces).
    Also, to be honest, I’m not a fan of the idea of Nachos just because there’s already this big Nacho thing going on with chips. Maybe do a chip and salsa or something completely crazy like Chicago Hotdogs or Overloaded Potato.

  • http://thermaltakefan999.webs.com/# ThermaltakeFan999

    watermelon not the candy tadte but the acutaul non-artificial taste

    strawberry same as first ^


  • Farlef

    How about a Jalapeno Ranch flavor, or a chocolate peanutbutter? hmmm

  • http://nourl Lobster

    Chocolate peanut butter would be good. Nacho, or jalapeno would be good also.

  • Ben

    Make a coffee flavored one, haha

  • http://dingofanse jeremy funke

    i think you should make a bacon flavored gamer grub

  • Jonathan

    i think a smores flavor would sound pretty good and easy to make

  • The Magnificent Steiner

    I would second the ‘Cheeseburger’ flavour. Beefy, with cheese, onion, pickle and mustard elements to it.

    Also, how about some more asian varieties too, like your Wasabi flavour? Szechuan, Kimchi and plenty of Indian spices would appeal to gamers too.

  • Hannah

    Definately make ramen flavored! Beef ramen flavored, if anything.

    Why not toss in a twist too? I sometimes put soy or teriyaki sauce in my ramen (I know, it’s a lot of sodium but it’s so good), so you could try something with more Asian food condiments.

    Like one person said, chinese food flavor would be good.

    While you’re at it, try a sushi edition! With tempura sauce if you can.

    More things to think on… spagetti flavored. I also saw salsa flavored… that’d be great for the chip and dip fans.

    I like eating sunflower seeds when I game sometimes… those don’t get too tedious until I have to spit them out. Mayhaps you can try something to fix that.

    I hope to see more products soon!

  • Nicholas Wright

    Breakfast would be good, since i can eat breakfast at any time of day (or chinese/japanise hehe cant spell) like pancakes/syrup/jelly that would be perfect

  • Calvin


  • rasta

    cheeseburger, cookie dough, cheddar, butter popcorn

  • Austin


  • Steve

    well, as a gamer, my ultimate gaming food is beef jerky. If you could make like little bits of beef jerky, maybe in a smaller size or puffs that tasted like it, it would be amazing.

    And with caffeine, that would be superb. just dont over do it. 100-200mgs of caffeine per bag would be plenty.

  • the hungeryest gamer

    popcorn would be the best. i love it but so so greasy and buttery plz make sum pop corn flave!

  • Thomas

    Boston Cream Pie, with chocolate and yogurt pieces.

    It has already been said, but some kind of super spicy flavor.

    Bacon seems to be a popular flavor, but would have to be paired with something like cheddar. Or you could emulate a bacon deluxe burger and totally melt faces. FTW!

  • steven

    nachos spicy cheese yum

  • Jan Delsamo

    Here in Samoa we game hard and there aren’t enough snacks to keep up with our jandling skills. Gamergrub might be the trick, but first you’d need a flavour that appeals to us, somehting that says “jandle jandle, hey” like Tahitian Treat.

  • Das Noob

    I DEMAND Chili&Chocolate =O

  • GamaGrubDoug

    you gotta do peanut butter and chocolate (or ice cream, or all of those :D) wut goes better with peanut butter than chocolate?

  • Ron

    Here are my flavors:
    PB & chocolate
    chocolate and mint
    Cola Flavor

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/AnimatedPickel Dylan

    Something flavored like an energy drink. rockstar or monster i would but hundreds no joke

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/AnimatedPickel Dylan

    tacos sounds like a good one as well and what about sour cream and cheese like the chips

  • http://anevern.artchicks.org/ Kythera of Anevern

    How about good ol’ fashioned cheddar cheese? :]

    I’d also be in for a ranch flavor, or sour cream & onion.

  • nathan ( the little 1)

    raw lemon jelly and mango

  • nathan ( the little 1)

    good idea but not allowed 2 get any

  • d piddy

    jerky and popcorn in the same bag with ranch seasoning over the top

  • Susann

    Here’s my suggestions ( as well as seconding the ones already there )

    Ramen/ Chicken Noodles
    Taco/ Tortillas/ Nachos
    Chicken Curry/ Chicken Tikka with nan
    Full English; Egg, Bacon, Sausage, Beans, Toast, Tomato, Mushrooms (or a combination of a few of them)
    Ham and Cheese Toastie with chrisps
    Fruit Salad
    Other salad?
    Also special seasonal type ones’d be cool, turkey feast, scrambled brains for halloween, easter lamb

    thats all i can think of now, and its made me really hungry…

  • awsome man

    Definetaly these:

    Burgers and fries
    anything breakfasty
    something thats a desert
    chicken, lots of chicken =)

    I hope you agree

  • Alexis Medina

    All flavors are great I had them at a friend’s house, I would like to see fruit flavors like Strawberry-Banana, Cherry, fun flavors like those.

  • http://www.xzess.com Josh the Nightwolfx03

    Flavor ideas, if they are already listed then I cast an extra vote for them 😀

    Breakfast (like waffle or pancake)
    Apple Pie / caramel apple
    Chocolate Chip Cookie
    Peanut Blossom ( cookie )
    Hot Dog
    Cheese Sticks

    I would also go for a healthier alternative for one of my lan party hits. I know this sounds like a strange mix of flavors, but I make it at my lan parties and everyone loves it.

    It’s basically the following items all mixed together:
    Apple Jacks
    1 Bag Microwave Popcorn extra butter
    Swedish fish
    Chocolate Covered Rasins
    Fruity Pebbles

    That’s the normal mix, everyone loves it. I sometimes change it up.

  • RJ

    Idk is someone posted on it but i say bacon….or like taco, French Fry taste? Chicken? stuff that you normaly eat that would get ur hands gease… oo wat about Steak or baby back ribs??yummmmm

  • Shadow

    How about something like.. turkey with dill pickle and sweet barbecue sauce? May sound kinda funny buts uber delicious 😛

  • Vince

    Bacon and cheese flavor…mmmm

    how bout something sweet, like sweet doughnut flavor.

    How bout a bag with sweet n sour flavors mixed.

    or a BK burger flavor….

  • Christian

    Umm… *looks in fridge* I got it! Chicken pot pie! IDK I’m board lol.

  • Christian

    READ I just thought of the best flavor EVER OK here it goes:Coconut Cream!!!!!!

  • http://? douglas

    how about a classic nuts and bolts style.
    -fried cheese sticks
    -those LIFE cereal things (unsalted)
    -Bugles(the chip things)
    -pretzel sticks (not the knots)
    -peanuts optional
    -I’m pretty sure i left something out

    -finally, find some killer seasoning that makes it all taste right.

  • Jamie

    I think you guys should make a cajun flavor or how bout a jalepneo that would be awesome

  • brian

    u people havnt figured it out ….. MCDONALDS FRENCH FRIES!!!!!!!!

    i would so buy that bcuz my hands wouldnt be greasy or bacon flavor those are my opinion

  • Lydia

    I think, maybe something for the new game “War of Legends” would be Cheese and Grapes. It doesn’t sound too much like a gamers food but I think it would be good if it had a cheddar cheese flavor, with grape, and granola. Heaven.

  • James

    Some kind of fruit flavor

  • CG

    Cherry, grape… lemon.

  • Jesse Kellum

    Terriaki chicken ftw

  • Barking Cabinet

    I have a suggestion of using something along the lines of nacho of cheeseburger. Or maybe you could go more along the path of more of a energy bringer, say coffee infused cinnamon flavored snack. If you are interested E-Mal me back at lolkittehz@yahoo.com. Thanks a-lot if you accept!

  • Barking Cabinet

    lines of nacho or cheeseburger*

  • Matt

    I think you should make either nacho or taco flavor

  • Misha Peacock

    Alot of people are saying they want some kind of food as a flavor. But the fact is, gamers usually are drinking something along the lines of a soda or an energy drink. I myself would love to see a Coke flavor. But some people could want fruity flavor. So you could do maybe a Monster Energy flavor or a Venom flavor. Something along those lines. Email me if you liked this idea. Thank you. getcrunkboy703@yahoo.com

  • Rafael

    Root beer float

  • PhaZeFX

    Cheeseburger flavour, or possibly Chicken Caesadilla. Just an idea :3

  • lmac20

    You should have Buffalo Wing flavor

  • http://gamergrub.com/blog/2008/09/got-flavor-ideas/#comments ieattomuch

    Iv been around foods and seems to me that me & my gamer friends are into the bbq chips and jerky type stuff. if u could some how combined the two i think u would really come up with somthing good?

  • http://gamergrub.com/blog/2008/09/got-flavor-ideas/#comments BARBEQUE


  • http://gamergrub.com/blog/2008/09/got-flavor-ideas/#comments BBQROCKS


  • Tyler

    -Cookie Dough
    -WHITE Chocolate
    -French Fries
    -Lemon Lime
    -Red Bull

  • Kevin DeRosa

    you have to make one for cheese fries dude their the best

  • Short&Hungry

    i got a few good ideas 4 flavors:
    -cake(any kind
    -agreeing wit othr ppl on these falvors:
    nacho, beef jreky, a lil skeptical on the ramen but still a good idea
    nd any kind of energy drink(red bull, jolt, AMP, vault,etc.) a flavor that i rly want 2 see tho is steak nd cheese another good one tha i want 2 see is honey/buffalo chicken

  • Taylor

    cheeseberger flavor with ketchup

  • PlasmaBeast

    Their should be a cinnamon brown sugar flavor. That’s different than the flavors you have now and it would taste awesome!

  • Malik

    Make a fruit combination like
    “Strawberry Watermelon twist”

    or something sour like
    “Lemon Lime Xtreme”

    something Limited Edition like
    “Gamer’s Golden Fury”
    (could taste like ice cream, but you decide)

    If you like any of these ideas feel free to send a Email to: GH3rocker1995@yahoo.com

  • quid

    How about Mexican Fiesta? I can imagine….nacho-flavored pita chips (or simply nachos), taco-flavored cashews….

  • kyle bird

    Maybe some fruit flavors? like have some sweeter fruits like strawberries and watermelons, but contrast them with a lemon flavor or lime. I believe that would give a nice rounded taste.

  • Bruce Lee

    Ninja Flavor!

    Basically some delicious asian flavored dishes made into a tiny kick ass product.

    Teriyaki should be one of its main flavors due to its popularity and delicious sweet/salty mix.




  • Danny

    make a cotton candy flavour that would be awsome

  • Daniel

    You should make :

    Bacon & EGG


    Custard cream flavour

  • Chandler

    salt and vinegar



  • Tyler

    How about Sour Cream and Onion

  • Julien

    and maybe something like Coffee

  • Eddie

    You should make a RootBeer flavored grub. You know everyone craves rootbeer now and then also another one could be Vanilla Icecream flavored grub.

  • http://Rada ILL x Merkz

    you should make a TACO flavoured gamer grub snack sounds interesting and i would hopefully like to try it one day

  • http://Rada ILL x Merkz

    Beeeff Jerkey sounds delicious and pretty hard to make u should try to make that or at least attempt this anyway

  • http://Rada ILL x Merkz

    now im hungry for some waffles

  • http://Rada ILL x Merkz

    and chicken!!

  • http://l96a1.yolasite.com luke

    uurrrm . . . chocolate fudge cake 😀

  • Esteban

    maybe mountain dew would be a cool flavor.

  • cyclone21x


    – Sour Cream and Chives
    – Cheese and Bacon
    – Tropical Fruits( Mango, Passionfruit etc.)
    – Melon (Watermelon, Rockmelon Honeydew)
    – Nachos
    – Call of Duty ( Chilli , basil or something with a bit of spice)
    – Mexican
    – Very Berry
    – Chicken (Soy, BBQ and Satay)
    – Meatursarus (Jerky and BBBQ flavors)

  • Jules

    honey garlic wings

  • Gray

    Mexican Chili and Lemon

  • Ridgley Williams

    You should make a mix/flavor for different types of game genres. Like FPS mix, RTS mix, RPG mix, Action/Adventure mix, Etc.

  • landon

    how about some mango, or some apple flavors?

  • Brett

    Please do something without nuts that is like nut free. because there is LOTS of people with nut allergies

  • meatwithmaters

    Ok so i was thinking about lime a barbeque ribs or something. i Would buy that.

  • Masq

    I had a few flavor ideas but some may be difficult if not impossible to pull off. These are just some basic ideas but:

    Nacho Cheese (Or maybe just spicey nacho. I can’t figure out how you’d make cheese safe for a keyboard…)

    Cool Ranch

    I imagine the no nut people could eat something like maybe a berry mix with sunflower seeds…? Or maybe those are nuts too… it’s hard to live without protien of some sort but there’s not much protien that is “crumbless and greaseless” …

  • Michael

    You could have some kind of flavor called Winter Mint.

    Basically a white chocolate mint blend with nuts ect in it.

  • rfcNumber1

    you should make something like:

    chicken tikka
    chicken stir fry
    chicken combo
    steak and chips
    bacon roll
    fish and chips with brown sauce

  • lance

    how about some chillycheesefries flavor


    you could try


  • http://www.youtube.com/user/eXerTzSnipingClan Joe Price

    I Suggest:
    Onion Bhaji
    Fish And Chips
    Cheesy Bread

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/eXerTzSnipingClan Joe Price

    Onion Bhaji
    Fish And Chips
    Garlic Bread
    Spagetti Bolenase
    Roast Dinner
    Chicken Tikka
    (Beef & Chicken) Fajita

  • c and c

    ice cream

  • Jesse

    I’ve been thinking, what about a Garlic & Herb or Cheddar flavor? I’m enjoying your PB&J right now, and I just think that it’s a bit too sweet, and Pizza just sounded over-the-top. Having tried many trail mixes and seasoned snacks, and attended the Gilroy Garlic Festival three times, I might be a bit biased…

  • J & K

    1. 3 Cheese
    2. Kimchi

  • Brian

    Zesty nacho flavor would be good, because i love eating doritos while gaming but hate wiping my fingers!

  • XxXMr AnglerXxX

    Ok guys whats up with all the random stuff your trying to get used like Tuna???? not cool guys ok but…..back to My Idea and my speach lol..

    Ok i tried gamer Grub for the first time 2 weeks ago and i fell in Love with the product i mean gosh its so amazing… But yah ideas!

    Thanks For Reading!

  • Mary Perry

    i think you should make cookie dough!

  • nate

    how about you get permission (or a sponser) from burger king and do like fries with ketchup and stuff like that. shouldnt be too hard. they’ve already made potato chips with those flavors lol.

  • nate

    oh, also how about drinks. at least the pizza one contains plenty salt. you could do like potions and elixrs and phoenix downs and antidotes dumb things like that for like rpg gamers.

  • Michael

    Does this food contain MSG? if so i can’t eat it :(

  • CoD4 PC VET


    Banana Split
    Whipped cream and strawberries/cherries/ect
    Bannoffee Pie
    Cookies and cream
    Chilly Beef Ramen
    Chao mein
    Fruit Salad


    Mashed Potatoes and Gravy
    Meditteranean salad
    Seasoned Steak and chips
    Pancakes and Syrup with sausage
    Mountain dew / cream soda
    Lemon and Lime



  • Artichazeh

    A Garlic Chex-mixie flavor would be nice and a Salsa and cheese one.. Vinager and sea salt, Teriyaki, Chili flavored would be really nice.. and for the love of god.. somthing with mashpotatoes and bacon..

  • Daniel Lundquist

    OMG no one has thought of Pancake or Waffle, and then after having the pancakes get another pack of toppings, like a strawberry one a caramel one and a chocolate one, this way you guys get more as the consumer will be buying 2 packs not just one and the consumer will be happy as he has freedom of choice in which he can choose, this can be majorly extended further.

  • ARad

    My Awesome Flavor Ideas:


    *Taco/Mexican (not the same as nachos)

    *Berry (I know we could just get fruit snacks, but you have that special science-y stuff, and you’re guarenteed some customers. Just throw in several different berries)

    I’m having a surprising lapse in the ideas at the moment, but I’ll keep thinking…

  • Jeremy Knudson

    What about a cheese flavor? I was excpeting there to already be one. 😛

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/MidnightAssassins5 midnightsghost

    i think
    ranch is a good one
    and buffalo like spicy like buffalo wing flavor like a super spicy one like hot cheetos flavor like spicy and stuff that really popular so some type of chili or spcie or something like flaming hot cheetos sell a lot because of there spice

  • Stavros T


  • spencer

    I think yall should make HOT WINGS a flavor..

  • Ian

    Why’d you drop chocolate and wasabi? Couldn’t you have 6 flavors?

  • CherryGarcia13islucky

    How bout Chili pepper and lime that would be a great flavor. Jerry Garcia FIESTA!

  • Daniel Wainwright

    I had this drink the other day, and it used guava’s. It was a really origional taste.
    I think that you should make some guava gamer grub because it is an origional flavour so many people would like to try it out and LOVE IT!!!

  • Lester The Melester cockinsmash

    Fries and chicken strips and hamburgers would be a good one :)

  • http://youtube.com/havokgraphicz Chase

    SALT AND VINEGAR!!!!!! (:

  • Jake

    I think you should do “hot” like spicy ones really… Also, maybe try Hamburger or cheeseburger. Just other popular foods too 😛

  • http://mazinginfo.com/motoculteur.html motoculteur

    this is exactly what i was looking for thanks to Google i was able to land on your blog easily

  • dora the explorer

    i think hamburger,ice cream,french fries,chesse sticks,taco,poptart,

  • eric

    nachos, seriously.

  • http://youtube.com/civiclover1234friemd Tristan

    I would really like some buffalo flavor gamer grub!!!!!

  • ray

    how about ranch.

  • Tyler Meador

    Chicken Nuggets with Ketchup.
    Hot Wings
    Cheese Sticks
    Onion Rings
    Hot Dog

  • Alex

    omg thease are my epic ideas
    strawbery cheese cake
    big mac
    turkey and gravy
    monster enery drink
    coca cola
    orange dream pop
    nacho strawberry banna smoothie
    chicken stir fry
    cookie dough

  • Keanu

    Sour cream N’ onion

  • Vortex Alchemist


    White chocolate

    and one flavor that has bothered me with greasy fingers for a long time: Chicken


  • Austin

    Ok i thought of a great idea… every gammer i know eats them, and there fucking amazing i always have a spare 2 bags….


    dooo iitttt

  • http://the_legend_thriller@hotmail.com israelQ

    Romen flavored. or maybe taco flavored.

  • Anthony

    this would be an awesome flavor BBQ ribs

  • Johnson

    Cheddar Cheese

  • Matthew

    Hey try Butterscotch!

  • Edward Gransaull

    Strawberries and Cream

  • Nathan

    Buffalo Wings and Blue cheese or Ranch. Nacho flavor would be a good too.

  • Monkeyman135

    Bacon… nuff’ said

  • jacob ellis

    sour cream and onion!!!

  • Grant

    jalapeno or something that would tast like Andy Capp’s Hot Fries

  • Dan

    Here are my favorite ideas:



    sour cream and onion

    cheese Burger

    (if combos can do it, than you can do it better)

  • Ian


    Pancakes and syrup
    French toast
    Bacon and eggs

  • Dylan


  • Greg H

    Caribbean Jerked Chicken
    Garden Salsa
    Tomato and Basil
    Cajun Gumbo

  • michael

    buffalo wings



    cheesecake 😀

    thanksgiving flavor

    sweet n’ salty

  • Josh

    A buffalo wing flavor would be awsome!

  • alex chernykh

    this is probably stupid but a salad flavor would be awesome

  • AlphaDoomWolf

    the only thing i really crave while gaming is:

    Somthin’ Spicy
    Chips & Salsa

  • Jordan Moye

    Taco or Sweet and Sour Chicken. MEXICO AND CHINA FTW!!!!

  • garret

    you should do steak and bbq sauce

  • Matt

    Here’s a list of flavors i think would be interesting:
    -Banana Split
    -Something with cinnamon
    -Caramel Apple?
    -Tropical Fruit?
    idk. sweet sounds yummy when i’m gaming

  • Brandon

    I am hoping for some thing like a Mexican food flavor or something like chicken or beef. P.S.it would be sweet if you guys made a line of sodas or energy drinks that doesn’t taste disgusting since every other energy drink out there just tastes to sweet to sour or just to dang strong

  • Tyler

    Make neapolitan flavor. Either that or you could try a chicken wing flavor

  • Tyler Madden

    Eggs and Bacon, Ranch twisted with a Spicy Flavor, Cheese Burger.

  • Tyler Madden

    i forgot 2 others Chicken, Turkey Mashed Potatoes n Gravey – Jones Soda can do it so can u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ruben

    Try to think of what every gamer eats when playing.. i always eat Fries, Burgers, Or Tacos :)

  • Nate

    Bacon, Cheddar Ranch sounds like a good flavor.

  • Travis


  • Mason Maloy

    What about Classic Chilly?

  • eliasleo

    lasagna ? or…bacon ! or.. pancakes ?.. idk i only hope that i can buy them in europe some day

  • lion

    tuna salad/tuna


    pina colada

  • Stephen

    umm, ranch, some sort of spicy flavor, root beer, popcorn, coffee, cherry, grape, apple, if i think of more ill post again

  • Sky

    Strawberry Shortcake? Oreo? Breakfest? Eggs..Bancon..Pancakes?

  • Bruce

    i was wondering if you could make something that had no artificial preservatives because i have allergies and i don’t wanna fall to the ground and go into anofolactic shock while im about to get a nuke on mw2

  • andy

    what about lobster

  • Evan Parshall

    maybe like a strawberry banana flavor?

  • Kenneth

    I think you guys should make a BLT flavor. This would be a good flavor to design because it is personally one of MY favorite sandwiches. I’m sure many other consumers will like this as well.

  • http://youtube.com/mudkip25 Theodore Conlu

    I think you guys should make these flavors:

    Bacon (Bacon Bits)
    Cheese and Crackers
    Wasabi (Bring it back please)
    Seaweed (Japanese Furikake)
    Dry Noodles (Crumbled Ramen Noodles)
    Mochi (Oishii desu!)
    Mac & Cheese
    Ice Cream (Probably melt lol)
    Beans on Toast (Lara Croft’s fav)
    Mushrooms? (Not really)
    Chicken Nuggets
    Tacos (But a spicy version)

  • Cogzwell

    Honey wings

    Sour cream and onion, this would be flavored over the usual nuts and crackers so forth


  • Cogzwell

    oh yeah and Steak Sauce and Shake and Bake

  • John

    Takoyaki flavor sounds nice…don’t you think?

  • Mike

    Banana Split

  • Tyler

    a soda flavored pack?
    like it includes root beer, pepsi, coca-cola, and mountain dew all in one bag.

  • Evan Parshall

    cinnamon roll maybe

  • http://techfreakswords.blogspot.com/ Tanim

    okay well ima tech geek. whenever the newest tech comes out i have to have it. so yes i game alot. im not a “hardcore” gamer but more of the moderate gamer. but i still have getting up from my computer desk or my game chair when i want a snack. i cant eat any type of nut dude to my allergies i cant eat peanut or any kind of nut. so how about a BBq chicken snack or roast beef some kinda chicken snack or bite sized nacho cheese snack. oh and check out my blog. i havent had time to update it cause ive been working on launchicng a site with my friend. but ill update it soon. thanks for reading.

  • Mikey J

    I think a GREAT flavor would be Mountain Dew!I know its a longshot, but I believe that would be a big seller. Especially in the gaming community.

  • TJ

    Bacon % Cheese Fries?

  • brandon

    umm its so hard to choose with all of the foods in the world so ill go with ice cream, pies (any type really), bacon bits(no the dog version LOL),chicken alfredo, cookies, orange chicken,

  • Rebecca

    I honestly think a seafood flavored one could be quite interesting. I know there’s shrimp chips out there, why not something that has that with some bay seasoning, some sort of potato (fish and chips, anyone?), make it something savory.

  • emmdubya

    I definitely support the bacon idea, in addition to wasabi.

  • http://www.tanyabrody.com Tanya Brody

    I have to say that when I saw GamerGrub on the shelf at my local computer box store today I realized that our marketing techniques and opinions about life had turned a major corner.

    My flavor suggestion is “Asian Fusion” and I recommend the ingredients of a seaweed flake or sheet (cut up), rice snack crackers, wasabi peas, and soy nuts.

    Good luck and I have to say, I think you guys are totally cool!

    Tanya Brody

  • Dennis

    i would say a bacon flavour cuz everyone loves bacon =]

  • Seth Kalapp

    Bacon sounds nice, although I enjoy the sweeter varieties.

    Maybe a cupcake flavor? The guys at ThinkGeek made cupcake mints. Maybe contact them?

  • Brandon

    Maybe a patato chip flavor.
    Icecream flavor
    That would be cool!

  • theron

    nachos definitely

  • Marco gomez

    you should do a cheddar jalapeno flavor! or a chipotle flavor! i love spicy!

  • Marco gomez

    Buffalo ranch!
    Sour cream and onion?!?!?
    sundae flavor
    ice cream
    bubble gum
    chili fries!!(flavor)

  • Wayson

    Bacon or pie. Bacon pie?

  • jack

    a bacon flavor a fries flavor, or a cupcake flavor

  • http://www.enjoysnipers.webs.com Dan Meltzer

    Nacho Flavor!
    Spicy Salsa!
    Buffalo Chicken Flavor!
    Sour Cream and Onion Flavor!
    Chilli Cheese Fries Flavor!
    Ice Cream!!

  • Zhoroth

    Apple Pie, perhaps?
    Cherry Pie?
    Vanilla Milkshake?
    Whoopie Pie?

  • http://gamerchefgourmet.blogspot.com Gamer, Chef, Gourmet

    Smoothie (with yogurt covered dried fruits and stuff)
    mocha (chocolate and coffe)
    Chocolate caramel nut
    peppermint bark
    maybe pumpkin pie and such for fall
    christmas flavors for christmas (christmas cookie, etc)
    bacon jalapeno cheeseburger

  • biily

    I DEIFNATELY want to see some cheese experimenting you could make just plain cheese crackers, maybe try grilled cheese, or heck, try going fancy with some cheesy garlic bread and maybe try pasta with a marinara and parmesan favor

    on the dessert side you should try:
    -strawberry cheescake
    -comsompolitan ice cream (vanila strawberry and choclate ice cream)
    -fudge brownies
    -apple cobbler

  • Dan

    cookie/brownie and apple pie would be great.

  • warren davis

    bacon cheese burger. it could include things like a beef jerky chunks cheese crackers like cheeze its bacon bits and bagel chips.

  • http://www.gamergrub.com Keith, GG Founder

    PNT just called and said they want Cookies & Cream GG

  • Captain Obvious

    If anyone were actually reading this there would be a nut free nacho flavor by now.

  • ThatOnEdUde

    Nacho cheese
    Buffalo chicken
    fish and chips
    mac and cheese
    General Tsos Chicken

  • Cindy

    totally make a 4th of july flavor that has beef jerky,pork jerky,wheat crisp,patato fry crisps,and buffalo chicken jerky

  • Smatty x

    Original flavours such as Fruit Mix.

  • Tristan

    Something nut free(some people like me have allergies).

  • IwAnTgAmEeRgUB

    like a hot cheeto flavor or any spicy chile pepper taste

  • Alex

    How bout something like Funions those are really good.

  • tyler

    nachos and tacos 😀 and for morning gamers something like cereal

  • Kayla Baldwin

    Chicken Bacon Ranch:

    Ranch flavored chicken jerkey
    Bacon chips/Bacon Jerkey
    Ranch flavored Bread Sticks
    Ranch Pita Chips

    DONE! 😀

    How about some recognition for the table-top RPG gamers!! Got my 20 sider right here! 😀 D&D FTW!

  • spod

    Roast chicken
    fruity yogurt drops

    definitely would like more savoury options.

  • Luis Ortega

    PIE FLAVORS! i’m thinking pecan pie or pumpkin pie for the upcomming holiday (or for anyone who likes pumpkin) Yogurt bits or sorta like a fruit salad with dired fruit and sunflower seeds or penuts or almonds 😀

  • http://youtube.com/injproductions Noah

    I think Taco Flavor would be really good.

  • patrick

    how about something sour? like maybe margarita or fruity sours.

  • robert

    hot wings flavor

  • Anikko

    id really want to see you make ice cream gamer grub!! oh and chicken and most definitely steak tasting grub or something around and strawberrys

  • George

    I think cheeseburger flavor would be awesome.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/DrAzTiKPRIME Cord Hearst

    1: Nacho’s
    2: Cheese Burger
    3: Steak
    4: Sour Drops

  • Cody Buermann

    Mac and Cheese
    Beef Jerky

  • cor cor the baby dragon

    steak and potatoes
    clam chowder
    lunch-meat sandwich?

  • Brian Donnelly

    ever try to eat ice cream while gaming? cold hands, and sticky mess if it spills. why not some ice cream flavors?

    hot fudge sundae: fudge chunks, dried cherry bits, vanilla flavored marshmallows, and almond bits.

    banana split: dried banana crisps, dried cherry bits, chocolate chips, dried strawberry bits, fudge chunks.

    chocolate mint: peppermint peices, chocolate chips, mint flavored malt balls.

    wether you almighty snack creators use any flavors like this or not is up to you. and if you dont well, at least there is still the excellent flavors that you have out already.

    this is just a idea for us hard ps3 and xbox 360 gamers that like a cold treat while gaming, and are too busy to use a spoon.

  • zach


    buffalo chicken


    bacon ranch


    look at dorito flavors

  • Samuel

    southern fried chicken

    chocolate fudge brownies

    something everybody likes?

  • steven kofahl

    Taco, Fruit, Cool Ranch

  • Jake

    Spicy Sweet Chili

    Nomnomnomnomnom… DELICIOUS!

  • Jake

    Blackberry pie would be awesome aswell

  • Jonathan

    Bacon cheeseburger

  • Marco Gomez

    You should make spicy flavors like
    jalepeno Cheddar!

  • Levi

    I think it’s a no-brainer to make ice cream or ice cream sundae a flavor, and some others i would like are nachos,cereal (a milky flavor with some cereal flavor), and lastly beef jerkey

  • Youtube iiAmNeSiAii

    Sumthin reallly cheesy
    Sumthin reallly sour/candy
    Sumthin reallly meatish?

  • sydney

    Jalapeno cheddar would be really cool. With little cheese puff type things and jalapeno chips. But the problem with that would be finding things other than those things for the mix.

    Or burrito flavor.

  • sydney

    Actually, key lime pie flavor would be really interesting too and it would probably taste amazing and it could have littler lime chips and pie crust pieces 😀

  • http://gamergrub.com/blog/2008/09/got-flavor-ideas/?cp=9#comments tim

    how about a garlic flavor

  • Jimmy

    Choc Chip Cookie = )

  • Mike

    BACON!!!! Everyone loves bacon! It’s perfect! You could even make it Bacon Cheeseburger, but it’s actually BAAAAAAAAACONNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.youtube.com/MaPPaCK1 jordan stewart

    why dont you make a gamer energy drink to go with the gamer grub that would be the bees knees

    try it…it might work

  • http://Smorenoonuts Louis Vuong

    Why wont you make smore without any nuts i freaking allergic to nuts and dying to have does precious awesome stuff……. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and make Fudge Chocolate, or mint flavor….even Bacon and Cheddor flavor!!!

  • http://www.youtube.com/EvanArmageddon Evan

    Cheeseburger,Neapolitan (chocolate,vanilla,stawberry), Breakfast,Ranch,Taco

  • brock

    Bacon or salsa

  • tonkatank

    grub idea
    quesidilla: chicken jerky, pretzel bits w/jalepino flavoring, queso pellets

    product idea
    drinks: gatorade with carbonation
    flavors: fruit punch, lemon lime, grape, blue rasberry
    name: gamer glug

    special edition grub
    WoW:murloc(shrimp), tauren(steak), gryphon(chicken)
    cod:akimbo(terriyaki), bling(icecream), nuke(SUPERSPICY)
    mario:luigi(alfredo), goomba(brownie), fireflower(SUPER SPICY)
    hope you like 😉

  • Austin

    How about Apple Pie? Lots of people love apple pie.

  • Leah

    Cookie dough ice cream cone!

  • Sonic The Hedgehog

    Maybe chili-cheesedog or Fruit flavors. Like bananas, apples, kiwis, and strawberries.

  • Dylan

    Spicy nahco cheese

  • Patrick

    Oreo! or another cookie flavor. and maybe nacho cheese flavor

  • Paul

    Nachos chips and salsa

  • Rocky Beebe

    some sort of Nacho flavor:

    cheese bites, chips, spicy salsa bites…

  • Chris

    bacon cheese burger
    sweet n salty
    Chinese food

  • yea…

    hot wings there awsome

  • http://friendofzondas jaydog

    popcorn, sweet, salted and toffee, all in one, BAM! it has potencial. have you ever sat at home eating popcorn and find it irritating that you have to take hand full from three different bags? Well now you dont with gamer grubs amazing mixed popcorn!!!!!! zonda <3

  • ryan

    tropical flavor
    mint chocolate ship
    any ice cream flavor

  • http://www.youtube.com/users/swordmaster97 josh

    hey awsome stuff keep up da good work and i think u should make like soda flavors for ur gamer grub like lemon lime or cherry or maybe even root beer :)

  • http://www.minecraft.net Alex

    Make A Halo Reach Flavor!

  • tom

    cookie dough

  • michael

    doner kebab flavor.
    lasagna flavor.
    frikandel flavor (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frikandel)
    kfc flavor.

    that is all.

  • http://lovegamergrub hayden S

    hey i thought of this great idea 4 a new kind of gamer grub i have 2 ideas Number 1 is nachos and chesse with salsa and nuber 2 is ceral and mile with little chocalte pieces in them i would love it and my friends would to <3 and this also might not be the right address on my email so if you think i could get in in the gamer action and send me some ever send me a message 4 my right and new address because i moved and its my old email thx>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Kainslasher

    Taco/burrito flavor,
    tropical Fruit,
    PBJ is nice, but Peanut Butter and Chocolate would be awesome,

    Ice Cream flavors like:
    Mint chocolate chip,

    All of these I think would sell nicely…If you could partner with MARS candy I’m sure they’d let you do a snickers flavor as well

  • Jaime

    you should make tropical, citrus, or caramel.

  • http://facebook.com/brookesazombie Brooke

    a fruit gamer grub would be awesome.

  • Chris

    Id like to see a jalapeno nacho style grub, that would be awesome!

  • Charles

    i say u should make a fruit one because i hate having to cut an apple or stop playing to peel an orange plus a lot of people like fruit

  • Brandon

    I tried your pizza flavor at E3 last year and it rocked my world. I’ve been pining for it ever since and now I’m finally ordering a lot. If you ever made a teriyaki flavor, I’d probably stop eating normal food.

  • Shane

    I definately would like to see any of the following:
    jalapeno ranch
    sweet onion teriyaki
    fruit (just agreeing with other people on the fruit one)
    thanks for making this stuff guys, keep up the great work.

  • lindsey

    u should made a ramen flavor!! 0_o

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/xVLoGiikGamerZzVx Darnell

    You should make

    A fruit mix
    Tangy Cheese and onion
    spicy Chilli con carne
    Sweet chilli Teriyaki
    Beef jerky flavor
    Hot spicy chilli flavor
    Oriental mix
    Vegetarian mix

    any of these well settle my taste buds :)

  • http://youtube.com/ivjenn Jennifer

    I’m a girl gamer and i love sweet stuff and especially chocolate. You should definitely make smoothie flavored packs like chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, fruit etc. (maybe in yogurt balls?) plus it’ll answer all those fruit comments!

  • Edwin

    I never got the chance to try the Wasabi flavor :( very discouraging.

  • Ryan

    You should make a ranch flavor, a chocolate flavor, a cinnamon apple flavor, a nacho cheese flavor, or a pickle flavor(Kind of like pickle chips)

  • Andrew

    Maybe you could make something like a fusion like what Doritos did when they had like ranch and buffalo wing flavors in the same bag. Or you could make a chili flavor. Sweet and spicy.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/HomoHabilisGaming?feature=mhum Andy

    super cheese
    Beef jerky
    Bacon and cheese
    meat ball

  • Howler_2007

    Buffalo Chicken Flavor

  • Nathaniel

    Flavors that wood be Kool are…

    Fruit smoothie



    And another Kool idea wood be…

    Gummi Gamer Grub!

  • Samson

    Say are you going to use the flavor taco

  • zachary


  • bruno

    A cool flavor would be nuggets, fries and hamburgers.

  • joe shmo

    i would appreciate a smoothie flavor like bananas and strawberries.

  • Jake

    For a sweet flavor, Apple Pie.
    for a spicy flavor, Buffalo Wings 😀

  • Jake

    Nacho cheese and/or Spicy nacho…
    lots of people have been asking for nacho flavor, therefor, because of community opinion, you must make it 😀

  • Reed

    I dig bacon and cheese loaded fries XD and Spicy Jalepeno Nachos would be great flavors

  • Samantha

    Teriyaki flavor!! orrrr like fruit i like eating like bananas, apples, and mangos while gaming so that would be amazing if you could do either one of those

  • James

    I like spicy snacks Somthin like jalapino cheddar would be awesome but I like the fruit idea to I always have a bag of frozen mango chunks while playing something

  • http://kopeace22@gmail.com Kevin

    I work at a frozen yogurt shop and we gOt some crazy flavors but here they r qnd yall might want to use sOme for the fruit ideas: watermelon, kiwi stawberry, fancy french vanilla, red velet cake, coconut, pineapple, blackberry, banana, chocolate, peanut butter, blue berry, cookies And cream, praline( rly good stuff) strAwberry, cheesecake…. A few others too, email me if you would like me to write all of the possible flavors id love to help and i actually havnt had yalls products yet b/c i cant find them anywhere And dont like to order online, but ill keep lookin.

  • http://www.overklocked.com Tim

    I would love a Spicy-ish Flavor, or Nacho style flavor.

    Also it would be great if you made another flavor that doesn’t include nuts as a base ingredient. I know lots of people are allergic, and I’m not a big fan of nuts.

    I find myself eating a lot of Smores, because it doesn’t have nuts, but it would be great to have a flavor that snot as sweet, without nuts in it.

  • brian foley

    a few flavors:
    jalapeno cheese or nacho
    Buffalo wing, buffalo wing, and oh yeah, i forgot, buffalo wing
    steak (it would be epic to pour steak sauce in and shake)

  • Alex

    You should make these flavors
    Buffalo Chicken
    Plain Chicken Flavor
    Cheesy Mix
    Smoothie Mixes Like Strwberry, Banana, Orange etc

  • Jacob Parkhurst

    Hey GamerGrub, try these flavors on for size :)

    -Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
    -Cotton Candy
    -Chicken Wing (I dont say “buffalo wing” because I live in Buffalo)

  • thomas sky

    -chines food

  • http://trytheese eli

    -FRENCH FRIEYS -BERGER -bacon -sushi -burrito -Teriyaki flavor – cinnamon roll flavored

  • http://xss dj

    make nachos

  • tan


  • Jaina McGregor

    Definitely a sweet variety like those mentioned earlier. Maybe even throw in some “holiday” flavors like candy corn, caramel apple, apple pie, and/or peppermint?

  • daniel

    im sure SOME people will like this flavor so i was thinking of a steak flavor. also maybe for a desert flavor their could be triple chocolate for those chocaholic’s like me.

  • Tyler

    a nacho cheese would be amazing:)

  • Bryan

    you shold make themed flavores like

    bubblegum flavor

    mango fruit mix flavore

    spaggatie flavore

    nacho flavore

    and PANCAKE flavore deffinently pancake

    waffale flavore

    and penut butter flavore

  • http://Baidnfkb Mac

    for people that don’t want to tempt at spilling their energy drinks you could make a Monster or any other energy drink flavor with caffine

  • Johnpaul

    With TES5: Skyrim coming out, you should make a spicy Gamer Grub to go along with the fire breathing beasts we’ll be spending 300+ gaming hours slaying!

    Also, a Worcestershire and Steak flavored Gamer Grub would KILL here in the southern states.

    I agree with other comments on the sweet onion teriyaki Gamer Grub as well.

  • JakeLoranger

    Hmm, well you COULD make….

    Sour cream and onion
    Jalapeno nachos
    Kung pao chicken
    Monster (energy drink)
    Stir fry
    Sweet onion teriaki

  • JakeLoranger

    Buffalo wing

  • Cindijo

    Fruit Smoothies like the others said and especially Pina Colada

  • Janis


  • Mikus


  • http://higadattack.blogspot.com othellorey

    Gouty Gamer. Non-purine. No uric acid. Got any like thise?

  • Barbie

    I would like to see popcorn, because real popcorn is way too greasy

  • Richard

    Get the wasabi going the people who like it will love it and i will order a lifetime supply haha. but seriously like a salty wasabi would be a dream.

  • gamerx

    i think a great idea would be cheeseburger or chips and salsa i hate accidently splashing salsa on my PS3 controller while playing madden. another idea is taco flavor.

  • gamerx

    I also like the idea of Buffalo wings flavor(aimed at sports gamers like me)

  • game rx

    i like the idea of a fudge browine with nuts and ice cream flavor and soda flavors

  • gamer x

    you guys seriously need sports gamer oriented stuff

    chicken wing
    sour cream and chips
    chili cheese dogs

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    obviously like your website but you need to test the spelling on quite a few of your posts. Many of them are rife with spelling problems and I find it very troublesome to inform the reality however I will certainly come again again.

  • kieranthegamer

    chocolate cake or dounut

  • TJ7967

    Nacho Flavour! Also maybe steer towards not adding nuts in every flavour. People like me who are allergic to 2 out of 4 flavours, wont have as much to choose from, and therefore may not buy your snack. Nacho!

  • Josh Breakstone

    I like the idea of a breakfast one and a cheeseburger or an ice cream sundae or other dessert one. Also (even though I’m not allergic to peanuts) some peanut free ones are good too.

  • kkr

    i think a breakfast lunch and dinner one should be made

  • pingpong1455

    There so needs to be some sort of root bear float flavor i think that would be a winner all around for everyone

  • http://regvf pingpongfui

    You guys have alot of great flavors right? Most of them are fast paced fps and sports game oriented well how about you make a flavor people already love the food version like energy drink flavor and use skittle like candys as energy pellets because what true gamer doesnt have a nice cold monster or amp next to them while gaming, or you can make a flavor that people are in the middle of a nuke streak in a hot game of domination and they just cant get up to grab some lunch, you can make a bacon burger flavor with smoked bacon bits, cheese curls, and perhaps some barbequed beef flavored nuts in it. in my opinion these flavors would go over great

  • Silverrecluse



    Chicken wings

  • Patrick

    you guys should make a buffalo flavor or cheese.

  • Hungry Gamer

    I reckon a sour flavour would be a hit. maybe even a coffee flavour

  • omega428

    taco flavor don’t use nuts as much but im not allergic i just dont like em

  • Nick

    I just got PB&J, Pizza, and BBQ. They were GREAT. Flavors that would be nice are:

    Ice Cream
    Hot Dog
    Ravioli or Pasta
    Shake or Smoothie
    Doritos or Nachos
    and more I cant really think of.

  • Wade

    We really need a Smoothie flavor and a Sour flavor.

  • Redman88

    Cookie Dough Would be great

  • David

    Make a cheesy taco flavor 😉 and maybe a jalapeno cheddar or jalapeno popper..

  • Cassie

    Umm hello! I am 11 years old and I think that you should make fruit salad, candy, fudge,peanut lovers, bubblegum, cotton candy, and jalapeño flavored GG cause there really isn’t much variety if you think about it. Thx!

  • Fay

    DEFINITELY Buffalo Wing flavor, that would be awesome, and japaleno nacho of course, and I’m with the surprisingly large group of people who want a fruit flavor one, fruit is always good. Someone mentioned an unusual flavor, but one that I think would be really good, and that’s chicken curry. Also, ramen flavor would be pretty good too.

  • Kevin

    A tropical trail-mix would be awesome; throw in some raisins and small pieces of banana chips, with fruit flavoring.

  • Kevin

    Buffalo/Bleu Cheese

  • Puppy Sandwich

    I’d like one flavoured like my usual meal – steak, waffles french fries, and of course scotch – so that I could enjoy it in my AquaJet 9000.

  • rathmoon

    Rathmoon suggests Chicken Teriyaki with Brown Rice. PURE PWN RIGHT THERE

  • Kevin

    You should add a non peanut for each type of grub.

  • Ej Dimapan

    It’s just an idea ORANGE CHICKEN or NAAAAACHOOOOOO or chicken n waffles

  • Grayson

    What about breakfast, it could have pancake or waffle flavors, maybe even bacon or eggs and orange juice or possibly fruit punch,

  • Lloyd Davies

    Nachos,Soda or Ice Cream Sundae

  • Nelson

    I think you should have a popcorn flavor, a nacho flavor with NO NUTS so that people who are allergic can have them.

  • http://ThinkGeek Ryno



    French Toast

    Supreme Pizza

    Cheese Pizza

    Sour Cream & Onion

    Garlic cheddar

  • Josh

    I think it’d be a good idea to have some form of caffeinated flavour, keep gamers up for continuous games of Civilization V and so on. I love the idea of being able to eat at my PC and not worry about having to clean my mouse and keyboard afterward, I’d just like something to stop me from getting tired with that as well. Maybe mix in a coffee taste with another sweet flavour…

  • http://www.facebook.com/maryabbott920 Mary

    I like the idea of Buffalo Wing flavor, as long as it doesn’t taste strongly of vinegar. I also like the ideas of Chips and Salsa, and Wasabi. The wasabi would make a good late night gaming snack as it would wake the person eating up instantly haha.

  • http://www.joanandriahs.com Joaness

    Caffeinated is good, like a Cinnabon and coffee flavor.

    Love the Chicken wing and Ranch flavor, but as above, not to vinegary.

    Loaded Baked Potato would be good with sour cream, cheese, and bacon since bacon is so hot right now.

    And PB&J so good, why not tribute to Elvis with PB & Banana?

    And then maybe a Praline flavor would be easy and good.

    and finally yogurt and berries.

  • mow

    it will be awesome if you guys made a nacho cheese flavor

  • jean-luc

    i would like to see a coffee flavor and nacho flavored

  • Isabella

    I want chex-mix flavored, that’s my usual choice of food when gaming.

  • Isabella


  • Kate

    LOVE the S’mores flavor!

    Why not do a peanut butter/chocolate covered pretzel flavor?

    I am going to also second a smoothie/yogurt flavor. Like banana berry.

    Strawberry shortcake flavor would also be awesome. (I think anyway)

  • kyle

    i would say a couple flavor ideas that would be pretty good are taco, hot wings, or chili cheese fries

  • Silver

    Seriously! Why is there not a bacon flavor yet! PS if you guys consider this, I wanna buy in bulk…

  • Gatefan

    Ranch, bacon, cheddar cheese, chocolate and coconut.

  • http://www.revillution.com Anthony

    I’d like to see the following flavors if possible:
    Buffalo Wings
    Philly Cheese Steak
    Sour cream & onion chips

  • Matt

    Hey these flavors would be pretty amazing to me at least.
    Buffalo Wing
    Chesse Fries
    Chips and Salsa
    Chocolate Chip Cookie
    Cookie Dough

  • Mason

    Coocie Dough

  • Tricia

    Buffalo sounds great but please, something salty without MSG for those of us that can’t have it.

  • Biggamer409

    I’m pretty sure that we all love Doritos, but u can’t game and eat me with out Geting messy well how about Doritos gamer grub!!!!

  • Edible_


    Cheese and Onion
    Salt and Vinegar
    Smoky Bacon
    Prawn Cocktail

  • Derpy Hooves

    Salt and Pepper

  • matthew

    chip flavor because i love chips but the greese gets on my keys and mouse

  • matthew

    ones that are filling like suppers lunches or dinners

  • PartisanGerm

    Matcha Green Tea (ice cream)
    Wasabi (horseradish)
    Jamocha (creamy chocolate coffee)
    Hot Sauce (like Cholula preferably)
    Ice cream flavors altogether (vanilla, chocolate etc.),

    • GameAvision

      They just made a Wasabi flavor.

  • Wyatt

    I think that Burger and fries would be an instant hit

  • Some Bloke

    Sure you can. Crush them up and put them in a highball glass.

  • Some Bloke

    Hey Gamergrub! Is anyone actually reading these?

    • CaptainCamper

      Hey fella!

      I check the flavor lab at the very least once a day. There are some really great suggestions in these comments. Personally I’d push for Buffalo Wings and Cheese, but that’s just me 😀

  • Lil Proffy


  • Lil Proffy

    Berry Blast

  • Lil Proffy

    Berry BlasT

  • Lil Proffy


  • icecoldkilla37

    bacon and tacos and buffalo wings

  • Last

    Cheese Cake! >:D

  • Logan Armstrong

    Bacon, Chocolate, Cookies n Creme, Ribs

  • Booby Bitch

    French Vanilla Ice Cream

    • MuteSlayer

      Hahahaha wtf

  • Rich Harwath

    ultimate breakfast formula:

    2.) mini french toast

    3.) mini waffles

    4.) mini Pancakes
    5.) Syrup bits (similar to the pb&j jelly bits)
    6.) COFFEE BEANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Scottie Carpenter

    Breakfast would be great. Bacon and eggs and toast.

  • Anthony Underwood

    omake a banana split flaver

  • Anthony Underwood

    make tobasco hot sauce flavor

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  • Jake Ryan

    Cookies n Cream
    Berry Blend/Berry Blast
    Buffalo Wings w/ Ranch
    French Toast/Waffles
    I like the ice cream idea too…

  • Some Bloke

    What are the flavors you have on the whiteboard? I’ve been waiting to see if you guys did anything new for a while and I haven’t seen a new flavor in years… actually you got RID of one. Wasabi, I think.

  • GameAvision

    Hi, i’m Jaden and i’m an employee at GameAvision. We thought of a great flavor for gamer grub. There could be a Rainbow Sherbet flavor. There could be a chip for each fruit flavor. Do you think this is a good idea? I thought that maybe you could make Gamer Grub Energy Drinks. That would be awesome!

  • jack

    breakfast flavors, pancakes or waffles, bacon, french toast, syrup bits

  • Lucas

    I think Tacos would be a wise product. You have all of those flavors to toss in there! 1) Shell 2) Meat (Beef, Chicken) 3) Cheese 4) Some sort of sauce flavor that could have a little spicy bite!! 5) Tomato or something just like those Tomato almonds in pizza. Get on it!!!

  • Lauren Wolfington

    A fair trade/organic/vegan option would be a very healthy and responsible flavor to have. I ran the idea past my two sons. They agree that this flavor would be very popular now only with teens, but also adults. If you would like more info on this idea, or any other idea’s, please feel free to contact me at my private email address: casarolemom530@aol.com. I am also available to talk on the phone before 5:00pm.

  • fourofive32 .

    Buffalo wingz please

  • fourofive32 .

    Cheese cake, chocolate cake, strawberry cake, ice cream cake, nachos, strawberry-banana, brownie ginger bread cookie, zebra cake flavor, kinda takis flavor,

  • DOmega

    Astronaut ice cream. Start doing freeze drying for access to more ingredients. Macaroni and cheese!

  • Lee Charleston

    Mac n cheese

  • Zachary Prewett

    Chile lemon!

  • BranDolphin

    Cookies n Cream
    Buffalo Wings
    Chicken n Waffles
    Mac n Cheese
    Waffles w/ syrup

  • Colin


  • dan

    cheese cake
    pumpkin pie
    apple pie
    cherry pie

  • Owen Murray James Taylor


  • Owen Murray James Taylor

    cookies and cream
    different flavor chicken wings

  • Fariytale mc puss puss

    Peaches n’ gravy

  • Starfox1013

    French toast
    Cookies n cream
    Buffalo wings

  • Kira Kital

    strawberry cake

  • XyFeX

    Vanilla ice cream,

    pasta and cheese/mac ‘n’ cheese,


  • EpicGamerFoLife

    all dressed
    blueberry pie
    lemon meringue pie
    bacon/maple syrup
    cookies and creme

  • http://www.trojansnacks.com Octavia B

    How about Chicken & Waffle flavor or Clam Chowder flavor. Chicken Wings and Ranch Dressing show awesome too!

  • Sam Plush

    candy cane

  • Bradini Nickelson The Stephano

    me want gamer girl bath water flavor