Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When are you bringing back the original Gamer Grub ?

Right now we are focused on finishing up development of the GGbox and will be launching soon.  Once complete with the GGbox and with input and recommendations from the gaming community, our intent is to bring online new GG products.  The original Gamer Grub flavors of Pizza, PBJ, Smore’s and BBQ will be part of the future product development process.

What the F** has Gamer Grub been up to ?

I invented Gamer Grub® in 2006 and launched the first GG flavors at E for All Expo™ on October 3, 2008.  Everyone on the GG team worked hard, long hours and sacrificed bringing amazing snacks to the gaming community.  Due to a crushing combination of a broken supply chain and financial troubles, we had to stop making Gamer Grub in 2013.  Defeat was really difficult to accept, but we had a <critical stop> error and respawn not possible.  

Forward to 2020. 

We have been licking our wounds and patching up armor, now ready to charge up the hill again.
BRING … IT … ON… !

We are just finishing the development of the new GGbox, please see here for more information and to join the interest list. 

Thank you for all the support and passion over the years.  
– Keith

Why did you invent Gamer Grub?

I like to snack and game at the same time and I just got tired of wiping my hands on my jeans. I thought “there has to be a better way?!”  I started Gamer Grub out of my garage and the first Gamer Grub prototypes were made in my mom’s kitchen.

I believe that technology experiences can be enhanced by delicious snacking.

What do you know about gaming and snacking?

I programmed my first project in DOS in a high school computer science lab. Back then, hard drives on the mainframe were stacked on a removable carriage that was the size of a dinner plate. To use the Information Super-Highway (internet) we had a large button phone, hand-dialed a number, then placed the handset in a microphone modem cradle for connection.

My first PC FPS was Wolfenstein 3D booted from DOS.  Having gone through various gaming phases in my life, currently I would define myself as a “Casual Gamer”.  FPS games on a LAN are my favorite, hands down.

Throughout my gaming and computer experience, I have been battling greasy fingers and keyboard crumbs while snacking.