Can you sponsor me, my clan or team?

Please fill out our Sponsorship Application so we can check out what ya got going on.

I love Gamer Grub ! How can I help or rep you ?

Thank you for the support ! Sure, below are two great ways to help with total world domination:
1. Follow the instructions at www.gamergrub.com/requeststore to help out, or;
2. Partner up with us is to become an affiliate. Just fill out an application to get going. Affiliate Application . I look forward to working with you.

Why did you invent Gamer Grub?

I like to snack and game at the same time and I just got tired of wiping my hands on my jeans. I thought “there has to be a better way?!”  I started Gamer Grub out of my garage and the first Gamer Grub prototypes were made in my mom’s kitchen.

I believe that technology experiences can be enhanced by delicious snacking.

What do you know about gaming and snacking?

I programmed my first project in DOS in a high school computer science lab. Back then, hard drives on the mainframe were stacked on a removable carriage that was the size of a dinner plate. To use the Information Super-Highway (internet) we had a large button phone, hand-dialed a number, then placed the handset in a microphone modem cradle for connection.

My first PC FPS was Wolfenstein 3D booted from DOS.  Having gone through various gaming phases in my life, currently I would define myself as a “Casual Gamer”.  FPS games on a LAN are my favorite, hands down.

Throughout my gaming and computer experience, I have been battling greasy fingers and keyboard crumbs while snacking.

When will the Wasabi or Chocolate flavors be released?

Working with the gaming community to test beta release flavors, we discovered that Wasabi was really liked, or really hated.  No middle ground.  From this beta process the community voiced that they preferred BBQ flavor over Wasabi.

The chocolate flavor I designed with the community was not exciting enough.  Smores was developed as a v2.0 upgrade and have had a great response.

The Gamer Grub BBQ and Smores flavors were launched at the E3 Expo in Los Angeles on June 15th, 2010.

I am allergic to peanuts; do you have any flavors that do not have peanuts in them?

Pizza and Smores do not have peanuts (they have other tree nuts though). PB&J and BBQ flavors contain peanuts.  Gamer Grub is packed on shared equipment with other tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, milk, eggs and soy. Please refer to the allergen statement as listed on the back panel of each flavor.

Is Gamer Grub Kosher?

At this time, Gamer Grub is not certified Kosher.

Where is Gamer Grub made?

Here in the good ol’ USA.