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Truly 3D Pokemon MMO Emerges

3D Pokemon MMO - Pokemon Generations
Every Pokemon fan has likely seen the variety of indie Pokemon MMO games around today but finally, a truly 3D pokemon MMO has emerged, Pokemon Generations. The game stole the hearts of millions of gamers shortly after it appeared on the popular indie website, IndieDB.

Pokémon: Generations is a Free 3D Action/Adventure/RPG heavily inspired by both the Pokemon Anime & the Pokemon Video Games. The game will contain both single and multiplayer aspects, along with a story bridging the gap between RBY & GSC.

As progress continues, updates will be available on the game’s launcher. If you’re interested in helping the project, please note that we’re only interested for asset gatherers/creators, however all support is both greatly appreciated and highly motivating, and we’re grateful for it.

Pokemon fans everywhere were hoping for a 3D Pokemon MMO announcement earlier this year but instead were we shown the next-generation of handheld titles, Pokemon X and Pokemon Y.

Currently the game is in very early development stages, as such it only features a small area and selection of Pokemon. However, it’s more than enough to sample the innovative combat system and uniquely attractive graphical style. The laws surrounding this kind of project occupy a legally grey area. Nintendo have the power and the rights to shut the project down instantly, but they’ve also let a lot of fan projects continue over the years; so only time will tell.

Check out the video below. If you’re not amazed, I will personally send Pikachu to shock your backside back into reality.

PokeGen Version 2.0 Trailer – Indie DB

Having Fun With Games You No Longer Play

Untitled-2Do you have a massive shelf of games you hardly touch anymore? Or maybe you prefer a smaller collection but I bet there’s still a few gathering dust right? Well Gamer Grub has the video for you. We take you on a journey of some of the hidden gems within some of the games gathering dust on our shelves. Watch the video below and leave a comment.

Pokémon Announcement – New Generation Coming To 3DS

pokemonexyLast week Nintendo made players aware of an exciting announcement that would be posted on both the UK and Korean versions of the website today, Tuesday 9th January. Well the big announcement has been made and it was worth every second of the wait.

The announcement included details about 2 upcoming Pokémon games, adding a new generation to one of the most popular handheld franchises on the planet. Pokémon X and Pokémon Y include a brand new game world to explore and a whole new generation of Pokémon, but that’s not the best bit.

Players can expect to explore a full 3D experience bought to life by the 3DS. A trailer accompanied the announcement showing footage for the first time. The trailer shows off some of the new Pokémon, the exciting new game world and the vastly improved combat system that has more in common with the likes of Pokémon Stadium than with previous handheld titles.

It’s not the MMO news some were hoping for, namely me, but that’s not really realistic considering the influence Pokémon has on handheld sales. However it is a giant step forward for the franchise as it’s the first truly 3D Pokémon experience. Previous titles have been in 3D such as Pokémon Stadium and Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness, but both seemed to sacrifice the traditional Pokémon experience in exchange for better graphics.

For more information on Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, including the new trailer, visit the official website here.

Telltale Celebrate Success Of The Walking Dead – 8.5 Million Sales

Telltale-Games-The-Walking-DeadAfter our recent article discussing the announcement and potential of a season two of The Walking Dead, we take a look back at original games success. Telltale has already received high praise from players and critics alike, walking away with dozens of awards including Game of the Year from the VGA’s.

In a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal Telltale Games CEO Dan Connors discussed the success of the episodic story masterpiece.

“The Walking Dead” has sold 8.5 million episodes since it launched in April 2012. “November and December were our biggest months, “Connors told The Wall Street Journal. “It was the culmination of the product, the game of the year awards, the retail push, and it still has a ton of head room in it. Apple has featured us a bunch of times for each of the episodes, and it’s in Apple’s Hall of Fame (for iPhone and iPad apps).”

8.5 million sales is an impressive number for any popular series of games, but it’s even better considering it’s the first of a new franchise. Connors stated that a large reason behind the games huge sales figures were the December sales events that frequently had the game available at half price on Steam and Amazon, dropping even lower during the 2013 promo count down. Amazon are still featuring a mouth-watering deal with the entire season selling at $12.49

Another surprise was the success of the game on the app platform, Connors released more information on the success of the game on iPhone and other iOS devices.

“At this point it’s probably about 25% of the revenue of the product and it is on the largest upswing of all platforms as well.”

It was inevitable that a second season would be announced, especially after the huge success of the original. For more information on season 2, click here.

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Season 2 Of Telltale Games The Walking Dead In “Early Stages”

Telltale-Games-The-Walking-DeadFollowing the huge success of the original episodic series of The Walking Dead the developers, Telltale Games, have just announced that they’re in the brain storming stage for season 2.  Fans have been discussing the possibility of a second season since the first was released, and following confirmation from the developers, many were hoping to get the second rendition sometime this year. However in a recent interview with Redbull UK Telltale Games CEO Dan Connors explained that the game was still in an early brain storming stage.

“Right now we are just starting to form the concept for season two. This all remains to be seen but we are definitely figuring out how to carry the saves over.”

Although it came as a disappointment for fans that were hoping to get their hands on season 2 within the next few months, it’s great news to see that they’re hoping to allow players of the original to copy over their save file. This also says a lot about the state of the game itself.

Obviously they’re going to be including characters from the original game, otherwise there would be no use in remembering the choices made before playing season 2. This had led to lots of speculation over the characters that finished in season 1, depending on the choices made by the player. I’d like to go into more detail but there’s nothing worse than unsuspected spoilers in a news article so I’ll leave that for another day.

Did you enjoy season 1? Would you grab the full package for season 2 or still purchase it on an episode by episode basis?

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Pokémon Fans – 3 Days Until Exciting Announcement

pokemon worldI’ve lost count at the amount of times I’ve mentioned the potential of a Pokémon MMO and after seeing the teaser at the end of Pokémon Black/White 2 trailer, I’m more excited than ever. The trailer, that was aired in Japan, hinted at an exciting announcement that will appear on the official Pokémon on January 8th. A specific time wasn’t give but the announcement will be seen on both American and Japanese versions of the website, the first time that a joint announcement has been made.

The official Pokémon Twitter account stated: “Pokémon fans, mark your calendars! Check [the website] on January 8th for some big news”. Pokémon Black/White 2 was announced in Japan but an international message followed very quickly, but still not at the exact same time. Could the first joint message be a big announcement for arguably the most anticipated MMO of all time, Pokémon Online?

Sadly, probably not. It’s more likely to be an announcement regarding another handheld game or possibly a 3D version for the newly released Wii-U. Regardless, for the next few days my brain will be racing at the thought of a potential Pokémon MMO. The potential is unrivaled, the following is already huge, it’s what fans have been screaming for. But have Nintendo been listening? We’ll have to wait until Tuesday to find out.

Whatever the announcement, be sure to check the official Pokémon Website on January 8th.

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