• Having Fun With Games You No Longer Play

    Do you have a massive shelf of games you hardly touch anymore? Or maybe you prefer a smaller collection but I bet there’s still a few gathering dust right? Well Gamer Grub has the video for you. We take you on a journey of some of the hidden gems within some of the games gathering […]

  • Pokémon Announcement – New Generation Coming To 3DS

    Last week Nintendo made players aware of an exciting announcement that would be posted on both the UK and Korean versions of the website today, Tuesday 9th January. Well the big announcement has been made and it was worth every second of the wait. The announcement included details about 2 upcoming Pokémon games, adding a […]

  • Season 2 Of Telltale Games The Walking Dead In “Early Stages”

    Following the huge success of the original episodic series of The Walking Dead the developers, Telltale Games, have just announced that they’re in the brain storming stage for season 2.  Fans have been discussing the possibility of a second season since the first was released, and following confirmation from the developers, many were hoping to […]

  • pokemon world

    Pokémon Fans – 3 Days Until Exciting Announcement

    I’ve lost count at the amount of times I’ve mentioned the potential of a Pokémon MMO and after seeing the teaser at the end of Pokémon Black/White 2 trailer, I’m more excited than ever. The trailer, that was aired in Japan, hinted at an exciting announcement that will appear on the official Pokémon on January […]

  • Zombie MMO Game Tour: The War Z

    Recently we took you on a tour of the MMO zombie world, highlighting some of the best online zombie games available. Over the next few weeks we’re going to be taking a look at each of the titles we covered, providing you with a more thorough insight into what makes the zombie MMO so popular. […]

  • Assassins Creed III Gamer Grub Tips

    Ubisoft recently announced that Assassins Creed III is their fastest selling title of all time. Ryan of Gamer Grub takes players on a tour of some of the better features of Assassins Creed III including some of the critically acclaimed free running. Don’t miss any of Gamer Grubs upcoming videos, subscribe to our Youtube Channel […]


Sample Ubisoft’s Latest MMO For Free – This Week Only

Ubisoft have just announced the beginning of their second open house event for the highly anticipated free MMO, The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot. The first event proved to be incredibly successful with thousands upon thousands flocking to experience the unique features and mechanics in Ubisoft’s latest attempt to break the MMO market; and now […]

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Halo 4 Tournament – Free To Enter – Epic Prizes

Gamer Grub and GAEMS are proud to present the next-generation of competitive gaming with the upcoming launch of our GAEMS Halo 4 Tournament. Beginning August 7th the Gamer Grub / GAEMS tournament will feature 8 weeks intense competitive action in the very best the Xbox 360 has to offer, Halo 4. GAEMS is bringing innovation […]

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Hottest Gaming News – Week Ending 07/28/13

It’s Sunday again and you know what that means! With the launch of a brand new site Gamer Grub bring you the very hottest gaming news for the week ending 07/28/13. The latest releases may dry up a little during the heated Summer months but that doesn’t stop the biggest names in the industry releasing […]

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Xbox 360 Still Strong Says Microsoft

Despite the recent Xbox One announcement and its ever approaching release, the Xbox 360 still continues to perform well following numbers released by Microsoft. The Xbox 360 may be reaching the end of its shelf life, and that’s not surprising considering it was released in 2005, but that doesn’t mean the console isn’t still selling. […]

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Gamer Grub & Operation Supply Drop Bringing A Little Something To Injured Heroes

Some of you regular Grub Squad attendees will be familiar with our efforts to support Operation Supply Drop and we’ve just received some exciting news from the latest charity efforts. The latest package was sent out to Walter Reed National Military Hospital but usually the government doesn’t support photographing injured soldiers. The good folks at […]

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Big Bang Theory Comic Book Store Stocks Gamer Grub!

Fans of The Big Bang Theory will be no strangers to the awesomeness behind the doors of The Comic Center of Pasadena and that awesomeness just advanced a level with the appearance of Gamer Grub. Yup, that’s right, The Big Bang Theory Comic Book Store stocks Gamer Grub, the ultimate gaming snack. During the airing […]

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