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Operation Supply Drop 2013


As everyone is opening gifts this holiday season, we wanted to give thanks to those serving abroad. This past year, Biosilo has been sending Gamer Grub to Afghanistan and military hospitals via Operation Supply Drop.

A taste of home goes a long way when being away during the holidays.

We hope a speedy return for all those who are away from home this time of year. Please have a very happy and safe holidays

Operation Supply Drop:
osd-07 Founded in 2010 by Army Airborne Ranger, Captain Stephen “Shanghai Six” Machuga, Operation Supply Drop is a 501(c)(3) public charity designed around sending video game filled care packages to soldiers both deployed to combat zones and recovering in military hospitals. OSD has already raised $650,000 in donations from across the gaming community and has provided support to approximately 1500 soldiers worldwide.

To learn more about Shanghai Six, the Operation and how it’s accomplished, please watch the video below.

Below is a thank you letter which helps us learn and understand:

I would like to formally thank everyone involved with Operation Supply Drop. The tournament I threw was an amazing success. I had 32 contestants and everyone received a prize. I left a point some solders with some necessary equipment to continue the tournaments that you have supplied via your sponsors. Gamer Grub was interesting, first everyone was curious and once people figured out how good it was, it was devoured. I just didn’t have enough of those good snacks. A lot of the people were asking where I got them and where they can get more.

The video games were not to mention the reason why everyone was there, Black Ops II came out when everyone was already here so no copies were around. You could cut the excitement with a knife. The most popular prize was surprisingly not the games but the T-shirts. Everyone wanted the Winding Monkey T-shirts. After laying out the prizes on the table people who otherwise I would never speak to were curious and started a spectator table. As you might know all branches except for the Marine Corp, showed up and ranks from E-1 to O-4. My unit will be leaving soon so this was a blessing to happen while we were still here, I’ll never forget it (and I’m sure I won’t be the only one). I had a great time and it would have never happened without your help and support!

– Juan, Care Package Code Name: KNEE JERK


For more information about how you can help Operation Supply Drop, please email

Thank you for your support.

Hottest Gaming News – Week Ending 08/25/13

We’ve had an amazing week in gaming! Gamescom saw some of the biggest announcements of the year with both Microsoft and Sony still showing they have plenty of surprises left for next-generation consoles. As we do every week, Gamer Grub have searched the web to bring you the very hottest gaming news for this week. We’ve got everything from the Playstation 4 release date, to the best lineup Xbox has ever seen.

Xbox One Launch Titles Confirmed

Arguably one of the most exciting announcements to come out of Gamescom 2013. Microsoft revealed an impressive lineup of confirmed games for their next-generation console, the Xbox One. They’ve got a great mixture of new IP’s, popular franchises and of course, Zumba Fitness: World Party. Other games included in the lineup can be viewed below:

Peggle 2 Powerstar Golf Ryse: Son of Rome
Skylanders: Swap Force Watch Dogs Zumba Fitness: World Party
Zoo Tycoon Need for Speed: Rivals NBA LIVE 14
NBA 2K14 Madden NFL 25 Lococycle
Table Cell LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Killer Instinct
Just Dance 2014 Forza Motorsport 5 Fighter Within
FIFA 14 Dead Rising 3 Crimson Dragon
Call of Duty: Ghosts Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag Battlefield 4

Twitch Confirmed For Playstation 4

Playstation 4
Yet more exciting news to come out of Gamescom is the official confirmation of Twitch.TV support for the upcoming PlayStation 4. Twitch is currently the leading livestream service, attracting millions of gamers every single day.

The announcement of the PlayStation 4 was almost immediately met with requests for Twitch.TV support, and Sony have responded to those requests. PlayStation 4 players will be able to instantly stream to their channel with a single touch of the new “Share” button featured on the DUALSHOCk 4 wireless controller. Watch your channels live, explore a universe of content and share your experiences with the simple push of a button. Twitch.TV and the PlayStation 4 are bringing livestreaming to your living room!

Gamescom Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag Trailer

Even more exciting news coming out of Gamescom. Ubisoft revealed the latest video footage for the next addition to the critically acclaimed action adventure franchise, Assassins Creed. The video showcases over 5 minutes of game play footage from the upcoming Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag. Although the footage was impressive, it hasn’t come across well with viewers.

People attending the conference likely had a much better view of the video than those of us watching from home. For some reason the video footage kept scoping around the audience or focusing on the developer playing the game, rather than the actual title itself. However, there’s still plenty here to wet your appetite.

Watch Dogs Gamescom 2013 Trailer

Another awesome trailer to come out of Gamescom and for another Ubisoft game, Watch Dogs. Arguably one of the most anticipated titles as we reach the end of this generation, Watch Dogs is looking to give players a whole new experience in the gaming genre.

The video offers a brief look a features we’ve already seen so it’s not exactly fresh for fans. However, it does give an additional insight into the story as Aiden Pearce struggles against the odds and Dead Sec deny all involvement.

Sony Announce Certain AAA Games Purchased On PS3 Can Be Transferred To PS4

Playstation 4
Although some industry experts believe Microsoft has gained favor following this years Gamescom, Sony pulled yet another sucker punch on the PR struggling giant that is Microsoft. During the event the developers behind the PlayStation 4 revealed that certain AAA games purchased on the PlayStation 3 will be transferable to the PlayStation 4 at a “Severely discounted price”.

They never announced the exact size of the discount but for a company to use the term “severely discounted”, it’s fair to expect a pretty big price drop. Current confirmed games include Battlefield 4, Watch Dogs and Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Exclusive Xbox One Content Announced For Tom Clancy’s The Division

Tom Clancys The Division
Yet more exclusive content announced for the Xbox One but this time for the highly anticipated addition to the Tom Clancy franchise, The Division. It was announced during the Gamescom event while the livestream was off air but sadly they didn’t really give much away.

We weren’t given any details regarding the type of content available but it is official, there will be some added incentive to purchase the game on Xbox One. Tom Clancy’s The Division is expected to launch sometime during 2014.

Brand New DayZ Alpha Video With Dean “Rocket” Hall Walkthrough

The original DayZ mod still proves to be incredibly popular today and despite the many delays, the standalone title is still one of the most anticipated titles of the year. Originally the DayZ alpha was intended to launch last December but unforeseen issues with the multiplayer structure has meant players are still waiting to sample the first alpha release.

The new video released at this years Gamescom has Dean “Rocket” Hall walking VG24/7 through a pre-alpha gameplay demo. He also states that once the network bubble is complete the game will enter its first public testing phase, although he did not state exactly when this will occur.

New FIFA 14 Gameplay Video From Gamescom

Gamescom is the king of the hottest gaming news this week! As we approach the final month before launch Electronic Arts released a brand new video from Gamescom following developer commentary of some new gameplay footage. The first 7 minutes see the developer and hosts discussing some of the new features before heading into a full match.

It’s a little disappointing to see the return of very familiar animations from FIFA 13 and FIFA 12 but outside of that, the game looks totally fresh. The on-ball movement mechanics and defending appear to be completely different but don’t take my word for it, check the video out.

Timesplitters: Rewind Pre-Alpha Video Footage

This is not a joke. We’re not even close to April 1st. There is a new Timesplitters game confirmed to be releasing on the PlayStation 4 and PC sometime in 2014. Timesplitters is one of the most iconic FPS franchises in the history of gaming, and arguably one of the most requested sequels in the genre.

The video above is a pre-alpha video, recorded after just 3 months in development so you can expect far better textures, graphics and animations in the final version. Also confirmed is the compatibility for cross-platform play between PlayStation 4 and PC users.

Wow! What a week. Gamescom always brings out the big guns but I don’t think anyone was expecting all of this. Be sure to check back next week for the hottest gaming news.

Other hottest gaming news topics this week:
FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Legendary content exclusive for Xbox One
Playstation 4 Release Date Revealed

PlayStation 4 Release Date Announced

Playstation 4
It’s official! At this years Gamescom event Sony have announced the official Playstation 4 release date for both the EU and US markets. The Playstation 4 console will release in the US on November 15th while Europeans will have to wait until November 29th. The price model also remains fair currently listed as $399, £349 and €399.

However, Sony didn’t stop there. Group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Andrew House also thought it was the perfect opportunity to take a little stab at their biggest competitors, Microsoft and the Xbox One.

“While others have shifted their message and changed their story, we were consistant in maintaining policies and a model that is fair and in tune with consumer desires”

You can watch the official launch date announcement in the video below.

Exclusive FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Legends Announced For Xbox 360 & Xbox One

FIFA 14 Legends Xbox 360
Gamescom 2013 is underway and it’s already causing huge waves throughout the gaming industry. EA Sports today announced exclusive FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Legends content for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Legendary football players, such as Pelé, Patrick Vieira and David Seaman will all be joining the Ultimate Team mode in FIFA 14.

For the first time in the history of the franchise players will have the opportunity to craft their perfect Ultimate Team with a mix of legendary football superstars and today’s brightest players. Each Legend has been individually designed to better reflect the skills and abilities that made them legendary. All of the legendary players will be available in random Gold Packs at the beginning of the Xbox One launch.

FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Legends

Gianfranco Zola George Weah Christian Vieri
Patrick Vieira Ruud van Nistelrooy Edwin van der Sar
Marco van Basten Davor Šuker Andriy Shevchenko
Teddy Sheringham David Seaman Frank Rijkaard
Robert Pirès Dennis Bergkamp Oliver Bierhoff
Fabio Cannavaro Sol Campbell Rui Costa
Hernán Crespo Frank de Boer Marcel Desailly
Paulo Futre Stefan Effenberg Robbie Fowler
Ruud Gullit Gheorghe Hagi Table Cell
Fernando Hierro Filippo Inzaghi Patrick Kluivert
Henrik Larsson Jens Lehmann Gary Lineker
Freddie Ljungberg Paolo Maldini Lothar Matthäus
Gary Neville Michael Owen Pelé

“Our fans will be able to bring stars from different eras together to create teams and combinations they have previously only dreamed about,” said David Rutter, Executive Producer of FIFA 14. “ For the first time ever, you will be able to play with Pele and Messi in the same lineup. It is going to create a unique experience within our most popular game mode.”

It’s the latest in a long-line of exclusive content announced for the next-generation Xbox, but is it enough to counter the avalanche of bad press?

Hottest Gaming News – Week Ending 08/18/13

Another awesome week in gaming and another detailed post from Gamer Grub bringing you the very hottest gaming news of the week. As we approach the release of some of the most anticipated titles of the year, such as Grand Theft Auto V and Call of Duty: Ghosts, developers are going all out. We’ve got some of the best stories of the year for you this week including videos, screenshots and the latest news.

Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer Reveal Video

There is simply no bigger story to begin our hottest gaming news article this week; it’s the Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer reveal video. The video features almost 60 minutes of intense multiplayer action covering everything from the new dynamic map features to class builds and loadout options.

The multiplayer reveal trailer for Call of Duty: Ghosts is arguably the most anticipated story of the year and Activision pulled it off with some real class. Check out the video above before taking to the conversation in the comments section below.

Microsoft Announce Xbox One Launch Delay In 8 Countries

Microsoft continue to struggle with positive PR for their upcoming next-generation console following the announcement of a release delay for the Xbox One. During the Xbox One E3 showcase Microsoft stated that they aimed to release the Xbox One simultaneously in 21 different markets, however that number has now been reduced to 13.

Sadly Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Sweden and Switzerland will all have to wait until 2014 before they’re able to get their hands on the Xbox One. Microsoft mentioned localizing the Xbox One Dashboard and Kinect voice features as the main culprits for the delay.

Call of Duty: Ghosts To Include Female Soldiers

Call Of Duty Ghosts Release
For the first time in the history of the biggest entertainment franchise ever, players will be able to create and progress with female soldiers. The news follows the official multiplayer reveal video but this particular part of the video has stirred many a forum community.

The information follows the Create-A-Soldier segment of the reveal as players were treated to whole new levels of customization options. For more information be sure to watch the multiplayer reveal trailer at the top of this post.

PayDay 2 A Success Before Launch

PayDay 2
The successor to the surprisingly popular PayDay has already been branded a success following pre-order numbers. The developers announced that the pre-orders alone already managed to cover the games development costs, making post-launch purchases complete profit for the developer and publisher.

PayDay 2 offers co-op action as players work together to pull off an exciting variety of heists. Rob the deposit boxes of a well secured bank, hit up a jewellery store in a speedy snatch and grab, and even protect vans transporting illegal items. The game has met mixed receptions since launch but there’s still time for improvements via updates and DLC.

Grand Theft Auto V – Brand New Official Game Trailer

Rockstar, commonly referred to as the god’s of hype and PR, have released yet more information on Grand Theft Auto V; this time in the form of a brand new game play trailer. The new trailer centers around the Grand Theft Auto Online aspect of the upcoming best-seller.

The video goes into great detail on the activities available to players in Grand Theft Auto Online. Whether you want to enjoy structure missions and objectives or just take to the open road with your friends, it’s all possible and waiting in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Square Enix Throws Away $16 Million & Cancels Game Development

A studio that many seem to feel is struggling financially should probably not just discard $16 million in funding after cancelling an undisclosed game, but Square Enix have done just that. The developers of the popular Final Fantasy franchise have struggled recently following financial loss reports for multiple quarters in the last two years.

It was announced that the game in question was being developed by IO Interactive, the only European studio under Square Enix, but the exact title and nature of the game have yet to be disclosed. We may hear more in the future, this may be the last we ever hear of it; but one thing is certain, that’s a whole load of cash to be throwing away.

Be sure to check back next week for the hottest gaming news with Gamer Grub.

BioWare’s David Gaider Sticks Up For Same-Sex Romance In Gaming

Dragon Age 2
Some of the BioWare fans amongst us may be aware of a lengthy debate on the official forums surrounding same-sex romance in Dragon Age 2. There was a huge amount of conversation and controversy in the individual thread, with players both supporting and criticizing the feature. Here is the original post that began the entire debate:

To summarize, in the case of Dragon Age 2, BioWare neglected their main demographic: The Straight Male Gamer.

I don’t think many would argue with the fact that the overwhelming majority of RPG gamers are indeed straight and male. Sure, there are a substantial amount of women who play video games, but they’re usually gamers who play games like The Sims, rather than games like Dragon Age. That’s not to say there isn’t a significant number of women who play Dragon Age and that BioWare should forgo the option of playing as a women altogether, but there should have been much more focus in on making sure us male gamers were happy.

Now immediately I’m sure that some male gamers are going to be like “YOU DON’T SPEAK FOR ME! I LOVE DRAGON AGE 2!”, but you have to understand, the Straight Male Gamer, cannot be just lumped into a single category.

Its ridiculous that I even have to use a term like Straight Male Gamer

On most forums that I frequent this post would have been removed before anyone was even able to hit that reply button. However, Bethesda chose to respond in a very different manner.

The romances in the game are not for “the straight male gamer”. They’re for everyone. We have a lot of fans, many of whom are neither straight nor male, and they deserve no less attention. We have good numbers, after all, on the number of people who actually used similar sorts of content in DAO and thus don’t need to resort to anecdotal evidence to support our idea that their numbers are not insignificant… and that’s ignoring the idea that they don’t have just as much right to play the kind of game they wish as anyone else. The “rights” of anyone with regards to a game are murky at best, but anyone who takes that stance must apply it equally to both the minority as well as the majority. The majority has no inherent “right” to get more options than anyone else.

More than that, I would question anyone deciding they speak for “the straight male gamer” just as much as someone claiming they speak for “all RPG fans”, “all female fans” or even “all gay fans”. You don’t. If you wish to express your personal desires, then do so. I have no doubt that any opinion expressed on these forums is shared by many others, but since none of them have elected a spokesperson you’re better off not trying to be one. If your attempt is to convince BioWare developers, I can tell you that you do in fact make your opinion less convincing by doing so.

And if there is any doubt why such an opinion might be met with hostility, it has to do with privilege. You can write it off as “political correctness” if you wish, but the truth is that privilege always lies with the majority. They’re so used to being catered to that they see the lack of catering as an imbalance. They don’t see anything wrong with having things set up to suit them, what’s everyone’s fuss all about? That’s the way it should be, any everyone else should be used to not getting what they want.

I honestly couldn’t stop laughing when I read the initial message on that forum post. Gamers come from all walks of life and we all deserve the very best gaming experience available. David Gaider definitely won some upvotes following his reply.