Halo 4 Champions Bundle Medals Revealed On Halo Waypoint

Halo 4 Champions Bundle
As we approach the August 20th release of the Halo 4 Champions Bundle DLC, 343 Industries have revealed some exciting new medals for the upcoming game mode, Ricochet. Accompanying the brand new game mode is a host of exciting new content featured in the triple-dlc pack for the Champions Bundle. Halo 4 players can look forward to the Steel Skin pack feature, featuring steampunk industrial textures for all of the available loadout weapons. Also included are 8 brand new stances for your player card, 5 new armor skins, 5 new weapon skins, and the Infinity Armor pack. For detailed images on all of the currently announced features you can check the gallery below:

The more recent announcement involving the Champions Bundle Medals has already got fans across the globe drooling with excitement. The new game mode, Ricochet, is an objective-based mode that sees two teams competing in a sports-type match-up. The objective of the game is to protect your team’s goal while trying to score in your opponents, by either running or throwing the ball between team mates. The game mode will be exclusive to the Bullseye pack for 2 weeks before becoming available to all players.

The new medals are highlighted below, along with the requirements:

Rejection Medal
Rejection: Intercept a throw within 25m of your goal.

Fast Break Medal
Fast Break: Scoring a goal within 15 seconds of a ball set without a turnover.

Goal Keeper Medal
Goal Keeper: Kill 5 enemies while defending the goal.

Goal Defense MEdal
Goal Defense: Kill an enemy ball carrier within 25m of your goal without them scoring.

Ball Clear Medal
Ball Clear: Throw a ball 40m away from your own goal.

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