Halo 4 Tournament – Free To Enter – Epic Prizes


Gamer Grub and GAEMS are proud to present the next-generation of competitive gaming with the upcoming launch of our GAEMS Halo 4 Tournament. Beginning August 7th the Gamer Grub / GAEMS tournament will feature 8 weeks intense competitive action in the very best the Xbox 360 has to offer, Halo 4. GAEMS is bringing innovation to the competitive scene giving every single player the opportunity to get involved. You don’t need a huge list of sponsorships or product endorsements, you don’t need to travel halfway around the world, YOU can scoop up some massive prizes from the comfort of your own home.

Anyone is eligible to sign up for the tournament and in doing so they can earn experience points purely for participating. These experience points can then be used to enter future competitions for a variety of games with cash prize payouts. If you’ve ever had the dream of making gaming your career, GAEMS and Gamer Grub are giving you that opportunity TODAY!

As if the opportunity to become famous in the industry isn’t tempting enough, Gamer Grub and GAEMS have some exciting prizes on offer. Third place will secure themselves a pair of Gunnar Signature glasses while second place will walk away with a highly coveted GAEMS Sentry.


The grand prize, awarded to the winner over the 8 week event, is 2 hours to play alongside and learn tips from one of the best the professional scene has to offer, Prod1gyx. The winner will get 2 hours worth of coaching and tutoring from the same guy that broke a World Record in Rock Band 2 and participated in SCI-FI’s WCG Ultimate Gamer. Join the fight this Wednesday, August 7th.

For more information on the events, prizes and sign up process, click here.