Hottest Gaming News – Week Ending 07/28/13

It’s Sunday again and you know what that means! With the launch of a brand new site Gamer Grub bring you the very hottest gaming news for the week ending 07/28/13. The latest releases may dry up a little during the heated Summer months but that doesn’t stop the biggest names in the industry releasing new screenshots, videos and details about their upcoming games.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 Could Be Releasing In 2014

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4 Rumored
You’re probably not surprised to see a Call of Duty related segment in our hottest gaming news article but you may be surprised to see that it’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4, not Call of Duty: Ghosts. LinkedIn is quickly becoming a popular source of rumor and speculation and that trend continues with the rumored leak of a 2014 release for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4. Some keen eyed visitors to the professional networking site spotted a profile from an individual that works at Sledgehammer Games; a company previously used for a variety of graphical development tasks.

In that profile the individual states that he is currently working for Sledgehammer Games on “Photo real visual effects for the next Call of Duty: Modern Warfare release”. The individual has only been with Sledgehammer Games for a few months so he may not have been aware that Modern Warfare 4 wasn’t actually announced yet…yeah right.

What do you think? A simple mistake from someone looking to beef up their portfolio or a fact-based remark?

FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Screenshots Showcase New UI

Fifa 14
Electronic Arts recently released some exciting new screenshots for the hugely popular Ultimate Team Mode in the upcoming addition to the massively popular soccer franchise, FIFA 14. The screenshots don’t really give too much away but they do showcase an entirely new UI, which from here seems more fluid and streamlined than its predecessors. You can check the screenshots below in our FIFA 14 Gallery.

Electronic Arts also recently revealed that FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Mode will work with both current generation and next-generation consoles. This means players can purchase FIFA 14 on Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 and enjoy the same team, transfers, chemistry and other functions on both the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One.

Dead Or Alive 5 Screenshots Released: Some Even Fully Clothed

Dead or Alive 5
You would not believe how long it took to find a Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate screenshot that was actually related to the combat within the game and not, well, the “assets”. Dead or Alive has long been one of the greatest titles in the fighting universe and it’s all set to wow fans yet again.

Whether you enjoy the fluid combat, the deadly grapples or the devastating counter-attacks, Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate features everything for casual and hardcore fans alike. Dead or Alive 5 builds on the series with new characters, new game modes and tons of new costumes.

Exciting New Screenshots Released For Assassins Creed 4

Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag
Assassins Creed is one of the biggest selling titles of our time. The franchise has expanded into one of the most successful IP’s in Ubisoft’s arsenal and it’s one of the main reasons Watch Dogs is getting the attention that is it today. Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag will build on the ship and sea combat featured in the previous title, but as a much more focal part of the game.

Everybody knows the deadliness of any assassin but one that can strike fear on both land and sea is a force to be reckoned with. With the release scheduled for October 29, 2013 in North America, we’re still a ways of sampling the next addition to the Assassins Creed franchise but these screenshots can help sweeten that sour wait.

Xbox One To Offer “Unlimited Hard Drive Space”

Despite Microsoft’s recent report regarding the sales success of the Xbox 360, nobody has forgotten the lackluster reveal for their next-generation console, the Xbox One. What followed was a number of poor PR mistakes, severe booing at the EVO event and other comical mishaps.

However, it appears Xbox One fans finally have a string of positivity to cling to. During the first ever PAX Australia, Microsoft confirmed the use of the Cloud as additional storage, granting players almost an “unlimited sized” hard drive. They also continued to push the Cloud’s supporting capabilities, most of which we’ve heard before. It’s probably not enough to tip the sales figures but it’s sure to impress those already saving for their Xbox One.

World of Tanks Developers Not Happy With Xbox One Certification Process

WOTTest[pullquote]”We are working with them to do quicker updates,” he said. “We will see, there is a lot of work on the technical side and on the administrative side which should resolve in the acceptable quality of the product, including updates of the product including speed and rates. So we will see.”[/pullquote]

It was recently announced that the highly popular free-to-play MMO game, World of Tanks, will be coming to the Xbox 360. However, it appears that the relationship may be under strain following the comments from Victor Kislyi, the CEO of Wargaming. In an interview with Polygon he expressed his concerns over the lengthy certification process that Microsoft uses, placing heavy delays and unneeded strain on developers of free-to-play titles.

As it stands the Wargaming CEO’s current thoughts are that the system in place is totally unacceptable for a meaningful free-to-play title. It’s unlikely that we’ll hear of any changes between the Xbox One and World of Tanks deal, but it’s refreshing to see a developer willing to stand up against the console giant.

Corporal Hicks Aliens: Colonial Marines Was “Passionless”

Aliens Colonial Marines
One of the stars of the granddaddy of science fiction cinema, Aliens, recently called Aliens: Colonial Marines a “passionless” project with the pure intent of making money off a huge franchise. Michael Biehn, the actor from the original Alien movie and more recently the voice of Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon star Sergeant Rex “Power” Colt, expressed his disappointment with the project in an interview with Game Informer.

When comparing the two projects Biehn said that Aliens: Colonial Marines “wasn’t fun at all” as “some people that are just going through the paces”, lacking the passion needed to create a truly exciting game experience. When asked about his experience with Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon his response couldn’t have been more in contrast “one of the things that I really, really enjoy working still in this business is finding people that have that kind of passion.”

Vendetta Online Becomes First MMO To Use Virtual Reality Technology

Vendetta Online Supports Oculus Rift

Guild Software have announced that their free-to-play MMO game, Vendetta Online, has become the first ever MMO to implement virtual reality features. The space themed MMO title now supports the Oculus Rift family of virtual-reality headset devices.

Vendetta Online isn’t the most popular MMO on the planet but it has been going strong since its release back in 2002 and the game has continued to impress fans the world over. It was one of the first MMO games to support cross-platform play and is also available on a multitude of devices. It’s not the Hottest Gaming News this week but being the first to add virtual reality to such a popular genre is nothing short of impressive.

Grand Theft Auto V Player Customization And Pets

Any article boasting to include the Hottest Gaming News and not having an article section dedicated to Grand Theft Auto V deserves to be nuked from orbit so here we go! An eager GTA fan recently took to the popular image sharing website, Imgur, to share his thoughts and opinions regarding the clothing and character customization in one of the most anticipated titles of our generation. We’ve already been treated to a variety of videos, screenshots and press releases but it’s nice to see a fan taking it upon themselves to share some exciting stuff.

Viewing the gallery below you can see all of the outfits currently worn by Michael, Franklin and Trevor, and you can also see some of the animals in the game that could potentially be made available as pets.