Truly 3D Pokemon MMO Emerges

3D Pokemon MMO - Pokemon Generations
Every Pokemon fan has likely seen the variety of indie Pokemon MMO games around today but finally, a truly 3D pokemon MMO has emerged, Pokemon Generations. The game stole the hearts of millions of gamers shortly after it appeared on the popular indie website, IndieDB.

Pokémon: Generations is a Free 3D Action/Adventure/RPG heavily inspired by both the Pokemon Anime & the Pokemon Video Games. The game will contain both single and multiplayer aspects, along with a story bridging the gap between RBY & GSC.

As progress continues, updates will be available on the game’s launcher. If you’re interested in helping the project, please note that we’re only interested for asset gatherers/creators, however all support is both greatly appreciated and highly motivating, and we’re grateful for it.

Pokemon fans everywhere were hoping for a 3D Pokemon MMO announcement earlier this year but instead were we shown the next-generation of handheld titles, Pokemon X and Pokemon Y.

Currently the game is in very early development stages, as such it only features a small area and selection of Pokemon. However, it’s more than enough to sample the innovative combat system and uniquely attractive graphical style. The laws surrounding this kind of project occupy a legally grey area. Nintendo have the power and the rights to shut the project down instantly, but they’ve also let a lot of fan projects continue over the years; so only time will tell.

Check out the video below. If you’re not amazed, I will personally send Pikachu to shock your backside back into reality.

PokeGen Version 2.0 Trailer – Indie DB


    Pathetic. No way is this the Pokemon MMO fans deserve and have been waiting for years. Cartoony piddily crap

    • normal

      How about you wait until its done to criticize someones work.

  • Eric

    are you kidding me? this looks like it was drawn with a mouse in microsoft paint.

    • andrew

      but it’s a start

    • normal

      You say this as you could do any better, even if you say you could it would simply be a lie without any proof. how about you criticize soemthign thats finished first jerk

      • Eric

        lol i love it when fan boys get their panties in a bunch. yea, i couldn’t do better, but i’m also not in the business of making games, but i still know crappy art style when i see it. now go have you milk and cookies and get right to bed. you’re awful cranky young man

        • RainMan

          This may be late but when was pokemon known for its graphics?

  • Hircarra

    The two people who’ve commented before me are clearly fucking retarded.

    • Eric

      it sucks. get over it

      • blackguy

        dude just stfu you dumb ass and let them make the game

        • Eric

          no, lol. now go hump your pokedoll, fanboy crybaby.

          • blackguy

            stop commenting on the forums and go get a life you faggot ass little fucking retard, I don’t see you making a game and if you did everyone would call you a fucking retard for it because that’s what you are and how you would make a game

          • blackguy

            stupid ass wanna be troll

          • Eric

            you, are, HILARIOUS! this is why i do it. you are nerd rage incarnate. lol thank you

  • CaptainCamper

    PIKACHU Used Thunderbolt! Mr Eric and Mr *&£(_^&, consider yourselves shocked 😀

  • Chris

    maybe microsoft and sony pay nintendo millions to keep them from making a pokemon mmo lol

  • Ozinheim

    If it’s completed and has a decent upgrade schedule then it wouldn’t be the worst game out there.

    Oh and get over the graphics, they’re not THAT horrible considering.

    I for one would be very happy with this, as a start.

  • Kingofgames

    Guys you can’t complain about the look or graphics because pokemon has never been known nor popular for its graphics people play pokemon for the game play and experience of having a team and capturing your own pet to join you in the story arcs not how many drops of sweat you can see dripping off your characters head while he runs pokemon has never been big on graphics not even the previous games made by the actual makers of pokemon heck the handheld graphics just started improving people used to pay for basically the same game with same graphics with the difference of a few pokemon for years noone complained

  • Colton Pasto

    I would hold off on the comments for a bit, it is still very early. Hell, I doubt Mass Effect, TES or huge names were a gorgeous as they were at this stage. Not toe mention the much smaller team working on this. I am sure the finished product wont be up to everyone’s liking, but this is something the pokemon fans have been dreaming of for years. And what makes it better is classic pokemon is making HUGE comeback. So, while it was nerdy or loser-like in highschool, it is for some reason cool and really sought after nowadays. I am a little excited for it… But, the only thing that would keep it alive is regular updates and a HUGE fanbase hype up. Just making an MMO isn’t enough anymore, you need to build off something, and Pokemon is a GREAT basis to build something like an MMORPG. I am a little excited for this, I hope it comes out smoother, the physics already seem a little sketchy and from what I can tell, it seems like you can assume direct control of the pokemon, which may take away from the idea of it. If they can keep it to strictly playing as the trainer and commanding the pokemon, then it would be in keeping with the original spirit of the game. People essentially want the Gamboy Pokemon in dynamic 3D… not anything more or less.