Minecraft Mixed With DayZ – Check Out This Slaughter Filled 7 Days To Die Video

7 Days To Die
A small independent game studio, The Fun Pimps, have released a brand new pre-alpha trailer for their exciting project, 7 days to die. The latest 7 days to die video showcases some of the games core features and mechanics, which could quite easily be compared to the likes of the zombie slaughter in DayZ and the freedom in the best-selling Xbox title, Minecraft.

The game is based in 2034 after devastating nuclear attacks have pushed humanity to the edge of extinction. Those unlucky enough to survive were stricken with an unknown virus, killing everyone it infected within 7 days and that’s when things really started going wrong. The dead returned to life, reanimated with nothing but an unquenchable thirst for human flesh. The voxel-based sandbox game will feature support for both single player and multiplayer experiences, with a variety of game modes thrown into the mix.

It’s said to offer traditional sandbox features like unrestricted exploration, freedom to craft and build wherever you please and a highly in-depth hunting feature. We’ve got a long while before there’s a playable version of the game but it’s great to see some early footage. Early supporters of the game can purchase access to the first alpha testing at the end of this month for just $14.99.

Please note: This is pre-alpha footage so expect some huge differences between this and the final product.

For more information, or to pre-order 7 Days to Die, check out the official website.