Gamer Grub News Explosion – Hottest Game News This Week

It’s another week in gaming and Gamer Grub has searched the internet, dived deep into our inbox, and found the biggest stories in the industry for this week. Whether you’re looking for the latest on an upcoming indie title, screenshots of next-generation games or that big announcement for your favorite franchise, keep your eyes glued to Gamer Grub’s hottest gaming news of the week posts.

Gran Turismo 6 Announced

Sony have announced the next installment of the massively popular racing title with the reveal of Gran Turismo 6. The game has also been rumored to be a release for Sony’s next-generation console, the Playstation 4. Included in the Gran Turismo 6 announcement was an impressive list of 1200 cars, 7 brand new tracks and an overhauled game engine. Love it or hate it, Gran Turismo is one of the best selling racing franchises in console history, and that’s only set to improve based on the information we have available so far.

Watch_Dogs PS4 Screenshot Release

The story of Aiden Pearce has already attracted millions of fans with Watch_Dogs. A game that builds on today’s big brother society by offering players the opportunity to seize control of the ever watchful eye and use it in a vigilante style in the city of Chicago. These brand new screenshots showcase the beautifully crafted virtual Chicago in all it’s glory, also hinting at a few additional features and weapons. Check them out below.

EA Respond To Player Requests And Remove Online Passes

Recently voted the most hated company in the world Electronic Arts have an uphill battle if they want to change the minds of their consumers. Despite being given such a prestigious award their games continue to be among the best sellers in the industry. The Online Passes have been used to deter people from purchasing EA games second-hand, forcing them to buy an additional code in order to experience multiplayer and online play. The next generation of EA games will no longer use this feature, great news for anyone that enjoys saving a few bucks on their game purchases.

Artists Boasts Greatest Ever Multiplayer In Upcoming Last Of Us

Naughty Dog artist Nate Wells recently posted a Tweet that has fans of The Last of Us extremely exciting for the games online component. In the Tweet Nate Wells described the multiplayer aspect of The Last of Us as “the best MP ever conceived”. That’s one hell of a boast, especially from an artist, but The Last of Us has already filled the hype train and is in need of extra carriages so for all intents and purposes, he could be right.

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