Could An FF7 Remake Be The Only Thing To Save Square Enix

It’s no secret that Square Enix have been struggling in recent years but a recent announcement has added extra concern for even the biggest of Square Enix Fans. The struggling game developers recently posted a 13,700 million Yen loss for the fiscal year finishing on March 31st. They also announced that they have begun a number of strategic initiatives to help improve their returns for 2014, including changes in their development policy and a new look at their business model.

Square Enix have blamed the decline in revenue on poorly performing games with a number of their biggest games underperforming in the industries biggest markets. Both Tomb Raider and Hitman: Absolution failed to meet expectations and Square Enix have yet to impress fans with any recently released Final Fantasy titles, arguably their most popular franchise.

Despite the decline in games sales their browser-based and smartphone market has increased, with Dragon X leading the charge. They have also said that they feel the console market has become too competitive which could potentially mean that we could be seeing less and less console titles from Square Enix and more mobile-based games.

It must be so difficult having such a strong reputation for good RPG games and then refusing to listen to the hundreds of thousands of requests. Final Fantasy Versus? FF7? It’s not rocket science SE.